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Ampersand Fall 2019 Adult Dewey Diva Picks

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    Rebent Sinner Ivan Coyote Canada
    9781551527734 Paperback SOCIAL SCIENCE / LGBTQ+ Studies Publication Date:September 25, 2019
    $19.95 CAD 6 x 8 x 0.4 in | 310 gr | 240 pages Carton Quantity:34 Canadian Rights: Y Arsenal Pulp Press
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      Ivan Coyote is one of North America's preeminent storytellers and performers, and the author, co-author, or co-editor of eleven previous books, all but one of which have been published by Arsenal Pulp Press. Their most recent book, Tomboy Survival Guide, was shortlisted for the Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Nonfiction, named an American Library Association Stonewall Honor Book, and longlisted for Canada Reads.

      In their latest, Ivan takes on the patriarchy and the political, as well as the intimate and the personal in these beguiling and revealing stories of what it means to be trans and non-binary today, at a time in their life when they must carry the burden of heartbreaking history with them, while combatting those who would misgender them or deny their very existence. These stories span thirty years of tackling TERFs, legislators, and bathroom police, sure, but there is joy and pleasure and triumph to be found here too, as Ivan pays homage to personal heroes like Leslie Feinberg while gently guiding younger trans folk to prove to themselves that there is a way out of the darkness.

      Rebent Sinner is the work of an accomplished artist whose plain truths about their experience will astound readers with their utter, breathtaking humanity.

      Ivan Coyote is the award-winning author, co-author or co-editor of eleven books, including Tomboy Survival Guide, shortlisted for the Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Nonfiction Prize and an American Library Association Stonewall Honor Book. They are also the creator of four short films as well as three CDs that combine storytelling with music. Ivan is a seasoned stage performer and an audience favourite at storytelling, literary, film, and folk music festivals. Their latest book is Rebent Sinner. Ivan lives in Vancouver.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      BC Book Prize (Jim Deva Prize for Writing that Provokes) 2020, Winner
      BC Book Prize (Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize) 2020, Short-listed
      Forest of Reading Evergreen Award 2021, Short-listed
      Governor General's Literary Award 2021, Short-listed
      Coyote describes the burdens of representation that saddle LGBTQ writers and performers, and ponders the legacy of their own generation of trans artists. Audiences interested in the conversation on trans identities will welcome Coyote's direct style and compassionate voice. -Publishers Weekly
      If you've never read Coyote's work, this is a fine place to start; it's a delightful and passionate example of the candor, humor, resilience and compassion that has made Coyote a beloved hero for whom we are (mostly) undeserving. -Ms. Magazine
      There's humour in this book, alongside pathos and bathos and Joan Armatrading and everything else you'd want from a collection of true stories ... Rebent Sinner is a book you need to read. -Toronto Star
      Coyote ought to be recognized as one of Canada’s great humorists … A lot of grit and a lot of heart. -The Globe and Mail
      Coyote brilliantly nestles kindred moments together and makes the ordinary magical ... Their writing has a generous quality to it in the way it appeals to everyone's humanity while still firmly advocating for equity, compassion, understanding, and safety for LGBTQ2S+ people, especially trans and/or gender non-conforming youth. -Quill and Quire (STARRED REVIEW)

      Rebent Sinner leaves me feeling like I can face the world. The power of storytelling indeed. -Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian

      The prose in Rebent Sinner is as alive on the page as when Coyote performs stories on stage. -Herizons

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    Age of Union Igniting The Changemaker 1st edition Dax Dasilva Canada, Stephane Poirier Canada
    9781926968346 Paperback BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Leadership Publication Date:April 29, 2019
    $24.99 CAD 6 x 9 x 0.5 in | 420 gr | 228 pages Carton Quantity:36 Canadian Rights: Y Anteism Books
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      Age of Union is an impassioned call for individual acts of culture, spirituality, and environmental guardianship to lead the causes of positive global change and unity in an increasingly fractured world.

      “The first of its kind, Age of Union brings readers along
      an intimate journey that perfectly balances spiritual,
      entrepreneurial, and environmental guidance, all of
      which got me wanting to take action now.”

      —Shira Lazar, on-air personality and founder of
      What’s Trending @whatstrending

      Dax Dasilva, one of Canada's leading tech CEOs, arts entrepreneur, and LGBTQ ambassador, shares his valuable experience and presents observations to ignite a movement of unseparation.

      We have seen chasms growing between people on either side of gender, religion, political, and cultural borders; meanwhile human-accelerated climate change, extinction, and pollution pose immense challenges to our collective future that we must now face quickly and cooperatively. We must confront separation head on, rather than retreat from it, and reframe our understanding of leadership. We can do this each and every day with meaningful, impactful, acts of union.


      Age of Union is an impassioned call for individual acts of culture, spirituality, and
      environmental guardianship to lead the causes of positive global change and unity in
      an increasingly fractured world. Dax Dasilva, one of Canada’s leading tech CEOs, arts
      entrepreneur, and LGBTQ ambassador, shares his valuable experience and presents
      observations to ignite a movement of unseparation.

