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    American Hemp Farmer Adventures and Misadventures in the Cannabis Trade Doug Fine
    9781603589192 Paperback BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Industries Publication Date: April 23, 2020
    $26.95 CAD 153 x 229 x 17 mm | 480 gr | 320 pages Carton Quantity: 1 Canadian Rights: Y Chelsea Green Publishing
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      Gonzo journalist-turned-farmer Doug Fine shares a ground-level view of the burgeoning hemp industry.

      Hemp is the non-psychoactive variant of cannabis, one of humanity’s oldest plant allies, and the industry surrounding it has quietly become the fastest ever to generate a billion dollars of annual revenue in North America. From fiber to seed to oil to the currently ubiquitous cannabinoid CBD, hemp could lead the way toward a new, regenerative economy—but only if we do it right. Following the success of his first book, Hemp Bound, journalist, author, and “neo-rugged individualist goat herder” Doug Fine put his money where his mouth was, getting his hands dirty with healthy soil and sticky with terpenes en route to growing his own hemp crop and creating his own hemp product. In American Hemp Farmer, Doug shares his adventures and misadventures as a farmer and entrepreneur, all the while laying out a vision for how hemp can help right the wrongs of twentieth-century agriculture, and how you can be a part of it.


      Doug Fine is a solar-powered goat herder, comedic investigative journalist, and pioneer voice in cannabis/hemp and regenerative farming. He has cultivated hemp in four US states, and his genetics are in five more. He’s an award-winning culture and climate correspondent for NPR, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, among others. His previous books include Hemp BoundToo High to FailFarewell, My Subaru (a Boston Globe bestseller), Not Really an Alaskan Mountain Man, and First Legal Harvest, a monograph that was printed on hemp paper. His print and radio work, United Nations testimony, and TED Talk can be found at, and his social media handle is @organiccowboy.

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        • Tie-in to author's extensive speaking schedule
        • National media campaign
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        • Advance reading copy mailing to hemp activists, organizations, and organic farming conferences
    • Awards & Reviews


      Library Journal

      “An essential book for the aspiring hemp farmer, there is much to consider here for anyone interested in organic farming, drug policy, and community organizing.”

      Publishers Weekly

      “For anyone interested in hemp cultivation or simply learning more about the newest ‘gold rush’ crop, [American Hemp Farmer] is well worth picking up.”


      “A conversational guide for the horticulture geek interested in cultivating hemp. . . . [Fine’s] text is discursive but also helpfully specific and will soothe and encourage any would-be grower.”

      “A fantastic piece of Americana that shows the way to a sustainable future.”—David Bronner, CEO, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

      “With American Hemp Farmer, Doug Fine shows he is not just our preeminent hemp author, he is one of the most important authors of our time. As I’ve watched him leap between tending goats on his Funky Butte Ranch and hemp fields in Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, and who knows where else, it sometimes occurs to me that he might be the most interesting man alive. The resulting book is an absolute must-read.”—Eric Steenstra, executive director, Vote Hemp

      “After 83 years of prohibition, cannabis’s emergence from the underground has sparked a gold rush that has every farmer, wannabe farmer, and agricultural entrepreneur rushing to stake their claim. With American Hemp Farmer, Doug Fine makes an incredibly well-written case for a regenerative agriculture–based, small- to mid-scale approach to the industry that prioritizes quality of over quantity, and where soil carbon sequestration is a bottom-line goal. Humorous, timely, and important.”—Jeff Carpenter, coauthor of The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer

      American Hemp Farmer would have been in George Washington’s library. President Washington grew hemp and was a passionate, regenerative agriculturist. Washington sought advice from those that practiced their trade. Doug Fine’s American Hemp Farmer is a scholarly, practical, and impeccably enjoyable work and a must-read for those who cultivate hemp or are interested in leaping in.”—Dean Norton, director of horticulture, Mount Vernon Estate

      “In his latest, author Doug Fine—a modern day Johnny Hempseed—has painstakingly penned a love letter to the cannabis plant and all those who tend it. Doug details the beneficial and no longer forbidden relationship between cannabis and humanity and how together there is a path to rejuvenate the entire planet. As a state hemp program administrator, I hope every hemp farmer and policymaker reads this book carefully. It details a roadmap for success, for farmers and the planet. And that’s probably because Doug doesn’t just write about hemp, he lives it.”—Cary Giguere, hemp program coordinator, Vermont Agency of Agriculture

