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    Foregone Russell Banks Canada
    9781771963992 Paperback FICTION / Literary Publication Date:March 16, 2021
    $22.95 CAD 5.5 x 8.5 x 1.25 in | 400 gr Carton Quantity:20 Canadian Rights: Y Biblioasis
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      A Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction Book of 2021

      "Terrifically compelling ... In this complex and powerful novel, we come face to face with the excruciating allure of redemption."—Washington Post

      In his late seventies and dying of cancer, famed Canadian-American documentary filmmaker Leonard Fife, one of sixty thousand draft evaders who fled to Canada to avoid Vietnam, has agreed to one final interview, determined to bare all his secrets and demythologize his mythologized life. But the story that unspools in front of the camera and an intimate chorus of observers, including Fife’s wife, his nurse, and his acolyte and former star student Malcolm Macleod, is confoundingly unexpected, the dark and affecting account of a man entirely unknown to all.

      A searing novel about memory, betrayal, love, and the faint grace note of redemption, Russell Banks’s Foregone is a daring and resonant work about the scope of one man’s mysterious life, revealed through the fragments of his recovered past.

      Russell Banks, twice a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, is one of America’s most prestigious fiction writers, a past president of the International Parliament of Writers, and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. His work has been translated into twenty languages and has received numerous prizes and awards, including the Common Wealth Award for Literature. He lives in upstate New York and Miami, Florida.
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      Praise for Foregone

      “Leonard Fife, the protagonist of Russell Banks’s furiously driven new novel, has been hiding all his life—from the world and from himself ... As always, Banks’s prose has remarkable force to it ... To his credit, Banks has never solicited his readers’ approval of his characters, and many are unlikely to be charmed by Leo Fife. But what they will find in Foregone is a character, a novel and a writer determined not to go gentle into that good night.”—New York Times

      "Depending on how you slice Foregone, you might find a book about a temperamental, privileged, cishet white male artist, a book about capturing art, a book about dying, a book about personal truth, or even (and finally) a book about how the spotlight lies to us ... Banks has crafted a powerful novel about what remains."—Boston Globe

      "Terrifically compelling ... A remarkably fluid use of prose to represent the experience of delirium while wrestling to the final moments with the challenge of absolution ... In this complex and powerful novel, we come face to face with the excruciating allure of redemption. Even as Leo’s memories fade, his hunger for forgiveness comes into radiant focus."—Washington Post

      "It's a thrill to watch Banks pull off so many risky formal maneuvers. Foregone is a brilliantly cinematic novel; it moves in and out of the past and present like a camera, with montages, dissolves and jump cuts ... Few writers have explored the regrets of aging and the door-knock of mortality with Banks' steely-eyed grace and gorgeous language. Foregone is a subtle yet unsparing achievement from a master."—Minneapolis Star Tribune

      “Magisterial … a powerful read … By holding Fife’s story to the light, turning it to expose its multiple facets, Banks examines not only the dichotomy between truth and fiction, but seems to posit, ultimately, the impossibility of the singular truth, while recognizing the force of a truth to change, and shape, a life.”—Toronto Star

      “A powerful novel that can stand alongside Continental Drift, Affliction and The Sweet Hereafter as unsparing examinations of American spiritual anomie as viewed from the wrong side of the class divide … Rarely in fiction have we seen such a vivid and convincing depiction of what it must actually be like to be nearing the end.”—Montreal Gazette

      Foregone is a subtle meditation on a life composed of half-forgotten impulses and their endless consequences, misapprehensions of others that are accepted and exploited almost passively, a minor heroism that is only enhanced by demurral. In the rages of a sick old man profound questions arise—what is a life? A self? And what is lost when truth destroys the fabrications that sustain other lives?”—Marilynne Robinson

      “Strikingly effective ... Banks explores aging, memory, and reputation in thoughtful and touching ways…. A challenging, risk-taking work marked by a wry and compassionate intelligence.”Kirkus (starred review)

