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St. Martins Essentials Winter 2020

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    The Calling 3 Fundamental Shifts to Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good Rha Goddess, Gabrielle Bernstein
    9781250204691 Hardcover SELF-HELP / Personal Growth On Sale Date:January 21, 2020 Print Run:100000
    $34.99 CAD 5.53 x 10.09 x 1.24 in | 560 gr | 384 pages Carton Quantity:20 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Essentials
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      A game-changing book offering a six-step approach on how to find and follow your true calling and redefine success from entrepreneur and soul coach Rha Goddess.

      Are you willing to believe in you?

      Every single one of us has a calling.

      For most it’s the thing you have to force yourself not to do.

      When you try to ignore it, you can’t stop thinking about. It is the thing that both terrifies you and brings you the most joy. Already living yours? Great! How do you make the most of it?

      The Calling will provide readers with a road map, via 3 fundamental shifts, on how to stay true, get paid and do good. The steps that will help lead you there include:

      RECOGNIZING—it always begins with awareness. If you can’t see it then you can’t do anything about it.

      ACCEPTING—means embracing, and taking responsibility for yourself, your life, and the things that want or need to be changed.

      FORGIVING—yourself and others.

      AND MORE!

      The Calling will be the resource that people have been asking Rha to write for years, and there has never been a better time for her to share her proven method.


      Rha Goddess is the entrepreneurial soul coach behind hundreds of breakthrough changemakers, cultural visionaries and social entrepreneurs. From multiple New York Times Bestsellers to multi-million dollar social enterprises, Rha’s unique methodology has empowered a new generation of conscious entrepreneurs to stay true, get paid, and do good. From the onset of her more than 30-year career as a cultural innovator, social impact strategist and creative change agent, Rha has drawn on the power of creativity, culture and community to move hearts, minds and policy. Rha’s work has focused on issues of racial justice and equality, electoral politics, offender aid and restoration, mental health and youth and women’s empowerment and contributed to initiatives that have impacted millions of lives. Her work has been featured in Time Magazine, Ms Magazine, Variety, Essence, the Source, Redbook, Forbes, Fast Company and the Chicago Tribune, among others. In 2014, Rha was chosen as a Top 10 Game Changer by Muses & Visionaries Magazine. In 2017 Rha was chosen as one of 50 Founders to watch by Essence Magazine. Additional awards and honors include Meet The Composer, the NPN Creative Fund, a semi-finalist for Do Something’s Brick Award and a two time semi-finalist for Leadership for a Changing World (nominated by Eve Ensler).

      As a sought-after speaker, Rha has led the conversation around a “whole self” approach to entrepreneurship as key to a more just, harmonious and sustainable economy and culture. She has presented at SOCAP, Bioneers, SVN, Women Donors Network, High Performance Academy, Equity Now, Netroots Nation, TedX BroadStreet, Emerging Women, Women and Power, S.H.E. Summit and more. As CEO of Move The Crowd, Rha is galvanizing a movement of 3 Million entrepreneurs dedicated to re-imagining “work” as a vehicle for creative expression, financial freedom and societal transformation. Rha’s book, The Calling (St. Martin’s Press) leverages her unique methodology into a step by step blueprint for finding your purpose and making your most profitable contribution.

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      "Provide[s] concise advice on building the self-awareness necessary to recognize and pursue one’s “calling.” . . . This easily implemented work will help anyone develop concrete goals and the tactics to see them through." - Publishers Weekly

      "Entrepreneurs, readers looking for a career change, and other seekers may find her message, a blend of self-help and business advice, inspirational." - Booklist

      "In The Calling, Rha will do for you what she did for me. She’ll guide you to become aware of what holds you back, and then she’ll help you take responsibility for your life while cultivating immense self-compassion. This book is both grounding and inspiring. It’s exactly the book we need right now." -- Gabby Bernstein, #1 New York Times bestseller, from the foreword

      “Rha Goddess is a seasoned veteran when it comes to helping others find their path and their purpose. From corporate CEOs to incarcerated youth, I’ve had the privilege to know Rha for almost two decades and she is nothing short of MASTERFUL when it comes to getting to the heart of what matters. If you believe that you are here to make a difference in the world then The Calling is your new blueprint for self-determined success.” -- Van Jones, New York Times bestselling Author, CNN political contributor, social entrepreneur and host of The Van Jones Show on CNN.

      “As someone who has worked with tens of thousands of young girls every year, I know the potential of the underestimated. The Calling is based upon the premise that every single one of us can achieve our purpose. I can’t think of a more important or timely invitation than the one posed in this book. You owe it to yourself to discover what is calling you - be brave and answer.” -- Reshma Saujani Founder & CEO of Girls Who Code and author of International Bestseller Brave, Not Perfect

      “Are you hungering for more, but not sure what that is or how to find it? You’re in luck. The Calling reveals a powerful and innovative approach for discovering and pursuing your purpose unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Rha Goddess has created a profound (yet surprisingly simple) formula for finding meaning, making a difference and being richly rewarded. But even deeper, she’s offering a map for personal and global transformation for those who are ready to play a bigger game.” --Barbara Huson, bestselling author of Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles and Overcoming Underearning.