      We have seen chasms growing between people on either side of gender, religion,
      political, and cultural borders; meanwhile human-accelerated climate change, extinction,
      and pollution pose immense challenges to our collective future that we must now face
      quickly and cooperatively. We must confront separation head on, rather than retreat from
      it, and reframe our understanding of leadership. We can do this each and every day with
      meaningful, impactful, acts of union.

      A tech innovator, environmental activist, person of faith, and vegan, Dasilva’s path has
      proven how committing to a lifestyle that values and prioritizes community, trust, respect,
      and spirituality can lead to a life of purpose and collective enrichment. Here, he presents
      his model for the new changemaker: a guide for awakening the leader in all of us, to take
      a stand and give rise to an age in which all living beings will be, once and for all, never apart.

      Twitter: @DaxDasilva, Instagram: @DaxDasilva and LinkedIn: /DaxDasilva

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        Elevate Tech Fest, Toronto - September 2019
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      The first of its kind, Age of Union brings readers along an intimate journey that perfectly balances spiritual, entrepreneurial, and environmental guidance, all of which got me wanting to take action now.
      —Shira Lazar, on-air personality and founder, What's Trending

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    The Cure for Hate A Former White Supremacist's Journey from Violent Extremism to Radical Compassion Tony McAleer Canada
    9781551527697 Paperback SOCIAL SCIENCE / Discrimination Publication Date:October 01, 2019
    $22.95 CAD 6 x 9 x 0.5 in | 405 gr | 320 pages Carton Quantity:30 Canadian Rights: Y Arsenal Pulp Press
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      How does an affluent, middle-class, private-school-attending son of a doctor end up at the Aryan Nations compound in Idaho, falling in with and then recruiting for some of the most notorious neo-Nazi groups in Canada and the United States?

      The Cure for Hate paints a very human picture of a young man who craved attention, acceptance, and approval and the dark place he would go to get it. Tony McAleer found an outlet for his teenage rage in the street violence of the skinhead scene. He then grew deeply involved in the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), rising through the ranks to become a leader, and embraced technology and the budding internet to bring white nationalist propaganda into the digital age. After fifteen years in the movement, it was the outpouring of love he felt at the birth of his children that inspired him to start questioning his hateful beliefs. Thus began the spiritual journey of personal transformation that enabled him to disengage from the highest levels of the white power movement.

      This incisive book breaks commonly held stereotypes and delivers valuable insights into how regular people are drawn to violent extremism, how the ideology takes hold, and the best ways to help someone leave hate behind. In his candid and introspective memoir, Tony shares his perspective gleaned from over a thousand hours of therapy, group work, and facilitating change in others that reveals the deeper psychological causes behind racism. At a period in history when instances of racial violence are on the upswing, The Cure for Hate demonstrates that in a society frighteningly divided by hate and in need of healing, perhaps atonement, forgiveness, and most importantly, radical compassion is the cure.


      Tony McAleer is an international speaker, change maker, and father of two. As co-founder of the nonprofit organization Life After Hate, he has made it his mission to help people leave hate groups. The Cure for Hate is his first book. He lives in Vancouver.

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    • Awards & Reviews

      Tony McAleer is a very brave man. In this book, he shares his journey of healing from hate, and offers the rest of us a radical vision of compassion for both self and others. -Michael Kimmel, author of Healing from Hate: How Young Men Get into - and Out of - Violent Extremism
      What makes this book so important in the efforts to combat hatred is the insightful personal reflections and the deep soul searching that Tony has done to understand the corrosive nature of this particular form of hatred. These powerful lessons and his tireless work to guide current white supremacists into a life after hate is what makes this book a beacon of light against humanity's darkest impulses. -Rabbi Dan Moskovitz, Temple Sholom, Vancouver
      The Cure for Hate is a profound examination of how an affluent and privileged young person can become a leader in a movement completely contrary to his upbringing. More importantly, Tony McAleer's story provides the pathway back from hatred and a road map for saving those who are still mired in the white supremacist movement. Given that more and more young white men find themselves pulled into the world of hate, this book is a must-read for those of us concerned with tackling rising white supremacy in the Western world. -Heidi Beirich, director, Intelligence Project, Southern Poverty Law Center
      In an age when it's become easier than ever to fear, loathe, and dismiss the 'other,' Tony's story is a much-needed ray of hope. Tony graciously, honestly teaches us that although hatred buries empathy, it does not kill it - and that even people who seem totally lost are human beings underneath, capable of redemption and compassion. -Jamil Zaki, author of The War for Kindness: Building Empathy in a Fractured World
      This powerful and persuasive memoir should be required reading for anyone wanting to break from a violent extremist ideology, for anyone anxious that a loved one is being conditioned by such belief systems, and for all of us who simply want to understand why hurt people hurt people. This is pure restorative narrative - a true story of transforming hate and bigotry into one of hope and meaning. -Marina Cantacuzino, founder, the Forgiveness Project
      Tony's transformational journey traces an inspiring arc. With personal narrative and gut-punching stories, Tony shares how deradicalization is possible in this fight against domestic terrorism. -Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO and national director, Anti-Defamation League
      Tony McAleer guides us through his upbringing and his lived-through experiences; the role of shame, punishment, and violence; and how a ravaged and wounded soul got to heal and become whole again, even leading the way for others to leave violence and hate behind. A well-written and highly needed read. -Robert Orell, director of Exit USA
      This book is a must-read for anyone trying to understand how people enter and exit hate and extremist movements. It is inspiring to know that there is hope, while daunting to realize the magnitude of the strength, commitment, and support needed to leave white supremacy without relapsing. -Humera Khan, president of Muflehun and member of the US Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council
      In the post-Charlottesville world, McAleer's story and call to action is the right book for these difficult times. -New York Journal of Books
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    Series: Untold Lives
    Possess the Air Love, Heroism, and the Battle for the Soul of Mussolini's Rome Taras Grescoe Canada
    9781771963237 Paperback HISTORY / Europe Publication Date:October 15, 2019
    $22.95 CAD 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.68 in | 482 gr Carton Quantity:30 Canadian Rights: Y Biblioasis
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      A Globe and Mail Fall 2019 Book to Watch