      “As a hempcrete homeowner, I’m proud to keep American Hemp Farmer on my shelf as the must-read book on hemp. Someday we may even see NBA arenas built from hemp. But for now, Doug should be prepared to lose more money at the poker table that sits on the hemp floor of my hemp-paneled card room.”—Don Nelson, two-time NBA Hall of Fame inductee

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    catalogue cover
    Home Baked My Mom, Marijuana, and the Stoning of San Francisco Alia Volz
    9780358006091 Hardcover BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs On Sale Date: April 20, 2020 Print Run: 40000
    $39.00 CAD 5.5 x 8.25 x 1.35 in | 530 gr | 432 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Canadian Rights: Y Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    • Marketing Copy

      A blazingly funny, heartfelt memoir from the daughter of the larger-than-life woman who ran Sticky Fingers Brownies, an underground bakery that distributed thousands of marijuana brownies per month and helped provide medical marijuana to AIDS patients in San Francisco—for fans of Armistead Maupin and Patricia Lockwood

      During the '70s in San Francisco, Alia's mother ran the underground Sticky Fingers Brownies, delivering upwards of 10,000 illegal marijuana edibles per month throughout the circus-like atmosphere of a city in the throes of major change. She exchanged psychic readings with Alia's future father, and thereafter had a partner in business and life.

      Decades before cannabusiness went mainstream, when marijuana was as illicit as heroin, they ingeniously hid themselves in plain sight, parading through town—and through the scenes and upheavals of the day, from Gay Liberation to the tragedy of the Peoples Temple—in bright and elaborate outfits, the goods wrapped in hand-designed packaging and tucked into Alia's stroller. But the stars were not aligned forever and, after leaving the city and a shoulda-seen-it-coming divorce, Alia and her mom returned to San Francisco in the mid-80s, this time using Sticky Fingers' distribution channels to provide medical marijuana to friends and former customers now suffering the depredations of AIDS.

      Exhilarating, laugh-out-loud funny, and heartbreaking,Home Bakedcelebrates an eccentric and remarkable extended family, taking us through love, loss, and finding home.
      ALIA VOLZ is a homegrown San Franciscan. Her writing appears in the Best American Essays 2017, the New York Times, Tin House, and elsewhere. She was a fellow of the MacDowell Colony and the Ucross Foundation, runner-up of The Moth’s GrandSLAM Championship, and has been featured on the PRX podcastCriminal.
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews

      One ofEntertainment Weekly's "Books to Read in April"
      One of Lambda Literary's "Most Anticipated LGBTQ Books of April 2020"
      One ofReader's Digest's “Best Reads From the 2020 Quarantine Book Club”
      One ofShe Reads' "Most Anticipated Memoirs of 2020"
      One of Alma's "Favorite Books for Spring 2020"
      Included on 7x7's "Spring Reading List: Books by Bay Area Authors"

      “The subtitle, ‘My Mom, Marijuana, and the Stoning of San Francisco’ tells you much of what you need to know in terms of content. But as a portrait of a heroics, innovation, grit, and pot-baking in an epidemic (in this case, the AIDS crisis), it's also strikingly relevant. And beautifully written, too.”
      Entertainment Weekly, “Books to Read in April”

      "A beautiful evocation of the Bay Area in the years before tech bros and big money changed the city...Like Stefan Zweig’sThe World of Yesterday, this is a narrative about a time that is now gone: San Francisco as circus, where pot was both ubiquitous and as illegal as heroin. Under Volz’s careful attention, all of it—the era, the place, and her own parents—is rendered clear, bright, and beautiful."
      Paris Review, Staff Pick

      "An earnest yet comic memoir by the daughter of the owner of the Sticky Fingers bakery, purveyor of pot brownies and crusader for legalization."
      New York Times, "New and Noteworthy Audiobooks"

      "I devoured this book! Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, a savvy business woman, a social and medicinal revolution: What’s not to love? This is a story Alia Volz was born to tell."
      —Rebecca Skloot, bestselling author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