      Foregone is a work of metafiction, constantly commenting on and demonstrating in its execution the way a writer crafts a work of imaginative prose. The question of what is true and what is fanciful in Fife’s account is ever present ... Banks’s approach is so fluid and his prose so polished.”—Quill & Quire

      “Banks, a conduit for the confounded and the unlucky, a writer acutely attuned to place and ambiance, is at his most magnetic and provocative in this portrait of a celebrated documentary filmmaker on the brink of death…. In this masterful depiction of a psyche under siege by disease, age, and guilt, Banks considers with profound intent the verity of memory, the mercurial nature of the self, and how little we actually know about ourselves and others ... [For] all lovers of richly psychological and ethical fiction.”Booklist (starred review)

      “Sinuous ... vivid ... Banks keeps the audience rapt.”Publishers Weekly

      "Complexly engaging ... In this most haunting of metafictional echoes, the author shows how the lonely death of a minor Canadian filmmaker, 'famous only in certain unfashionably leftist quarters,' may yet be a tale of deep grace and significance, a gathering into the artifice of eternity. If Foregone turns out to be Banks’s final novel (and, given its many strengths, one hopes not), it is a profoundly compelling valedictory."LA Review of Books

      “Russell Banks, as cinematographer, is known to move in close. Foregone focuses his sharp eye on the feints and fictions amid life’s ‘facts,’ as he reveals his fascinatingly fallible character, Fife, whose personal life has been contextualized by history. As we zig-zag through the character’s past and present, it becomes apparent that the writer is simultaneously, and subtly, demonstrating the act of writing fiction. Fife is aptly named; he’s an instrument piercing the soundtrack we call life, as the drummer marches on.”—Ann Beattie

      “Russell Banks is, word for word, idea for idea, one of the great American novelists. Foregone is a book about not coming to a conclusion. Banks presents us with a series of mirrors, some of them broken, some of them intact, and all of them wildly reflective of our times. It is a book about the shifting shapes of memory and the chimerical nature of our lives.”—Colum McCann

      "A seemingly simple framework opens into an epic story of betrayal and mystery ... Exploring ideas of guilt, memory, and how we can (and cannot) know one another, it's a masterful work.”—Open Book

      “Russell Banks has always been the consummate artist, giving unflinching voice to the complexity of the human condition. In Foregone he faces down death with that same courage, brilliantly transforming the climactic chaos of waning life and dissolving memory into the transcendent—even peaceful—wholeness of narrative art. This is Banks at his profound best.”—Robert Olen Butler, author of Paris in the Dark

      Praise for Russell Banks

      “Few writers look as closely at life as Banks and render it into an art that is truthful and unsettling … while he is one of the most underhyped of writers, he is also among the very best, with a better-developed sense of black humour than some readers may suspect of him … Exactly how good a writer is Russell Banks? How about wonderful? Alert to his society, he has a campaigning conscience, yet his art invariably transcends polemic because he is as committed to story as he is to the way people live, suffer and fall.”—Eileen Battersby, Irish Times

      “Banks is a master of the kind of old-school, unadorned realism that hasn’t really been the fashion in short stories since the days of Raymond Carver. But here he executes it with a psychological precision that would be the envy of any of the latter-day fabulists or word-drunk genre-benders currently in vogue.”—Gary Krist, New York Times Book Review

      "Russell Banks's fiction holds such a simple, internal authority … The story he tells is grave and unusually urgent, his prose as careful as a trail of stones left in the forest … These voices ache with a particular brand of reality [and] Banks evokes each of his characters with fluid authenticity … Russell Banks is a writer of extraordinary power."—Boston Globe

      “Russell Banks is a great American writer ... He studies and learns from his predecessors and competitors—Hemingway, Cheever, Carver and Dubus, for instance. He’s certainly in that league.”—Winnipeg Free Press

      “Banks’s forthright style is the perfect mode for scrutinising family life ... It’s hard to resist the power of such clear and bracingly honest writing.”
      The List (Scotland)

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    Murder on the Inside The True Story of the Deadly Riot at Kingston Penitentiary Catherine Fogarty Canada
    9781771964012 Paperback TRUE CRIME / Historical Publication Date:April 13, 2021
    $24.95 CAD 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.78 in | 420 gr | 344 pages Carton Quantity:25 Canadian Rights: Y Biblioasis
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      Shortlisted for the Speaker's Book Award • Shortlisted for The Brass Knuckles Award for Best Nonfiction Crime Book

      “You have taken our civil rights—we want our human rights.”