      “As income inequality and other world challenges grow, understanding the false dichotomy between our personal success including our relationship to money and our commitment to the impact we want to have in the world becomes even more crucial. There are very few people who have the level of mastery in this area that Rha Goddess does. Her book, The Calling, provides each of us everyday citizens the inspiration and game plan for reclaiming our power to act on what matters while reaping the rewards of honoring our highest callings.” -- Lynne Twist, bestselling author of The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life and co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance

      “Finding your calling and activating it will change your life. The Calling is your guidebook for that—it helps you recognize your creative strengths, visualize your ideal future where you are doing what you love, and then shows you how to make it happen and get paid for it. There’s no gimmicks or hype here—Rha Goddess is an incredible teacher who will take you deep into your heart and help you create a life and career that matters. A must read for those who want to find and serve their highest calling." —Brendon Burchard, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Millionaire Messenger and High Performance Habits

      "Outstanding! This book is the definitive blueprint for how to live your life on your terms. Every single one of us can take our power back from the limiting beliefs and situations that hold us back. The world is waiting for us to show up and this book shows you exactly how to do that. If you're done hiding, this is your jam. If you're ready to love yourself like never before, read this book. If you're called to finally own your magic and share your genius, this is your go-to guide! Rha, thank you for masterfully showing us the way." -- Kris Carr, New York Times bestselling author and Wellness Activist

      "We may not know it, but every single one of us has a calling. Rha’s inspiring book helps us figure out who we want to be, what we want to have and how we want to contribute in these times. Rha’s passion, humor and candor shine through as she walks us step by step demonstrating how to turn our aspirations into actions. If you know that you are meant for something greater than the status quo, then this book is for you." -- William Ury, co-author of the New York Times bestseller Getting to Yes and author of Getting to Yes with Yourself

      "Rha Goddess’ The Calling gives us a roadmap to become whole - on behalf of a world that is waiting for all of us to arrive as our true selves. A force of transformation and good, Rha Goddess’ words will resonate for anyone seeking to make change." - Eve Ensler, Tony Award Winning Playwright, Author, and Activist, Creator of The Vagina Monologues

      "Rha Goddess has dedicated her life to helping others find their passion, their purpose and their profit. The Calling, gives you a front row seat to her innovative and timely approach." - Daymond John, New York Times bestselling author, Celebrity Entrepreneur and Investor, ABC’s Shark Tank

      "Each of us has something amazing to offer the world that no one else can. No matter how many times we’ve failed to do the thing we know we should, there is always another chance to say “yes” to ourselves. The Calling, doesn’t just remind us that we have a mission in this life, it actually shows us how to achieve it. Step by step, breath by breath. Love yourself enough to receive this book and its many blessings." - Lisa Nichols, New York Times bestselling author, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Motivating The Masses

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    The Warrior Heart Practice A Simple Process to Transform Confusion into Clarity and Pain into Peace (A Warrior Goddess Book) HeatherAsh Amara
    9781250230584 Paperback BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth On Sale Date:January 07, 2020 Print Run:75000
    $22.99 CAD 5.5 x 8.27 x 0.68 in | 260 gr | 256 pages Carton Quantity:32 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Essentials
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      “This book is a reflection of a warrior putting into practice all that she has learned, the moment when knowledge turns into wisdom, in order to heal a heart that is not afraid to love.”
      — Don Miguel Ruiz Jr, author of The Mastery of Self & The Five Levels of Attachment

      In this continuation of the Warrior Goddess path, author HeatherAsh Amara shares a revolutionary new method to help you reconnect with your sense of authenticity and power.

      Too often we allow old narratives—about past failures, broken relationships, or damaging experiences—to define us, depleting our joy, limiting our passion, and whispering the poisonous lie that we are not enough.

      The Warrior Heart Practice is a revolutionary new method that will help you reevaluate those well-worn narratives and shift your thinking and intentions in a new, empowered way. Based on the four divisions of the heart, the practice leads you forward through the four chambers of experience—Feeling, Story, Truth, Intent—gently questioning your own assumptions along the way, and then back through the chambers in the reverse, so that you emerge armed with a clear understanding of your situation and a new sense of purpose and power.

      For those who have loved and livedWarrior Goddess Training and readers who are searching for a new freedom, The Warrior Heart Practice offers an inner revolution and a new path towards freedom.

      HeatherAsh Amarais the author of a number of books including the 'Warrior Goddess Training' series. She brings an openhearted, inclusive worldview to her writings and teachings, which are a rich blend of Toltec wisdom, European shamanism, Buddhism, and Native American ceremony. Currently she lives on the road in a 20-foot Airstream traveling and teaching throughout the United States as well as internationally. Visit her website to learn more.
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      Irresistible, engaging, and liberating in a way that only the truth can. A much-needed guide to moving beyond the chatter of the mind and the noise of the emotions to discovering true peace.
      —Alberto Villoldo Ph.D. Author of One Spirit Medicine and Shaman, Healer, Sage.