      Whoever you are, you are sure to be a severe critic of Fascism, and you must feel the servile shame. But even you are responsible for your inaction. Do not seek to justify yourself with the illusion that there is nothing to be done. That is not true. Every person of courage and honour is quietly working for a free Italy. Even if you do not want to join us, there are still TEN THINGS which you can do. You can, and therefore you must.

      These unsayable words, printed on leaflets that rained down on Mussolini’s headquarters in the heart of Rome at the height of the dictator’s power, drive the central drama of Possess the Air. This is the story of freedom fighters who defied Italy’s despot by opposing the rising tide of populism and xenophobia. Chief among them: poet and aviator Lauro de Bosis, firstborn of an Italian aristocrat and a New Englander, who transformed himself into a modern Icarus and amazed the world as he risked his life in the skies to bring Il Duce down. Taras Grescoe’s inspiring story of resistance, risk, and sacrifice paints a portrait of heroes in the fight against authoritarianism. This is an essential biography for our time.

      Taras Grescoe is the author of seven non-fiction books, including Sacré Blues, The End of Elsewhere, The Devil's Picnic, Bottomfeeder, Straphanger, and Shanghai Grand. Bottomfeeder won the Writers' Trust Prize for Nonfiction, the Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-fiction, and was a finalist for the William Saroyan International Prize for Writing. He has contributed to the New York Times, The Guardian, The New Yorker, Gourmet, and The Wall Street Journal. His books have been translated into half a dozen languages. He lives in Montreal.
      Marketing & Promotion
        • Strong social and political relevance: Possess the Air is a story of resistance against political fascism, profiling acts of political dissidence.
        • The latest book in the Untold Lives Series, which debuted with national bestseller They Call Me George: The Untold Story of Black Train Porters and the Birth of Modern Canada by Cecil Foster.
        • Appeal to socially conscious and politically engaged readers, as well as WWII history buffs.
        • The author of seven previous books of nonfiction, Grescoe has contributed to New York Times, The Guardian, The New Yorker, Gourmet, and Wall Street Journal
    • Awards & Reviews


      Praise for Possess the Air

      “Compelling...Set during Fascism’s glory years, Possess the Air is about resisting tyranny. It’s about the courage required to defy an autocrat even when the gains will be small.”
      Literary Review of Canada

      Possess the Air is a beautiful read, and the focus on Rome should open our eyes to how threats to civic liberty can often evolve into concrete form.”
      Quill & Quire

      “Possess the Air is a massive project, combining research that’s deep yet deployed with a light touch, the smooth stag-managing of dozens of historical figures of varying fame and notoriety, a blend of the macro (sweeping social changes) and the micro (love stories, individual crises of conscience.) Yet Grescoe makes it look easy... Taras Grescoe has performed an act of resurrection, and done it with flair.” —Montreal Review of Books

      “Superb—an object lesson is what befalls a country that embraces an autocratic strongman as its would-be saviour.”
      Winnipeg Free Press

      “Masterfully constructed, elegantly composed, this is a books to be savoured by anyone with an appetite for what Henry James called ‘the luxury of loving Italy.’ It’s an important books, offering a way through the present by way of connection with a complicate past.”