      On April 14, 1971, a handful of prisoners attacked the guards at Kingston Penitentiary and seized control, making headlines around the world. For four intense days, the prisoners held the guards hostage while their leaders negotiated with a citizens’ committee of journalists and lawyers, drawing attention to the dehumanizing realities of their incarceration, including overcrowding, harsh punishment and extreme isolation. But when another group of convicts turned their pent-up rage towards some of the weakest prisoners, tensions inside the old stone walls erupted, with tragic consequences. As heavily armed soldiers prepared to regain control of the prison through a full military assault, the inmates were finally forced to surrender.

      Murder on the Inside tells the harrowing story of a prison in crisis against the backdrop of a pivotal moment in the history of human rights. Occurring just months before the uprising at Attica Prison, the Kingston riot has remained largely undocumented, and few have known the details—yet the tense drama chronicled here is more relevant today than ever. A gripping account of the standoff and the efforts for justice and reform it inspired, Murder on the Inside is essential reading for our times.

      Includes 24 pages of photographs.


      Catherine Fogarty is a storyteller. She is the founder and president of Big Coat Media, with offices in Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and North Carolina. An accomplished television producer, writer and director, Catherine has produced award-winning lifestyle, reality and documentary series for both Canadian and American networks.

      Catherine is the executive producer of the Gemini nominated series Love It or List It. In addition to that franchise, Catherine has produced several other lifestyle and documentary series including Animal Magnetism (W Network), My Parents' House (HGTV), and Paranormal Home Inspectors (Investigative Discovery Canada). Catherine also produced and directed I Don’t Have Time for This, an intimate documentary about young women with breast cancer.

      Originally trained as a social worker, Catherine studied deviance and criminology. She worked with numerous at-risk populations including street youth, people with AIDS, abused women, and social services.

      Catherine holds an M.A. in Social Work, an MBA in Human Resource Management, and an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction from the University of Kings College. She was recently awarded the Marina Nemet Award in Creative Writing through the University of Toronto.

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      Praise for Murder on the Inside

      “The uprising is cast in part as a prisoners-rights movement, but it is complicated by internal struggles among inmates ... [Fogarty] delivers them in three-dimensions, complicated, inconsistent, incomplete, flawed, but human beings who wanted and deserved better treatment ... A detailed and balanced record ... The book serves as a study of a moment and of its participants, who both reflect the time and transform it as the events of the 1971 riot would contribute to long-overdue penal reform in Canada. Where the book is at its best, the reader gets to know the inmates who struggle for power among one another and against the political system that forgot them.”—Globe & Mail

      "Fogarty’s well-researched and moving debut examines a 1971 Canadian prison riot and the conditions that caused it ... Fogarty sympathetically portrays Knight and others who acted in good faith. For readers who have ever wondered about life behind bars, this is a must-read."—Publishers Weekly

      “Fogarty’s approach makes for a compelling narrative and an extremely readable book ... Fogarty’s most significant contribution is in a number of original interviews with guards, including one who had been held hostage, and prisoners who had lived through the riot. These interviews allow for a rich chronicling of events ... Murder on the Inside successfully weaves a concise history of Canada’s most notorious prison into a compelling story of the 1971 riot and its aftermath and is a valuable contribution to the history of Canada’s prisons and the Canadian prison justice movement.”—Ontario History