      In this wonderfully helpful and enlightening book, HeatherAsh Amara tells us that “In each moment we have the choice to wake up, reconnect to our inner light, and stop believing the stories and lies our minds tells us.” Drawing from personal stories and deep wells of Toltec wisdom, HeatherAsh has produced a masterpiece of a guidebook to show us the way to transformation. You are “a brilliant, nuclear-bomb force of love and potential” she tells us. I love hearing that, and reading HeatherAsh’s book, I believe it.
      —Beverly Donfrio, author of Riding in Cars with Boys and Astonished

      Welcome to the evolution of wisdom! The Warrior Heart Practice is a compassionate, stunningly practical technique for self-discovery and transformation in any situation. HeatherAsh Amara is one of our most gifted and authentic spiritual teachers and her simple elegant process instantly helps us access and embody the deep insight within us all. It became part of my inner toolkit after a single reading.
      —Irene O'Garden, award-winning poet, playwright, and author of Risking the Rapids

      This is a restorative book, full of the sort of wisdom and honesty that transforms life. HeatherAsh Amara shares her own story in a way that gives her the credibility as a teacher and reveals how her own extraordinary quest for healing and joy is universal. We all want what she has offered here with her trademark humility and sense of humor.
      —Jacob Nordby, author: Blessed are the Weird--A Manifesto for Creatives

      HeatherAsh Amara has the amazing gift of identifying key issues that are critical for us to look at in order to experience our authentic self, our truth, and to feel empowered. The Warrior Heart is filled with a wealth of tools to perform an inner clearing of old stories, release agreements that limit us and leave us feeling stuck and disconnected from our creative strength. This book is written with so much clarity and depth that it guides us into a whole new perception, new ways to operatein life and greet our light-filled presence. The Warrior Heart lays out a path for us that is filled with treasures. HeatherAsh Amara is a brilliant guide!
      —Sandra Ingerman, MA award-winning author of 12 books including Soul Retrieval and The Book of Ceremony: Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking the Sacred into Everyday Life

      HeatherAsh takes readers on a journey to truly heal our minds and emotions. The Warrior Heart Practice is a powerful inquiry practice that will help anyone, from business people to athletes, from parents to those working through trauma or abuse, and from those in recovery or in big life transition to claim their courage and power and step into their most authentic self.
      —Dannion Brinkley, author of Saved by the Light

      HeatherAsh Amara is a trustworthy and seasoned guide, helping us discover the unexplored regions of our hearts. She gets us to the real questions, leading us towards lives that agree with our deepest convictions. The Warrior Heart Practice is an invaluable resource for finding out what we really want and who we really are.
      —Clark Strand and Perdita Finn, authors of The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary

      Life is a big, sometimes fantastic, sometimes tragic, sometimes mysterious, sometimes the same ol' ride through time and space. Along our journey, we ALL take on a lot of stuff, Stories, opinions, fears, scorecards, awards and heartbreaks. There comes a point, a very important point where we might step back and look into the mirror of our life for the sake of cleaning house, heart, and soul. This book and all of HeatherAsh's teaching serve that most important time. We deserve the opportunityto clean our self and shed the skins of what is not serving us. This is it. Just do it - you will be so glad you did.
      —Lee R. Mccormick, author of The Spirit Recovery Books, Medicine Bag, Meditation Journal, Heart Reconnection Guidebook

      HeatherAsh Amara’s genius resides in embodying a state of being undivided, of integrity, and of clear perception. As I read, I am aware of an authentic energy. In this book, she leads us through ancient teachings with a feminine touch that both opens our hearts and builds the inner warrior. She guides us through our tumultuous feelings and our calcified stories to a collaborative intent, an intent that links us with the larger forces of possibility radiating from our big souls. For close to a decade, I have walked with HeatherAsh on the Teotihuacan path of consciousness, and her new book distills that wisdom into everyday life practice, one that does my heart good.
      —Will Taegel, Ph.D., author of Walking With Bears: On Bridges to Earth’s New Era

      "By walking bravely with open hearts through the Four Chambers, we navigate the turbulent waters of life to overcome depression, alienation, and wounding. We emerge empowered with the warrior’s heart energy to become a beacon of light in our world."
      —Luisah Teish, author ofJambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals

      "InWarrior Heart, HeatherAsh tackles the murky landscape where personal experience mingles with external facts, and guides us beyond the repetitive stories that no longer serve us to absolute freedom. This is more than just learning resilience. HeatherAsh is channeling a power source that ignites our soul's calling - exactly the medicine our hearts are longing for. Brava!"

      —Chantal Pierrat, CEO, Emerging Women

      “While driving around in a truck hauling an Airstream Camper, back and forth from New Mexico to New York, living life, HeatherAsh Amara wrote a marvelous book.The Warrior Heart Practice is an inner journey towards inner healing and peace, through feeling, story, truth and intent—the Four Chambers of the Warrior Heart. This book is a reflection of a warrior putting into practice all that she has learned, the moment when knowledge turns into wisdom, in order to heal a heart that is not afraid to love.”
      — Don Miguel Ruiz Jr, author of The Mastery of Self & The Five Levels of Attachment

      "I was exhilarated reading HeatherAsh Amara'sThe Warrior Heart Practice. She arouses us to step out of our little stories into a bigger and braver story. She guides us, chamber by chamber, through the practice of finding and following the truth of the heart. She prepares us to rise to the perspective of a witness self who can observe our everyday behavior and attitudes from a perspective that often escapes us in the confusion of ordinary life. She inspires us to be artists of life and wide-awake dreamers who can manifest what we most deeply desire when we movebeyond ego agendas, follow the secret wishes or our souls, and recruit the wisdom of the body and the blessing of a greater self."