      “In the age of Trump, Mussolini—half-clown, half-tyrant—returns to our minds more readily that does that fanatic of fanatics, Adolf Hitler. Readers of Taras Grescoe's racy study will learn much about what happened to those, both foreign and Italian, who rejected the Duce's fake truths even at the sacrifice of their own lives. Their story can help us today resist the populist nationalists who crowd our screens with their lies and superificialities.”
      R.J.B. Bosworth, author of Mussolini and The Oxford Handbook of Fascism

      “Wow! This book is an absolute tour de force—a fact-driven work of historical imagination at once fresh, relevant, and irresistible. While tracking the rise of Italian fascism through the 1920s and ’30s, Taras Grescoe conducts a master class in applying novelistic techniques to a research-based narrative. By telling this story through individuals who lived it, Grescoe has created a literary experience that revives the idea of the nonfiction novel.”
      Ken McGoogan, author of Flight of the Highlanders: The Making of Canada

      “In Possess the Air, Grescoe merges impressive scholarship with deft storytelling to bring readers to a Rome we've never known—even though Mussolini's Make-Italy-Great-Again bombast will feel uncomfortably familiar. As much a biography of a city as the characters who dwell there, Grescoe's book hums and shines.”
      Marcello Di Cintio, author of Pay No Heed to the Rockets: Palestine in the Present Tense

      Praise for Taras Grescoe

      “Taras Grescoe has fallen hard for the 'the wicked old Paris of the Orient,' its barrooms thick with gangsters and newsmen, its alleys 'scented with sweet almond broth, opium smoke and the chemical bite of Flit insecticide' . . . Shanghai Grand is a headlong swoon for old Shanghai. The feeling is easy to catch.”
      New York Times Book Review

      "Filled with excellent short character sketches and keeps the reader turning the pages to find out what will happen next . . . Brings to life a special time and a special place."
      Wall Street Journal

      “A keenly observant, sometimes soulful portrait . . . of China’s political and social realities during that tumultuous period in its history. . . . A wonderful book.”
      Publishers Weekly

      “Grescoe exuberantly captures the glamour and intrigue of a lost world."
      Kirkus Reviews

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    9781771963329 Paperback LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Essays Publication Date:November 19, 2019
    $22.95 CAD 5.25 x 8.25 x 0.91 in | 563 gr Carton Quantity:48 Canadian Rights: Y Biblioasis
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      The eleventh installment of Canada's annual volume of essays showcases diverse nonfiction writing from across the country. Culled from leading Canadian magazines and journals, Best Canadian Essays 2019 contains award-winning and award-nominated nonfiction articles that are topical and engaging and have their finger on the pulse of our contemporary psyches.

      Emily Donaldson is an editor, writer, and book critic whose writing and reviews have appeared in numerous publications including Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, National Post, The Walrus, Maclean’s, and Quill & Quire. Her work has been nominated for National Magazine Awards and for a Governor General’s Award. In 2016, she became the first female editor of Canadian Notes & Queries, Canada’s oldest magazine of literary criticism, for which she is also a long-time contributor. Born and raised in Montreal, she currently lives in Toronto with her husband and two sons.
      Marketing & Promotion
        • Annual collection of the long-running and well-respected series. 
        • Biblioasis acquired the series from Tightrope in 2018, and it joins Best Canadian Stories and Best Canadian Poetry under a series showcasing the best writing in Canada across three genres.

    • Awards & Reviews


      Praise for Best Canadian Essays

      “Fascinating, provocative, sobering and painful… an abundance of artfully expressed ideas.” —Toronto Star

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    catalogue cover
    Dirty Birds Morgan Murray Canada
    9781550818079 Paperback FICTION / Humorous Publication Date:July 31, 2020
    $22.95 CAD 4.25 x 6.88 x 1 in | 600 gr | 432 pages Carton Quantity:24 Canadian Rights: Y Breakwater Books
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      In late 2008, as the world’s economy crumbles and Barack Obama ascends to the White House, the remarkably unremarkable Milton Ontario – not to be confused with Milton, Ontario – leaves his parents’ basement in Middle-of-Nowhere, Saskatchewan, and sets forth to find fame, fortune, and love in the Euro-lite electric sexuality of Montreal; to bask in the endless twenty-something Millennial adolescence of the Plateau; to escape the infinite flatness of Saskatchewan and find his messiah – Leonard Cohen. Hilariously ironic and irreverent, in Dirty Birds, Morgan Murray generates a quest novel for the twenty-first century—a coming-of-age, rom-com, crime-farce thriller—where a hero’s greatest foe is his own crippling mediocrity as he seeks purpose in art, money, power, crime, and sleeping in all day.