      "[A] nostalgic, thoroughly entertaining new romp of a memoir...[An] intensely personal portrait of an unconventional childhood, as well as a rigorously reported account of a kaleidoscopic time in San Francisco history, an era of exuberant highs and pitch-black lows."
      San Francisco Chronicle

      "While a memoir,Home Baked is also an intensively researched book on San Francisco and the burgeoning cannabis culture surrounding Sticky Fingers Brownies, based on archival research and hundreds of hours of interviews with LGBT activists, cannabis advocates and, of course, Volz's parents. Home Baked also provides a timely contrast with both modern San Francisco and the blossoming cannabis industry, which can now offer safe and legal access to the drug, although significant reforms to the war on drugs have not materialized."

      "A coming-of-age memoir like no other."
      Shelf Awareness, Starred Review

      “Proves sometimes truth is stranger than fiction…[This] heartwarming, sharply witty book details the author’s life as the daughter of an underground baker who mixed up thousands of brownies infused with medical marijuana for AIDS patients in mid-80s San Francisco. It’s a touching story of eccentric families and the unusual bonds that bring people together.”
      Reader’s Digest, “The Best 14 Reads From the 2020 Quarantine Book Club”

      "Weaving together oral history, archival research, and her own personal memories, Volz uncovers the connections Sticky Fingers had to a wide range of historical events from the assassination of Harvey Milk to the Jonestown Massacre and the AIDS crisis. Through her examination of Sticky Fingers and the circles it operated in, Volz masterfully documents the history of San Francisco’s LGBTQ+ and artist community in the 1970s and ’80s."
      Electric Literature

      "Volz has written a refreshing kind of family memoir — one that presents the messier truths of her family’s life without pushing to create martyrs and villains...Home Bakedwill envelope you in its warm, generous heart."
      Chapter 16

      "A spirited, rollicking ride full of the vibrant characters, neighborhoods and rebel 'outsider' sensibilities that make [San Francisco] so special...[Volz is] wise enough to understand that the city will always be magic."
      San Francisco Chronicle,"San Francisco: the eternal book subject"

      "InHome Baked, Alia Volz manages not only to write about her parents with clear-eyed compassion and empathy, she also gives us a rich history of San Francisco in the 1970s and 1980s. As I read, her family and the city came alive for me: every person and street were vivid, complicated, tragic, and beautiful. I loved this engrossing, informative, funny, and heartbreaking book. Volz is a true talent."
      —Edan Lepucki, bestselling author ofWoman No. 17,California, and others

      "A hilarious, heartfelt, and unforgettable debut. I gobbled it up like a pan of fresh-baked brownies. Having come of age in the Bay Area when the Sticky Fingers operation was at its height, I devoured every last morsel of this evocative and occasionally heartbreaking tale, which is as much a deep dive into San Francisco’s weird and fast-evolving weed scene as it is about Volz’s unforgettable family. 'Eat it, baby!' was the bakery’s motto: for Alia’s wonderful book, I say 'Read it, baby!'"
      Julia Flynn Siler, bestselling author of The White Devil’s Daughters, The House of Mondavi and others

      "Home Baked is a deeply touching, funny, wise, and magical book. By telling her eye-popping family story and transporting her readers back to the kaleidoscope days of Northern California in the last quarter of the 20th Century, Alia Volz gives us not only an indelible memoir but also an intimate social history of the mom and pop marijuana business and how it revolutionized the world. WithHome Baked, Volz joins the colorful parade of writers who have brought 'San Francisco Values' fully to life, including Hunter S. Thompson, Armistead Maupin, Warren Hinckle, Diane di Prima, Richard Brautigan, Maxine Hong Kingston, Dave Eggers and Michelle Tea.
      —David Talbot, bestselling author ofSeason of the Witch andThe Devil's Chessboard

      "Home Baked hit me with the joy and sting of recognition. Here is a heroine I understand: a bad-ass mom doing legitimate yet illegal work that provided for her daughter, but also shaped a community. This wonderfully written memoir delivers a world of risk and drugs and secrecy alongside heavy batches of love and wit and courage. Alia Volz deftly blends in social context with her coming-of-age story, concocting a fantastic history lesson on everything from marijuana laws to the AIDS crisis to the transformation of San Francisco, where she herself was home-baked. I loved this book, got high off its intoxicating allure; long after I read the last page, I couldn’t come down."
      —Bridgett M. Davis, author of The World According To Fannie Davis