      —Robert Moss, bestselling author ofConscious Dreaming, The Secret History of Dreamingand Dreaming the Sul Back Home

      powerful new method that helps us realign with our true nature." —Inspired Wellbeing

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    One Degree Revolution How Small Shifts Lead to Big Changes Coby Kozlowski
    9781250201751 Hardcover SELF-HELP / Personal Growth On Sale Date:January 07, 2020 Print Run:40000
    $36.50 CAD 5.59 x 8.57 x 1.07 in | 350 gr | 304 pages Carton Quantity:20 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Essentials
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      Innovative, accessible, and easily implemented, One Degree Revolution is acclaimed yoga educator and leadership coach Coby Kozlowski's holistic program for self-inquiry and personal transformation. Her philosophy is deeply connected to living yoga—not just doing yoga. In fact, readers don’t need to have ever attended a yoga class to dive into this book: her thoughtful teachings are for anybody interested in learning to navigate the waves of life more skillfully and gracefully.

      Imagine sailing a boat with a course set for a lifetime. If that route changes by just one navigational degree, what would happen to the journey? How far from the original trajectory would we be in one year? Five years? Ten years? Twenty years? Well, we would end up in a totally different place. In much the same way, we can change the course of our life by making a one degree shift. In other words, we don’t have to change everything about ourselves or our world to make a difference.

      Coby inspires readers to dig deep, to ask powerful questions and to dive into the insights, experiments, and inquiries of living yoga: how can I best be with life? How can the teachings of yoga direct us to see the most aligned choices, let go of past hurts, and discover deep and meaningful connections? And what are the most skillful ways we can learn to savor all that life presents? These yoga philosophies are infused with practical strategies for creating the life you truly want and having a positive impact on the world.

      One Degree Revolution will guide readers to:
      -access infinite personal possibilities
      -celebrate their authentic selves and start listening to their calling
      -find meaning and purpose
      -learn to let go and trust the unfolding of life
      -value taking a pause and making a fresh start when needed
      -challenge long-held beliefs and foster transformational change
      -get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and
      -develop their community

      One degree at a time.

      COBY KOZLOWSKI is a speaker, life coach trainer and contemporary yoga and meditation educator. She has appeared on the covers of Yoga Journal and Mantra Wellness Magazine and was named as “one of the seven yoga teachers who have changed the practice.” Coby is a senior faculty member and presenter at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and Esalen Institute. She received her master’s degree in transformative leadership. Visit Coby's website to learn more.
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      "One Degree Revolution is a transformative journey of inquiry and practice. One small step at a time, Coby guides us in living with our hearts wide open. A beautiful and wise offering!"—Tara Brach, Ph.D., bestselling author of Radical Acceptance

      "Coby Kozlowski gives us a much needed new level of understanding yoga beyond our physical practices. One Degree Revolution shows us the route of a deep journey with simple actions that leads to a wide impact. Her sharing is wise, practical, and a beautiful companion to the soul.” —Zainab Salbi, founder of Women for Women International and national bestselling author of Freedom Is an Inside Job

      "One Degree Revolution is a smart blend of timeless yogic wisdom and guidance for the next generation of seekers. It provides a roadmap to greatness––greater fulfillment and freedom. Readers will appreciate the easy-to-follow prompts that are designed to facilitate a heightened awareness of how to live joyfully, purposefully, as you move through the world."—Yogarupa Rod Stryker, author of The Four Desires, founder of ParaYoga and creator of the app, Sanctuary

      “Coby takes yoga to the next level without leaving anyone behind. This is accessible spirituality at its best."
      —Kathryn Budig, international yoga teacher and bestselling author of Aim True

      "Coby is showing us how to enter into dialogue with all the different parts of ourselves, including our wounds, and emerge stronger, celebrating life again. Our own sense of inquiry and wonder is how we tread this path. This is a path that Coby herself has had to walk, and she is showing us the techniques she used."
      —Lorin Roche, PhD., author of The Radiance Sutras

      "Coby Kozlowski's excellent new book is absolutely packed with sensible, effective, right-sized strategies for change. And the best thing is this: she feeds them up to us in edible morsels. Kozlowski is an astute observer of human nature, and this makes her an excellent guide through the often obscure by-ways of deep and lasting human transformation. Dip into any page of this book, and you will find a nugget of gold. I guarantee it! After my first read of the book, my most sustained impression was of the sheer abundance of its offerings."—Stephen Cope, bestselling author of The Great Work of Your Life and Soul Friends

      "In One Degree Revolution, we are taken on a beautiful and lucid journey. This book provides the reader with the dynamic axiom of pairing intention with attention: the first radical step of self-inquiry and self-transformation. Filled with warmth, heart, and yogic-Zen wisdom, it is a guiding light towards full self-awakening."—Ronald A. Alexander, Ph.D., author of Wise Mind Open Mind, and Founder, Open Mind Training Institute