      Morgan Murray was born and raised on a farm near the same west-central Alberta village as figure-skating legend Kurt Browning (Caroline). He now lives, works, plays, writes, and builds all sorts of crooked furniture in Cape Breton. In between, he has been a professional schemer, a farmer, a rancher, a roustabout, a secretary, a reporter, a designer, a Tweeter, and a student in St. John’s, Calgary, Prague, Montreal, Chicoutimi, and Paris. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Canadian Studies from the University of Calgary, a Certificate in Central and Eastern European Studies from the University of Economics, Prague, a Master of Philosophy in Humanities from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a participation ribbon for beef-calf showmanship (incomplete) from the Little Britches 4-H Club.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Canada Reads 2021, Long-listed
      APMA Best Atlantic Published Book Award 2021, Winner
      Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour 2021, Short-listed
      Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award 2021, Short-listed
      Margaret and John Savage First Book Award, Fiction Category 2021, Short-listed
      Foreword INDIES Humour Award, Silver Medal 2020, Winner
      The Relit Award 2021, Long-listed
      The Globe and Mail Summer's Hottest Reads 2021, Long-listed
      IPPY: Independent Voice Award 2022, Winner
      “Canadians rejoice! Our Vonnegut has finally arrived! Morgan Murray’s debut is a great, brawling, sprawling, muscular glory of a story. Funny, dark, and wholly original.”
      "One of the most fun and dynamic aspects of the book is Morgan’s facility with different dialogues. These include, but are not limited to, the matrix of the prairie junior hockey structure, the non-stop conversation of a Newfoundland taxi driver, academic papers, police files, and, most prominently, Milton’s poetry. These are often decoded and/or annotated in footnotes, a comedic amplification that’s an effective and refreshing device in this fiction. There’s work and care in the writing; the experiences, however foolish, feel earned. At the same time it’s kinetic: the words, like birds, take flight."
      "This book would make a great Canadian film starring Michael Cera. Refreshingly backlit with the nostalgia of Obama era planet Earth, riffing on a myriad of contemporary themes including intergenerational tensions and anxieties, global economic frailty and the pursuit of young desire, Dirty Birds is the perfect misfit read for your next layaway, or when you’re down to your last shot of whisky. It provides days’ worth of warm, weird feelings."
      "Morgan Murray’s Dirty Birds is the delightful, literary, hoser middle ground between A Series Of Unfortunate Events and Jackass. The story of Milton Ontario’s poetic aspirations spans over 500 nonsensical pages and, even though you won’t understand a word Noddy or Georgette or Jerry or Gerry is saying, I promise you won’t be bored... this is an impressive debut novel that knows when to joke and when to deliver some actually poetic inner monologue. I can’t wait to see what Murray comes up with next."
      Dirty Birds is absurd and tender, familiar and bizarre, and completely unforgettable.”
      "Satirical, clever... unrestrained and funny, Dirty Birds, is a great read."
      “A vast, fantastic and original book, not to mention utterly hilarious. The kind of book you'll devour and then wish you hadn’t read it so quickly, but happily, you can start it all over again! Definitely one of my top ten books of 2020.

      I loved this: “‪Make the world bigger by your being in it. ... the way you pour yourself out into the world to quench another’s thirst, the way you exist and the way you persist.” Words to live by.”

      Dirty Birds is an absurd novel about absurd subcultures of artists, grad students, and adultescents that author Morgan Murray explores with both laugh-out-loud lunacy and scathing insight.”
      Dirty Birds is a whip-smart, structurally coherent romp that dresses its satire in the weeds of comic mayhem."
      "The narrative voice in Dirty Birds reminds me a bit of the dry comic you find reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, only this unfortunate protagonist, named Milton Ontario, (not to be confused with Milton, Ontario) journeys from Bellybutton, Saskatchewan to live in a dirty closet he found on Craigslist - dans le metropolis of Montreal... All so he can be a poet like his hero, Leonard Cohen. Morgan Murray fills his pages with dialogue spoken in hilarious Canadian vernacular, something that so rarely meets the page in popular fiction, interspersed with his own black and white illustrations, and the most epic footnotes detailing facts from Canada's history the way you wish you had heard them in high school."

      Dirty Birds: one of the funniest things I’ve read since I took home my grade 4 report card.”

      "If you ever feel you’re in the mood for something completely absurd, out of this world (but in it), something that will make you laugh, wonder what the heck is going on, and reflect on the author’s wild imagination, Dirty Birds is your book."

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    catalogue cover
    Shut It Down Stories from a Fierce, Loving Resistance Lisa Fithian
    9781603588843 Paperback POLITICAL SCIENCE / Civics & Citizenship Publication Date:September 03, 2019
    $26.95 CAD 153 x 229 x 26 mm | 530 gr | 352 pages Carton Quantity:27 Canadian Rights: Y Chelsea Green Publishing
    • Marketing Copy


      A veteran activist's guide to direct action and strategic civil disobedience as the most radical and rapid means to social change

      For decades, Lisa Fithian’s work as an advocate for civil disobedience and nonviolent direct action has put her on the frontlines of change. Described by Mother Jones as “the nation’s best-known protest consultant,” Fithian has supported countless movements including the Battle of Seattle in 1999, rebuilding and defending communities following Hurricane Katrina, Occupy Wall Street, and the uprisings at Standing Rock and in Ferguson. For anyone who wants to become more active in resistance or is just feeling overwhelmed or hopeless, Shut It Down offers strategies and actions you can take right now to promote justice and incite change in your own community.

      In Shut It Down Fithian shares historic, behind-the-scenes stories from some of the most important people-powered movements of the past several decades. She shows how movements that embrace direct action have always been, and continue to be, the most radical and rapid means for transforming the ills of our society. Shut It Down is filled with instructions and inspiration for how movements can evolve as the struggle for social justice continues in the Trump era and beyond.