      "Catherine Fogarty's page-turner is a story of social and political failure. She's worked very hard to flesh out the complex men on both sides of the 1971 Kingston Pen riot and make them into compelling characters. She's found fascinating heroes and moral cowards in places you won't expect. And, when you think you've reached the end of the story, Fogarty will show you injustice upon injustice. Almost no one comes out of this story looking good, including Canadians who think human beings should be locked in cages and left without hope."—Mark Bourrie, lawyer and author of Bush Runner: The Adventures of Pierre-Esprit Radisson

      "Catherine Fogarty's moment-by-moment recreation of the bloody 1971 riot at the notorious Kingston Penitentiary is a compelling must-read. The depth of research is remarkable. The narrative crackles with tension and foreboding. Those caught up in the standoff—inmates, guards, prison officials and journalists alike—come alive. This searing portrait of the still-too-secret world of Canada's prisons truly is impossible to put down."—Dean Jobb, author of The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream and Empire of Deception

      “The most important observation author Catherine Fogarty makes in this her first book (and a good one) is not about the notorious riot in 1971 in Kingston Penitentiary (KP) that she examines, but her conclusion that Canada’s prisons are still much better at housing and hurting people than helping them ... Fogarty’s chronicle of the KP riot is a comprehensive and action-packed explanation of what went right and wrong when 500 prisoners in the worn-out and under-staffed pen went rogue ... Murder on the Inside is a shocking tale of sickening savagery and unrewarded heroics, and Fogarty details with growing confidence the unhealthy, sadistic straight-jacket life inside Kingston’s notorious maximum security prison 50 years ago.”—Winnipeg Free Press

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    Series: Field Notes
    On Property Policing, Prisons, and the Call for Abolition Rinaldo Walcott Canada
    9781771964074 Paperback SOCIAL SCIENCE / Race & Ethnic Relations Publication Date:February 02, 2021
    $14.95 CAD 4.5 x 7.75 x 0.32 in | 90 gr | 112 pages Carton Quantity:150 Canadian Rights: Y Biblioasis
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      Nominated for the Heritage Toronto Book Award • Longlisted for the Toronto Book Awards • A Globe and Mail Book of the Year • A CBC Books Best Canadian Nonfiction of 2021

      From plantation rebellion to prison labour's super-exploitation, Walcott examines the relationship between policing and property.

      That a man can lose his life for passing a fake $20 bill when we know our economies are flush with fake money says something damning about the way we’ve organized society. Yet the intensity of the calls to abolish the police after George Floyd’s death surprised almost everyone. What, exactly, does abolition mean? How did we get here? And what does property have to do with it? In On Property, Rinaldo Walcott explores the long shadow cast by slavery’s afterlife and shows how present-day abolitionists continue the work of their forebears in service of an imaginative, creative philosophy that ensures freedom and equality for all. Thoughtful, wide-ranging, compassionate, and profound, On Property makes an urgent plea for a new ethics of care.

      Rinaldo Walcott is a Professor in the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto. His research is in the area of Black Diaspora Cultural Studies, gender and sexuality.
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      Praise for On Property

      “Masterful. A powerful tract … Rinaldo Walcott’s gift is that he makes what seems preposterous to most seem like common sense: abolish property as a completion of abolishing slavery as a means to solving the savagery of modern policing. A mad idea? Perhaps, but I found it hard to argue with his logic. As the Rastafari would say: bun Babylon!”—Globe and Mail

      “A clear-eyed assessment of the links between property, policing, and the subjugation of Black people ... Walcott’s analysis of the ways in which white supremacy is baked into the legal systems of Canada and the U.S. is stimulating. Progressives will embrace this well-conceived call for change.”—Publishers Weekly

      "[A]n eye-opening sequence of ideas in coolly passionate prose."—Mark Abley, The Walrus

      “Running a brief but far-reaching and punchy 96 pages, On Property has an absolute certainty of purpose: calling for the abolition of private property ownership ... [If] statements such as ‘the problem of property is resolved through its removal’ or calls to ‘abolish everything’ can make some people quake, when Walcott’s pamphlet argues for the human ability to reconsider and rebuild societal structures, the stances come across as sensible and, better yet, doable.”Toronto Star