      "It is clear Coby Kozlowski practices what she preaches. Her words convey yogic embodiment with an encouraging, nonjudgmental approach. Through inspirational wisdom and simple one-degree shifts, this informative book teaches us simple ways to uncover our best selves and live more in tune with our purpose. Highly recommended!"—Shonda Moralis, author of Breathe, Empower, Achieve

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    Choose Wonder Over Worry Move Beyond Fear and Doubt to Unlock Your Full Potential Amber Rae
    9781250175267 Paperback SELF-HELP / Creativity On Sale Date:January 14, 2020 Print Run:30000
    $22.99 CAD 5.38 x 8.28 x 0.61 in | 330 gr | 256 pages Carton Quantity:36 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Essentials
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      “Amber Rae’s very personal journey of moving from self limiting beliefs to her true self offers inspiring insights and lessons for anyone wanting to unfold their infinite potential."—Deepak Chopra

      “The one advice book you should read—even if you don’t like self-help.”—Bustle

      “Amber Rae's book is a revelation. She's the Elizabeth Gilbert of her generation.”—Stacy London

      Let’s be real. Life is filled with twists and turns, fears and doubts, messy and magical moments. Without a “rule book” for how to thrive in today’s world, it leaves many of us feeling all the feels without having a clear sense of direction. Research even shows that the average adult spends 80% of their time with regret about the past or anxiety about the future.

      That’s where choosing wonder comes in. Whether you hate your work and are wondering WTF to do with your life, are building the dream but feel stifled by fear and doubt, or know there’s more to life but don’t know where to start, Choose Wonder Over Worry will guide you to face your fears and unlock your gifts—no matter what’s standing in the way.

      Inside, you’ll learn:
      — How to overcome the habit we spend the majority of our time on: worrying
      — How to navigate fear, self-doubt, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, and all the feels
      — A simple tool for turning envy into inspiration
      — Practices for bouncing back from rejection and critics
      — What to do if you have too many ideas, but don’t know how to choose
      — The difference between “getting ahead” and “coming alive” (and how to create success on your terms)
      — A fail-proof way to tame your inner critic and access your inner wisdom

      No one is perfect. This journey is messy, and wherever you are—you are not alone. That’s why Choose Wonder Over Worry is jam-packed with personal stories and vulnerable moments. It’s like sitting down and sharing a glass of wine with your wise bestie, swapping I-can’t-believe-I’m-about-to-share-this stories. Like how Amber went from raging in a bottomless hole of comparison, insecurity and doubt—to using that envy as inspiration to find her path.

      Choose Wonder Over Worry shares the most important lesson of all: Don’t die with your gifts still inside. There’s a gift inside of you that deserves to see the light of day, and “choosing wonder over worry” is a mindset, practice, and compass to unlock the gift that only you can give.

      Worry or Wonder: which will you choose?


      Amber Rae is an author, artist and global voice for emotional wellness and personal growth. She turns highly relatable insights on the human experience into viral art, bestselling books and sold-out venues, and she has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, NY Mag, TODAY, SELF, Fortune, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

      With a decade of experience unpacking human emotions and the journey of self-discovery, she creates with the intent to unlock human potential. Amber has collaborated with brands such as Kate Spade, Apple, and One Medical, and reaches over two million people per week online with her words and art. She lives in Brooklyn—and around the world—with her husband, Farhad.

      Amber is the author of Choose Wonder Over Worry.

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      "Amber Rae’s very personal journey of moving from a constructed identity of self limiting beliefs to her true self—in the domain of creativity, wonder, joy and higher consciousness—offers inspiring insights and lessons for anyone wanting to unfold their infinite potential." —Deepak Chopra

      "Amber Rae's book is a revelation. With wit and joy, she instructs and enlightens and coaxes the reader to find what keeps us stuck in old habits both creatively and personally. She does so with compassion, like a close friend, never falling prey to condescension. I found myself nodding either in agreement or because of an A-HA moment on every page. She's the Elizabeth Gilbert of her generation and this book does not disappoint. You really can choose Wonder over Worry and all I can say is WOW. (See what I did there?)" —Stacy London, New York Times bestselling author of The Truth about Style

      "Amber Rae is a thought leader on the rise. Choose Wonder Over Worry gives you tools, guidance, and life lessons to make powerful changes in your life!" —Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness

      "This book is a gift. If you're lucky enough to read it once, you'll probably read it ten times, and then buy copies for all the people you care about." —Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling author of Linchpin

      "Powerful, practical, and honest, Choose Wonder Over Worry is the boldest invitation of all: to be your truest self and pursue the calling that is yours and yours alone." —Steven Pressfield, New York Times bestselling author of The War of Art

      "Deeply rooted in her own experience, Amber reflects just how Wonder-ful getting to know Worry can be. She takes the reader on a journey of internal self-discovery, parting the veils on our past so we can imagine—and divine—a wonderful future."—Elle Luna, author of The Crossroads of Should & Must