      "Direct action--to physically 'shut it down'--is her calling. . . . You don't go to Fithian when you want to carry a placard. You go to her when you want to make sure there are enough bolt cutters to go around." -The New York Times

      While recognizing that electoral politics, legislation, and policy are all important pathways to change, Shut It Down argues that civil disobedience is not just the only action that remains when all else fails, but a spiritual pursuit that protects our deepest selves and allows us to reclaim our humanity. Change can come, but only if we’re open to creatively, lovingly, and strategically standing up, sometimes at great risk to ourselves, to protect what we love.


      Lisa Fithian is an anti-racist organizer who has worked for justice since the 1970s. Using creative, strategic nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience, she has won many battles and trained tens of thousands of activists while participating in a range of movements and mobilizations, including Occupy Wall Street, anti-WTO and corporate globalization protests all over the world, the climate justice movement, and more. Lisa enjoys walking, playing with children, gardening, cooking great food, being in the wild, and raising up new generations to be agents of change. She is grateful to play her part in manifesting a world rooted in respect, justice, and liberation.

      Marketing & Promotion
        • Advance reader's copy to book reviewers in the US, UK and Canadian press
        • Longlead pitching to editors at major magazines and newsprint
        • Print and online features and excerpts
        • Digital and social media advertising
        • Outreach to author's activist network
        • Campus Lecture Series

    • Awards & Reviews


      "Fithian makes clear that just showing up is not enough; you have to be smart and organized to be effective. Consider this Jedi teaching for tomorrow’s activists.”Booklist

      “As the left gets serious about electoral organizing, it’s more important than ever that our movements also stay mobilized, disobedient, and in the streets. Lisa Fithian has helped drive some of the most creative, game-changing organizing of our time—and her wise and warm book will help us build real power.”—Naomi Klein, author of No Is Not Enough and This Changes Everything

      “Direct action must be strategic, precise, calculated, and intentional—words that also describe Lisa Fithian. She is a movement veteran, and we stand on shoulders of women like her. Lisa has taken a new generation of leaders under her wing at a critical time, and I am honored to be among them.”—Linda Sarsour, Palestinian-Muslim-American activist; cochair, Women’s March on Washington

      “Lisa Fithian is a treasure to social justice movements in the United States and an inspiration to all who have been touched by her energy and commitment. From workers’ struggles to Occupy Wall Street, from the Battle of Seattle to the Katrina disaster, Lisa has been there—teaching, leading, following, and building a toolbox for direct action. In Shut It Down, Lisa brings the past four decades of activism alive with dynamic storytelling skills that allow the reader to relive those moments and know that they, too, can pick up the banner and run with it.”—Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, author of An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States and Loaded

      “Lisa Fithian’s book shows both the craft and the heart essential for these times. Her wide organizing experience enables her to describe both the toolbox police use against activists and how grassroots movements rise again despite everything. Get this book if you like stories and you want to win.”—George Lakey, author of How We Win; columnist, Waging Nonviolence

      “Ready to rise up and shut down injustice? You can find no better guide than this dynamic collection of stories and lessons from powerhouse organizer Lisa Fithian. This brilliant book, a vital addition to every resister’s library, will take you right to the frontlines of some of the boldest and most consequential protest campaigns of the last four decades, leaving you with everything from nuts-and-bolts tactical tips to frameworks for deep strategic thinking.”—L.A. Kauffman, author of Direct Action and How to Read a Protest

      “Lisa Fithian is a legend. I hope this book becomes one, too.”—David Graeber, author of Debt and Bullshit Jobs

      “In my own long life of activism, Lisa Fithian is the person who has taught me the most about strategy, organizing, and sheer, stubborn courage. She’s also gotten me into more trouble than any other single person! So—full disclosure—she’s a dear friend. I’m in the book, and she says nice things about me. But even if she didn’t, I would still have to honestly say that she’s done a brilliant job of weaving activist stories together with practical, how-to advice. The book reads like an adventure story, but at the end you will come away with solid information on how to organize and make transformative social change. In these challenging times, this book is a much-needed gift!”—Starhawk, activist; director, Earth Activist Training; author of The Fifth Sacred Thing and The Empowerment Manual

      Shut It Down is an annotated travelogue of a lifetime of resistance, full of the nitty-gritty of real movements: deep strategy and think-on-your-feet decisions, friendships and alliances, best practices, worst mistakes and key lessons, real life exhaustion, and the exhilarating, world-changing power of fighting back. It’s jam-packed with tips for a journey we all need to take, shared through detailed and richly personal stories that transform the ideas of struggle into usable muscle memory.”—Aurora Levins Morales, author of Medicine Stories

      “Based on lessons of struggle over the past few decades, Shut It Down is one of the best guides to, and reflections on, social transformation that I have ever read. It is both deeply profound and educative, direct and unpretentious. Everyone, whether experienced or new to wanting to change the world, needs to read and share it.”—Marina Sitrin, author of Horizontalism and They Can’t Represent Us!