      "Alia Volz vividly portrays [San Francisco] in her delightful, heartfelt nonfiction debut...Home Bakedis part memoir, part ethnography, part lively history of a beloved city that Volz chronicles with tenderness and verve."
      —Jenny Shank,High Country News

      "The unheralded story of San Francisco's trailblazing 'Brownie Lady' plays out across more than 20 tumultuous years of the city's often tragic history...[Volz] combines a journalist's eye for detail with a storyteller's sense of humanity to chronicle all the incredible highs and lows, both public and private...The author's firsthand depiction of AIDS and its devastating initial impact on San Francisco's residents rings with epic tragedy. Thankfully, there are plenty of triumphs in the Sticky Fingers saga as well, and Volz herself embodies just one of them. A sometimes-sad yet stirring love letter to San Francisco filled with profundity and pride."
      Kirkus Reviews

      "Volz had been a part of her mother’s special marijuana-brownie business for as long as she could remember...From the turbulent ’70s through the ravages of the AIDS crisis (during which Mer and Alia distributed marijuana to AIDS patients), Volz recounts her mother’s exploits with admiration, along the way tracing how attitudes about cannabis have shifted toward more acceptance."

      "San Francisco native Alia Volz has a helluva story to tell...[Home Baked] tells the story of the author’s family’s rewarding sideline during the 1970s and ’80s, delivering roughly 10,000 cannabis-powered brownies a month—Sticky Fingers Brownies, for those who might remember—to customers around the Bay Area, including those suffering through the early days of the AIDS crisis."
      Good Times, "New Titles from NorCal Authors for Your Reading List"

      "The prologue of Home Baked starts with Alia Volz writing about her elementary school participating in D.A.R.E., an anti-drug program started by Nancy Reagan. But, Volz writes, 'We were the people the cop warned my class about.' So sets the stage for her memoir, which tells about how her mom operated Sticky Fingers Brownies — a marijuana edibles business — out of their San Francisco home...Read if you’re into: Jewish moms! Weed! San Francisco! Memoirs! Home Baked has it all."
      Alma, "Favorite Books for Spring 2020"

      Home Baked is a version of a bootstrap story so unusual and crazy-cool it’s hard to look away from, let alone put down...What a coming of age story—in the personal, but also in the larger sense of an era in San Francisco fueled by music, dancing, and being high that evolves into the City Hall murders and the devastation of AIDS. Home Bakedkept me up late reading from start to finish.”
      Sheryl Cotleur, Copperfield’s Books

      Home Baked is an exhilarating, kaleidoscopic book that—with exceptional writerly skill—captures an era of San Francisco history that impacted the entirety of the United States, both culturally and politically, in the latter decades of the 20th century…[It’s] a beautiful read that narrates an important story and introduces Alia Volz as a writer of extraordinary talent.”
      —Paul Yamazaki, City Lights Bookstore
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    catalogue cover
    High Yoga Enhance Yoga with Cannabis and CBD Treatments for Relaxation, Healing, and Bliss (Gift for Yoga Lover, Cannabis Book for Stress and Anxiety Relief) Darrin Zeer
    9781452176635 Hardcover BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Mindfulness & Meditation On Sale Date: July 09, 2019 Print Run: 6000
    $26.95 CAD 6.71 x 8.2 x 0.7 in | 390 gr | 144 pages Carton Quantity: 36 Canadian Rights: Y Chronicle Books
    • Marketing Copy

      High Yoga guides readers on combining yoga and marijuana for a healing and blissful practice.

      In this all-levels handbook, expert yoga instructor Darrin Zeer distills the ancient tradition of using marijuana to enhance yoga practice.

      Simple-to-follow instructions and illustrations for each pose are presented alongside weed strain recommendations, tips for safe consumption, and therapeutic benefits.

      • Pairs yoga and weed for an all-levels audience
      • Helps improve clarity, relaxation, and stress relief
      • Inviting, encouraging, and accessible to all yogis

      Yogis have been pairing marijuana with yoga for centuries, andHigh Yoga is your guide to incorporating cannabis into your modern practice.