      "Reading this book felt like a conversation with a childhood friend about the fears that hold me back from realizing my hopes and dreams. Amber Rae’s vulnerability in sharing her journey will inspire confidence that all goodness in life will come from letting ‘wonder’ happen. The tools she shares will help you accept and be your whole self, and encourage you to live your most interesting life right NOW!" —Marissa Andrada, SVP, Kate Spade & Company

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    catalogue cover
    The Kebra Nagast The Lost Bible of Rastafarian Wisdom and Faith Gerald Hausman, Ziggy Marley
    9781250256454 Paperback RELIGION / Ethnic & Tribal On Sale Date:January 28, 2020 Print Run:20000
    $22.99 CAD 5.94 x 8.3 x 0.57 in | 180 gr | 208 pages Carton Quantity:36 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Essentials
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      The Kebra Nagast is a pivotal text in the Rastafarian tradition. Written in Ethiopia during the 14th century, this sacred tale tells the story of the relationship between the Biblical King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, as well as their son Menyelek who famously brought the Arc of the Covenant to Ethiopia. A key text for Ethiopian Christians, The Kebra Nagast is also a fundamental sacred work of the Rastafarian tradition.

      Edited by Gerald Hausman, The Kebra Nagast: The Lost Bible of Rastafarian Wisdom and Faith weaves the core passages of the Kebra Nagast together with stories and tale from Rastafarian traditions. This rich retelling is the latest title in the acclaimed Essential Wisdom Library series which brings sacred texts from all traditions to modern readers. The new edition of the book includes a foreword by Ziggy Marley, which explores the importance of the Kebra Nagast as a powerful text both in Rastafarian tradition and in a broader sense. A clean, fresh design and inside cover printing give this ancient text modern appeal.

      A work of incredible cultural significance, The Kebra Nagast is far more than simply a piece of literature, but rather it is a testament to enduring richness of Ethiopian tradition and culture.

      Gerald Hausman calls himself a "native of the world" after living in so many places in the United States and the West Indies. His more than 70 books attest to his love of folklore. During his thirty-five years as a storyteller, Gerald has entertained children of all ages at such places as The Kennedy Center, Harvard University, St John's College and in schools from one end of the country to the other.
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    catalogue cover
    You Matter. Learning to Love Who You Really Are Matthew Emerzian, Ken Blanchard, John O'Leary
    9781250209993 Hardcover SELF-HELP / Personal Growth On Sale Date:February 11, 2020 Print Run:50000
    $32.50 CAD 5.3 x 7.86 x 0.84 in | 350 gr | 240 pages Carton Quantity:28 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Essentials
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      Transform the way you live your life with a message of unexpected hope, radical joy, and deep connection.

      You matter. Not because of what you earn or how you look or what you’ve achieved, but because you are inherently valuable. Author Matthew Emerzian takes this seemingly simple premise and shows readers how truly understanding their own worth will change every aspect of their lives. You Matter is a call to empathy and a joyous celebration of the value of each and every person.

      The book is structured into three sections, each of which expands the concept in ever widening ripples. In the first section, “I Matter,” readers come to terms with their own worth, in “You Matter” that awareness expands to acknowledge and celebrate the value of the people around us, and finally in “We Matter” Emerzian explores the power of a thriving community with those around us. Each chapter features exercises, journal prompts, and conversation starters to help readers dive deeper.

      Author Matt Emerzian is the founder of Every Monday Matters, a not-for-profit dedicated to spreading the message of self-worth and compassion to people throughout the world. Every week 1.2 million people—from elementary school children to employees at national corporations—engage with ideas and concepts from Every Monday Matters.

      You Matter
      is a manifesto of self-esteem and call to action for people to find their meaning and live fully—and change the world while doing so.

      Matthew Emerzian is founder and CEO of Every Monday Matters (EMM), a not-for-profit organization committed to helping people and organizations understand how much and why they matter. EMM's programs have been utilized by some of America's largest corporations and over two million students in 49 states and 7 countries. Emerzian’s life- and world-changing work has been featured on Oprah.com, the TODAY show, Fast Company, Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper, and Hallmark TV.
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    • Awards & Reviews


      "When you first see the title You Matter, you might think the book is all about you. Not so! While it starts with you, Matt's real goal is to help his readers create a life of purpose, meaning, and service.... Read You Matter and absorb the important thinking of Matt Emerzian."
      Ken Blanchard, Coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Servant Leadership in Action

      “I matter. You matter. We matter. Matt's book shows how these three simple statements can change your life, transform your worldview, and open your heart.”
      Kirsten Powers, CNN Senior Political Analyst and USA Today columnist

      “Matt shares a message that is powerful and world-changing: by loving the people around us we can learn to love ourselves. I want to put a copy of this book into the hands of everyone I meet.”
      Vernon Sanders, Co-Head of Television, Amazon Studios

      “If we can all agree that our beliefs drive our behaviors, just imagine how wonderful the world would be if we all believed that we mattered, and that everyone else mattered just as much. Thanks for challenging us to think differently Matt.”
      Lenny Comma CEO, Jack in the Box

      "Matt’s messages are relatable to people as well as the companies in which they work. We need to make sure our people know they are valued, have purpose, and matter to our companies. And this book inspires just that. Employees who are cared for/about by their employers are able to bring their whole outstanding self to work. In addition to his written word, Zoom has had the privilege of experiencing Matt as a keynote note speaker which left many inspired souls as well as not a dry eye in the room."
      Lynne Oldham, Chief People Officer, Zoom Video Communications