      Shut It Down traces the course of radical resistance in the United States through Lisa Fithian’s astounding experiences sowing the seeds of struggle. Rather than analyzing protest movements from afar, Fithian brings her readers into the streets in this essential chronicle of direct action from below.”—Mark Bray, historian, Dartmouth College; author of Antifa

      “Lisa Fithian’s Shut It Down is an invaluable tool and a must-read for organizers and activists. She explains both why we need to shut it down and the nitty-gritty of how to shut it down. She has been a key strategist in organizing hundreds of thousands of workers in the Justice for Janitors campaign—from blocking bridges in order to shut down DC to enduring mass arrests in the face of police violence during the Houston janitors’ strike. Lisa’s book inspires us to confront the powerful and teaches us how to beat them.”—Stephen Lerner, fellow, Georgetown University Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor; architect, Justice for Janitors campaign

      “A firsthand account from the front lines of direct action over the past four decades. A story not simply of resistance, but of building something better. The young movements of our time will only benefit from Fithian’s experiences and insights.”—Shaun Chamberlin, editor of Surviving the Future and Lean Logic; Extinction Rebellion arrestee

  • 8
    catalogue cover
    9781459745056 Paperback BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs Publication Date:September 07, 2019
    $21.99 CAD 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.5 in | 270 gr | 224 pages Carton Quantity:64 Canadian Rights: Y Dundurn Press
    • Marketing Copy

      “A compelling and intimate reflection on love and grief and ordinary things that comfort and sustain us.” — Alison Smith, award-winning journalist

      Ever since her childhood on a Niagara farm, Debi has dug in the dirt to find resilience. But when her husband, Peter, was diagnosed with cancer in November, it was too late in the season to seek solace in her garden. With idle hands and a fearful mind, she sought something to sustain her through the months ahead. She soon came across Victory Gardens — the vegetable gardens cultivated during the world wars that sustained so many.

      During an anxious winter, she researched, drew plans, and ordered seeds. In spring, with Peter in remission, her garden thrived and life got back on track. But when Peter's cancer returned like a killing frost, the garden was a reminder that everything must come to an end.

      A Victory Garden for Trying Times is a personal journey of love, loss, and healing through the natural cycles of the earth.
      Debi Goodwin is the author of Citizens of Nowhere and a former CBC television producer. She is also a travel writer, blogger, and avid photographer.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      It sounds paradoxical to say that I found this profoundly sad story buoyant, but I did. To borrow from the title, this beautifully written memoir balances between 'trying times' and 'victory,' between the pain of Peter Kavanagh's cancer and the inspiring courage and optimism of the couple. And through it all runs Goodwin's garden — a retreat, a symbol of hope and a reminder that our life, like her gorgeous vegetables, has a beginning and an end.
      A compelling and intimate reflection on love and grief and ordinary things that comfort and sustain us — like getting your hands dirty. A timeless journey for anyone who finds beauty in the light that filters through a canopy of trees or the damp sweet smell of freshly turned earth.
      Victory Garden for Trying Times is about gardening the way Izaac Walton's The Compleat Angler is about fishing or Herman Melville's Moby Dick is about whaling. Much of this story is about cloves and carrots and tomatoes and weeds and such. But it's also a touching love story that will break your heart. The Victory Garden of the title refers to vegetable patches ordinary people cultivated in wartime. Researching, planning and eventually cultivating her own backyard modern Victory Garden was a hobby that became a backdrop for the larger story: the desperate battle her husband was waging against cancer. The parallel tale is the intriguing history of the real wartime Victory Gardens. And sprinkled throughout are actual tips on gardening. But, it’s essentially a story of the heart, with a sweet and compelling mix of grief and tenderness.
      A moving recounting of love and loss and the attempt to find solace though a 'Victory' garden. The name is sadly ironic at first, and then becomes a form consolation in the end. I read the second half of this heartbreaking memoir in one sustained session because I needed to know the details of how the story ended. After setting it down, I thought about the book all evening and over breakfast the next day. This powerful afterlife of a book in the reader's mind is a sign of its great power — I enjoyed it immensely.
      Debi Goodwin has written a poignant memoir that tears away at your heart. Yet she writes with such sensitivity and a keen eye about her garden and how it ushered her through bad times with refreshing insight. You will want to read it more than once.
      With bare sincerity, Debi Goodwin takes us through the struggle of her winter, to spring seedlings unfolding with hope, to the longing for summer in the midst of summer. And when the light shifts in autumn, she sheds new meaning on victory itself.
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    catalogue cover
    9781459745636 Paperback BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs On Sale Date:July 27, 2019
    $19.99 CAD 5.5 x 8.5 x 1.1 in | 220 gr | 240 pages Carton Quantity:60 Canadian Rights: Y Dundurn Press
    • Marketing Copy

      A bold step toward a new cultural narrative around sex

      Sex was supposed to be easy. It was supposed to be fun, liberating, and empowering for a girl who’d been brought up thinking the battle for sexual equality had been won. But for Nellwyn Lampert, losing her virginity would turn out to be anything but simple. Whether she was being confronted with porn-induced erectile dysfunction or other crises of masculinity, nothing went according to plan in the bedroom. Instead, Nellwyn had to learn to navigate the realities of sexual liberation, female empowerment, and masculinity all on her own.