      From those just getting started on the mat to seasoned practitioners looking to enrich their practice, this book makes it easy to relax the mind, ease the body, and lift the spirit.

      • A great gift for anyone who loves yoga, marijuana, CBD, meditating, and mindfulness
      • Ideal for both novice and experienced yogis alike who are seeking a new way to practice
      • Add it to the shelf with books likeGanja Yoga by Dee Dussault and Georgia Bardi,The Cannabis Health Index: Combining the Science of Medical Marijuana with Mindfulness Techniques To Heal 100 Chronic Symptoms and Diseases by Uwe Blesching, andInner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joyby Sadhguru
      Darrin Zeer (also known as "Yogi-D") is a certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist based in Colorado. He leads High Yoga retreats throughout the year, combining yoga and meditation with marijuana use. Zeer is the author of eight books, including the bestsellingOffice Yoga.
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews

      "Never has the intersection between cannabis and yoga been so creative and unique.High Yoga gives cannabis-loving yogis the opportunity to incorporate their two favorite hobbies, courtesy easy-to-follow instructions and simple illustrations of various yoga poses."—Culture Magazine
  • 7
    catalogue cover
    420 Things to Draw While High (Gifts for Stoners, Weed Gifts for Men and Women, Marijuana Gifts) Chronicle Books
    9781452176901 Blank book NON-CLASSIFIABLE On Sale Date: April 16, 2019 Print Run: 7500
    $24.99 CAD 7.55 x 8.91 x 0.84 in | 700 gr | 304 pages Carton Quantity: 20 Canadian Rights: Y Chronicle Books
    • Marketing Copy

      A book of inspiration for the highly creative, this playful sketchbook offers 420 chill illustration prompts and plenty of space to hash out what two giraffes riding a rainbow really looks like.
      Marketing & Promotion
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    catalogue cover
    Cannabis The Illegalization of Weed in America Brian "Box" Brown
    9781250154088 Hardcover COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS / Nonfiction On Sale Date: April 02, 2019 Print Run: 50000
    $32.50 CAD 6.55 x 8.73 x 0.98 in | 460 gr | 256 pages Carton Quantity: 24 Canadian Rights: Y First Second
    • Marketing Copy


      From the nineteenth century to the twenty-first, cannabis legislation in America and racism have been inextricably linked. In this searing nonfiction graphic novel, Box Brown sets his sights on this timely topic.

      Mexico, 1519 CE.

      During the Spanish conquests Cortés introduced hemp farming as part of his violent colonial campaign. In secret, locals began cultivating the plant for consumption. It eventually made its way to the United States through the immigrant labor force where it was shared with black laborers. It doesn't take long for American lawmakers to decry cannabis as the vice of "inferior races."

      Enter an era of propaganda designed to feed a moral panic about the dangers of a plant that had been used by humanity for thousands of years. Cannabis was given a schedule I classification, which it shared with drugs like heroin. This opened the door for a so-called “war on drugs” that disproportionately targeted young black men, leaving hundreds of thousands in prison, many for minor infractions. With its roots in "reefer madness" and misleading studies into the effects of cannabis, America’s complicated and racialized relationship with marijuana continues to this day.

      InCannabis, Box Brown delves deep into this troubling history and offers a rich, entertaining, and thoroughly researched graphic essay on the legacy of cannabis legislation in America.

      Box Brown is an Ignatz Award-winning cartoonist, illustrator, and comic publisher from Philadelphia. His books include theNew York Times-bestsellingAndre the Giant: Life and Legend,Tetris: The Games People Play, and Is This Guy For Real?:The Unbelievable Andy Kaufman. Box Brown's independent comics publishing house, Retrofit Comics, was launched in 2011.
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews


      “Box Brown has a knack for using comics to illuminate tricky subjects... [His] pared-down drawings provide the perfect support for stories freighted with layers of misinformation and irony.” —NPR

      "This illuminating work by Brown (Is This Guy for Real?) examines the history of the outlawing of marijuana in the U.S. and finds the drug’s restriction is based on racism and falsehoods... This useful work will inform anyone curious about cannabis’s history in America."—Publishers Weekly

      "Brown’s signature style supports the narrative well, using grayscale panels and simple, uncluttered cartoon style to deliver the facts in an accessible, straightforward manner...Teens working on current events assignments will appreciate its inviting approach and critical lens."—Booklist