      "You Matter is a story for and about us of all. Matt's willingness to share his own journey of brokenness reminds us that this life isn't easy, and finding purpose is necessary. Matt provides us a pathway to that purpose by exemplifying a life of meaningful connection and joy."
      Scott Harrison, NY Times Best-selling Author of Thirst

      "I’ve watched Matt’s transformative journey with my own eyes and seen him grow into a leader who transforms other leaders. How we treat people along our own life’s path matters, and Matt’s personal example is one I plan to follow. You should too. We’ll all thank you."
      Thomas Greanias, New York Times bestselling author of Raising Atlantis

      "Read this book. Matthew will inspire and transform you through his own powerful story. Whether through the pages of this book or Matthew sharing on a stage, he’s a Catalyst and change agent! Bring him in to speak to your team, staff, network or conference. You can be confident that leaders will leave more inspired and ultimately transformed to make a difference and lead well in any environment. Companies, non profits, schools, churches and teams need this message!"
      Brad Lomenick, Founder, BLINC; Author of H3 Leadership & The Catalyst Leader

      "If you struggle bringing meaning into your life and you aren't fully living a life with your specific purpose in mind - This book is for you. Allow Matthew, in his lovely book, to guide you to a personal discovery that leads you to your greater self. You Matter. This book Matters."
      Chris Chalk, Actor, Writer, and Filmmaker - When They See Us, Gotham, Farewell, Perry Mason

      "Matthew’s book is pure joy. It forces you to just stop, take a deep breath and be/live in the moment, a moment that is precious. Life is fast. Fleeting. Challenging. We are all doing the best we can.... Do yourself a favor and take some time and read this glorious book. It matters, and most of all, YOU MATTER!!"
      Lawrence Zarian, author of, Lawrence Zarian’s 10 Commandments for a Perfect Wardrobe, and Lifestyle expert on Live with Kelly and Ryan and Home and Family

      "You Matter is the breath of fresh air we so desperately need. We live in a culture of exhausting ambition, but Matthew shows us that we don't have to earn the right to be valuable or worthwhile—we already are."
      Alexis Jones, Speaker, Activist, Author of I Am That Girl

      “In today's tech-obsessed world, it's easy to fall into the compare-and-despair trap. We focus a great deal on "succeeding" without stopping to think about what that really means. You Matter shifts the framework and helps us think about what it means to thrive.”
      Jessica Abo, Author of Unfiltered: How To Be As Happy As You Look On Social Media

  • 7
    catalogue cover
    The Universe Is Calling You Connecting with Essence to Live with Positive Energy, Love, and Power Char Margolis, Victoria St. George, RuPaul
    9781250258694 Hardcover BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Parapsychology On Sale Date:February 18, 2020 Print Run:35000
    $34.99 CAD 5.61 x 8.59 x 0.86 in | 320 gr | 240 pages Carton Quantity:28 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Essentials
    • Marketing Copy


      In The Universe is Calling You: Connecting with Essence to Live with Positive Energy, Love, and Power, America’s beloved psychic, Char Margolis, introduces readers to the vital energy of Essence. Essence is the fundamental, universal, loving energy that connects the entire universe and all its living things. This universal loving goodness binds us all together in an intimate and powerful way. Char shows readers how to tap into the power of Essence and draw strength and wisdom from these deep, fundamental connections.

      Using the universal presence of the Essence, readers will learn:

      - The truth about living and dying
      - The 5 sources of power and how to manifest them
      - About spirits and angels and how to benefit from their aide
      - How to help departed loved ones find peace
      - Ways to ward off negative and harmful energies
      - And much more…

      With Char as a guide, readers will explore the vast and connected world of Essence and delve into their own inherent spiritual awareness.


      Char Margolis is an internationally acclaimed psychic intuitive medium who has been using her gifts to help people for more than forty-five years. She divides her time between Michigan, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs, CA.

      Victoria St. George of Just Write is a writer and editor living in San Diego, California.

      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews

      Barnes and Noble Best New Books of the Year 2020, Long-listed

      “I loved The Universe Is Calling You for the same reasons I love Char—it’s pure, filled with wisdom, and the perfect guide for anyone seeking positivity and spiritual reassurance.” —Chris Colfer, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Land of Stories series and award-winning actor

      "Char's book is filled with answers that will guide you to finding peace and happiness. It will help you decipher between positive and negative energies and keep you on the path of positive healing. All of us have a purpose in life. This guide can help you find your soul's purpose.”—RuPaul

      “Char Margolis is a powerful, authentic, spiritual energy wrapped in an accessible, gentle, human package. This book, like her psychic readings, can illuminate a path that is already present for us -but we may need help in seeing for ourselves. Char’s gift is helping to bring us closer to our spirit and our best self.”
      - Michael Patrick King, award-winning director, writer and producer of “Sex and The City," "2 Broke Girls," and "The Comeback"

  • 8
    catalogue cover
    The Last Diet. Discover the Secret to Losing Weight - For Good Shahroo Izadi
    9781250251992 Paperback HEALTH & FITNESS / Diet & Nutrition On Sale Date:April 07, 2020 Print Run:25000
    $22.99 CAD 6.18 x 9.33 x 0.61 in | 240 gr | 240 pages Carton Quantity:36 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Essentials
    • Marketing Copy


      Replace shame and guilt with self-compassion to change the way you think about weight loss

      Author Shahroo Izadi presents a new approach losing weight—without ever telling you what or how to eat. InThe Last Diet., she shares how the same evidence-based tools she used effectively with her clients who struggle with addiction helped her to lose over a hundred pounds, increase her self-esteem, and transform her habits around food and negative self-talk.