      In this coming-of-age memoir, Nellwyn looks back on her experiences with humour and insight to explore what true liberation and empowerment may look like for today’s young women. Her many unexpected adventures will prompt reflection on a bigger question: What does it mean when our experiences fail to live up to who we think we should be as liberated, postmodern women?
      Nellwyn Lampert is a writer, editor, and blogger with an MFA in creative nonfiction from the University of King's College. She lives in Toronto.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Nellwyn Lampert’s Every Boy I Ever Kissed is a delicious mix of poignant stories, girlfriend secrets and bedroom philosophy, spun with the author’s sly wit and astute cultural insights. Who am I? Where do I fit in? are questions we all ask, but if you’re a young woman navigating conflicting messages about identity, feminism and sexual mores, the questions can be thorny. Nellwyn Lampert’s coming of age memoir is wise and wonderfully engaging.
  • 10
    catalogue cover
    Brewed in the North A History of Labatt's Matthew J. Bellamy Canada
    9780773559158 Hardcover BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Industries Publication Date:October 10, 2019
    $40.95 CAD 165 x 235 mm | 910 gr | 464 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y McGill-Queen's University Press
    • Marketing Copy

      For decades, the name Labatt was synonymous with beer in Canada, but no longer. Brewed in the North traces the birth, growth, and demise of one of the nation's oldest and most successful breweries. Opening a window into Canada's complicated relationship with beer, Matthew Bellamy examines the strategic decisions taken by a long line of Labatt family members and professional managers from the 1840s, when John Kinder Labatt entered the business of brewing in the Upper Canadian town of London, to the globalization of the industry in the 1990s. Spotlighting the challenges involved as Labatt executives adjusted to external shocks - the advent of the railway, Prohibition, war, the Great Depression, new forms of competition, and free trade - Bellamy offers a case study of success and failure in business. Through Labatt's lively history from 1847 to 1995, this book explores the wider spirit of Canadian capitalism, the interplay between the state's moral economy and enterprise, and the difficulties of creating popular beer brands in a country that is regionally, linguistically, and culturally diverse. A comprehensive look at one of the industry's most iconic firms, Brewed in the North sheds light on what it takes to succeed in the business of Canadian brewing.
      Matthew J. Bellamy is associate professor of history at Carleton University, author of Profiting the Crown: Canada's Polymer Corporation, 1942-1990, and editor of Canada and the Cost of World War II: The International Operations of Canada's Department of Finance, 1939-1947.
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews

      "Brewed in the North is probably the most comprehensive look at Labatt's past. Anyone who enjoys learning about corporate decision-making, the people behind the decisions and their successes and missteps will enjoy this book. The author struck gold by landing on a treasure trove of previously unpublished corporate documents and a detail-rich history of Labatt that it had commissioned from historian Albert Tucker." The Globe & Mail
      "Brewed in the North is a striking story, and Bellamy tells it well. He has a command of business history but does not beat us over the head with theory or complete marketing lingo. The book is an impressive achievement." Literary Review of Canada
      "This finely crafted study is a brilliant piece of Canadian business history. Brewed in the North goes beyond Labatt's to provide a study of a whole industry within Canada and abroad. The book is chock-full of fascinating information on the evolving processes of making beer, the marketing of the firm's products, and strategies for survival in a highly controversial industry." Craig Heron, York University
      "Brewed in the North makes for a top choice for beer lovers. Best enjoyed with a six-pack of underrated 50 fresh from the brewery, I'd say." The London Free Press
      "Brewed in the North is a rare achievement, for in addition to being a superb scholarly monograph it also serves as a practical introduction to the study of business history generally, and the brewing industry specifically … When contextualizing Labatt's story, Bellamy provides concise insights into an assortment of concepts foundational to business history, including brand development and marketing, product differentiation, corporate public relations, multidivisional organizational structures, industry consolidations, brownfield and greenfield expansion strategies, the impact of government regulation, and globalization." Canadian Historical Review
      "Brewed in the North will find a welcome home on the bookshelf of anyone interested in history, economics, business and advertising, Canadian identity, or beer and brewing. Matthew Bellamy takes a deep dive into the history of Labatt's brewery, and in so doing also discusses the shape and scope of business practices, life, and culture in pre- and post-Confederation Canada." American Review of Canadian Studies
      "Bellamy's narrative encompasses far more than the history of a single firm, covering the development of the industry as a whole, its social impact, controversies during the Prohibition era, and the effects of globalization [...] This synopsis of Bellamy's book does not do justice to the rich details he provides on the personalities, clashes inside the boardroom, and the impact of changing technologies and social mores on the industry [...] this is a significant contribution to the history of business in Canada." Ontario History
      "Matthew Bellamy [...] has produced a first-rate study of the rise and fall of a Canadian brewing giant. [Brewed in the North] grants well deserved scholarly recognition to the Canadian brewing industry, which until very recently was a realm left largely to non-professional historians. Raise a glass. Bellamy's superbly readable study was worth the wait." Canadian Business History Association

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