      "Although disagreement about cannabis remains, this well-researched book takes an unflinching look at how racism and political agendas have influenced perceptions and policy."—School Library Journal

      "Cannabis might be Brown’s most epic work to date, taking readers on a detailed journey through the history of marijuana and America’s legislation against it."—The Comics Journal

      "In this illuminating work of graphic nonfiction, Brown provides a thoughtful look at the history, pharmacological affects, and legalization movement surrounding marijuana in North America."—

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    catalogue cover
    The CBD Oil Miracle Manage Pain, Improve Your Mood, Boost Your Brain, Fight Inflammation, Clear Your Skin, Strengthen Your Heart, and Sleep Better with the Healing Power of CBD Oil Laura Lagano
    9781250202253 Paperback HEALTH & FITNESS / Cannabis & CBD On Sale Date: March 26, 2019 Print Run: 50000
    $25.99 CAD 6.25 x 9.34 x 0.77 in | 280 gr | 272 pages Carton Quantity: 32 Canadian Rights: Y Castle Point Books
    • Marketing Copy


      Improve your health and happinesswith nature’s miracle pill

      Discover all the ways in which cannabidiol, a natural remedy from the cannabis plant, can change your life. The healing properties of this ancient medicine can boost mood, relieve pain, calm inflammation, improve heart health, strengthen bones, promote brain health, balance hormones, regulate the immune system, soothe skin conditions, and contribute to overall wellness in so many ways.The CBD Oil Miracle guides you through the medicinal history and science behind CBD oil and empowers you to:

      · Determine the dosage and intake form that is right for you and become an informed shopper
      · Use CBD to alleviate more than 30 common conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, depression, diabetes, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, and migraine
      · Calm an anxious pet and treat many common dog and cat illnesses
      · Benefit from the anti-aging effects CBD can bring to your beauty and skincare routine
      · Boost your immune-system, heart, and brain health

      Expert yet understandable information will help you learn about this compound that is rapidly sparking interest around the globe.

      LAURA LAGANO, MS, RDN, CDN, is an integrative clinical nutritionist and co-founder of the Holistic Cannabis Academy with a commitment to progressive therapies for health and healing. When not educating about cannabis and holistic healing, Laura can be found cooking, traveling, enjoying community, and basking in her role as mother of three young adults and wife to a soccer-obsessed husband in metro NYC.
      Marketing & Promotion
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    catalogue cover
    The CBD Oil Solution Treat Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, and More-without the High Rachna Patel
    9781465480767 Paperback HEALTH & FITNESS / Herbal Medications On Sale Date: March 05, 2019
    $21.99 CAD 7.69 x 9.15 x 0.47 in | 0.94 lb | 128 pages Carton Quantity: 36 Canadian Rights: Y Alpha
    • Marketing Copy

      Get healthy, not high. Discover the calming, pain-relieving effects of CBD oil and try recipes for delicious CBD-infused edibles and DIY self-care products.

      CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is a nonpsychoactive compound found in cannabis that boasts serious health benefits for your mind and body. It's been shown to effectively alleviate pain, lessen anxiety, reduce inflammation, and improve overall well-being.

      Get the facts about CBD oil, and experience the benefits of this healing product with edibles and self-care products you can make yourself and customize to meet your needs.

      Dr. Rachna Patel, a recognized expert in the field of medical cannabis, separates fact from fiction in The CBD Oil Solution, sharing everything you need to know about CBD, including:

        •  Explanation of CBD oil--what it is, how it works, and how it differs from THC
        •  What ailments can be treated with CBD oil--and how to decide if CBD is right for you
        •  What to consider when purchasing CBD oil, including how to read a product label
        •  Information on proper dosing and use
        •  More than 40 recipes and remedies--from drinks and desserts to lotions and lip balms--that can be customized for your needs.
      Dr. Rachna Patel is an internationally recognized expert in the field of medical cannabis. She teaches patients how to use CBD oil to relieve their symptoms, transform their health, and live a better quality of life. Dr. Patel completed her undergraduate studies at Northwestern University and earned her medical degree from Touro University. Connect with her and find helpful articles, online programs, and more at
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