      Diets often offer quick, short-term fixes and so-called miracle cures, but the real challenge is managing weight and changing habits over a sustained period of time. Everybody's journeys and needs are different: it’s about shifting the way we communicate with ourselves and our bodies every single day, in every aspect of our lives. Shahroo’s revolutionary kindness method gives readers the tools to embrace self-kindness and self-respect and in doing so change the narrative of health.

      Using a custom-tailored plan,The Last Diet. will help you identify where your unhealthy habits come from, teach you how change them, and show you what to do when you slip up. Shahroo guides you through every step, helping you to draw out your own wisdom and find motivation to change your long-term habits and lose weight – for good.

      Shahroo Izadi is a Behavioral Change Specialist. She provides relapse prevention coaching and support groups at a recovery house for young women in addition to delivering sold-out workshops designed to help people change any habit on their own terms. Her work has drawn attention from BBC Radio 1,The Telegraph, Red Magazine, The Pool, and more. Her laid-back, non-judgmental style that rejects the traditional professional-patient dynamic has proven to be a huge success and her ambition is to make evidence-based psychological tools accessible to the public.
      Marketing & Promotion
  • 9
    catalogue cover
    The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How to Be One; The Complete Original Edition Also includes Elbert Hubbard's "A Message to Garcia" Peter B. Kyne, Elbert Hubbard, Joel Fotinos
    9781250250650 Paperback SELF-HELP / Personal Growth On Sale Date:February 04, 2020 Print Run:20000
    $13.50 CAD 5.46 x 7.66 x 0.28 in | 60 gr | 80 pages Carton Quantity:88 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Essentials
    • Marketing Copy


      Also includes the Bonus Book A Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard

      A classic parable of ambition and entrepreneurial spirit that has imparted key lessons in success to generations of readers.

      First published in 1921, Peter B. Kyne’s The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How to Be One is a humorous parable of determination and ambition that has proved itself to be a timeless classic, inspiring readers to approach their goals—whether personal or professional—with tenacity and dedication.

      The Go-Getter tells the story of Bill Clegg, an ambitious young salesman, who is set on a seemingly impossible task when his boss, a crusty old-timer named Cappy Riggs, decides to test his mettle. Charismatic and incredibly determined, Bill charmed his way into Riggs’s employment and is resolved to meet his boss’s expectations—no matter what may ensue. Along the way, Clegg develops and demonstrates the critical values of drive, determination, honesty, and integrity. With delightfully old-fashioned prose and a modern message of drive and determination, The Go-Getter is a truly timeless illustration of the perseverance and resolve that are required to fuel true ambition.


      A native of San Francisco, Peter B. Kyne was a prolific screenwriter and the author of the 1920 bestseller Kindred of the Dust. His stories of Cappy Ricks and the Rick's Logging & Lumbering Company were serialized in The Saturday Evening Post and William Randolph Hearst's Cosmopolitan magazine. He died in 1957.

      Elbert Hubbard was born in 1856 in Bloomington, Illinois. He was a writer, publisher, and artist who was an influential member of the Arts and Crafts Movement. His best-known work is the short publication A Message to Garcia.

      Marketing & Promotion
  • 10
    catalogue cover
    The Game of Life and How to Play It The Complete Original Edition Florence Scovel Shinn, Joel Fotinos
    9781250250698 Paperback BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / New Thought On Sale Date:February 04, 2020 Print Run:20000
    $13.50 CAD 4.48 x 7.27 x 0.39 in | 90 gr | 128 pages Carton Quantity:56 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Essentials
    • Marketing Copy


      Explore the wisdom of a New Thought classic and master the game of life!

      In this classic bestseller, Florence Scovel Shinn helped to define the personal success genre. Written in the new thought tradition, her message is simple yet transformative—we receive back what we put into the world through our actions, energy, and attitudes. Negativity and pessimism are returned in kind, but by switching the script in favor of positive attitudes and affirmations, we are able to manifest success and joy in everything we do.

      Life, Shinn tells us, is not a battle of us against the world, but rather a game of giving and receiving. What we give to the world we receive back—whether that be the dark weight of fear and inhibition or the freedom of joy and empowerment. This new edition of The Game of Life and How to Play It combines the text of Shinn’s original edition with a sleek design that will inspire a new generation of readers.

      Florence Scovel Shinn (1871-1940) was an American artist and book illustrator. After the publication of her first book, The Game of Life and How to Play It in 1925, she became a popular lecturer and writer.
      Marketing & Promotion

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