      "Rinaldo Walcott locates his contribution to the Field Notes series on current issues, On Property, in the present political moment, while using historical references and events to argue for the abolition of police and property ... Walcott concludes his case by asking for a new ethics of care and economy that does not keep feeding into the incarceration system, a system rigged to continue Black suffering ... It is a question we must ask ourselves after reflecting on the ways in which we, too, are complicit."Quill & Quire

      “Urgent, far-reaching and with a profound generosity of care, the wisdom in On Property is absolute. We cannot afford to ignore or defer its teachings. Now is the time for us-collectively-to take up the challenge in this undeniable gift of a book.”—Canisia Lubrin, author of The Dyzgraphxst and Voodoo Hypothesis

      “Provocative and persuasive. Rinaldo Walcott’s insightful unmasking of the historic baggage associated with private property challenges us to face up to what might be the source of our most pressing social problems.”—Cecil Foster, author of They Call Me George: The Untold Story of Black Train Porters and the Birth of Modern Canada

      "Rinaldo Walcott is one of the most renowned and dynamic articulators of the Black radical tradition. His writings are essential for anyone seeking deeper engagement with the social and political movements urgently afoot today."—David Chariandy, author of Brother and I've Been Meaning to Tell You

      Praise for Rinaldo Walcott

      “Essential reading. From its first paragraphs Rinaldo Walcott's The Long Emancipation shifts the axis of thought about Black freedom. The astonishing and devastating idea at the center of this book lays out the condition of Black being in the Americas as existing, still, in a state of juridical unfreedom. Once that idea's recalibrating weight and urgency strike you, you must think again where analysis and theory begin. You must begin again.”—Dionne Brand, poet, novelist, essayist

      “In The Long Emancipation Rinaldo Walcott has opened up whole new avenues for thinking about the causes and conditions, the global logics of ‘unfreedom’ that continue to haunt and imperil Black lives. This rich collection of provocations challenges us to consider the terms and possibilities of living beyond the death zones and extractive economies of capitalism; it invites us to see and feel the audacious eruptions of a blackness exceeding these limits—moving and struggling toward freedom.”—Deborah E. McDowell, University of Virginia

      “Each chapter of BlackLife carefully weaves together analyses of history, philosophy, policy, art, and activism to create a fuller picture of Black Canadian existence.”Briarpatch Magazine

      Black Life: Post-BLM and the Struggle For Freedom is a short volume, but one of the most important intellectual interventions to emerge in Canada in recent years. It ought to be required reading in Canadian Studies and other social science and arts courses at both secondary and post-secondary levels across the country. Above all, it ought to be taken seriously by those—especially white Canadians—with the ability to apply its insights in public policy and private lives alike.”—Rhea Rollmann at PopMatters

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    catalogue cover
    On Time and Water Andri Snaer Magnason, Lytton Smith
    9781771964210 Paperback SCIENCE / Global Warming & Climate Change Publication Date:March 30, 2021
    $24.95 CAD 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.68 in | 460 gr Carton Quantity:32 Canadian Rights: Y Biblioasis
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      Longlisted for the 2022 National Translation Award • Finalist for the 2021 Nordic Council Literature Prize • A Winnipeg Free Press Top Read of 2021

      Asked by a leading climate scientist why he wasn’t writing about the greatest crisis mankind has faced, Andri Snær Magnason, one of Iceland’s most beloved writers and public intellectuals, protested: he wasn’t a specialist, he said. It wasn’t his field. But the scientist persisted: “If you cannot understand our scientific findings and present them in an emotional, psychological, poetic or mythological context,” he told him, “then no one will really understand the issue, and the world will end.”

      Based on interviews and advice from leading glacial, ocean, climate, and geographical scientists, and interwoven with personal, historical, and mythological stories, Magnason’s resulting response is a rich and compelling work of narrative nonfiction that illustrates the reality of climate change and offers hope in the face of an uncertain future. Moving from reflections on how one writes an obituary for a glacier to exhortation for a heightened understanding of human time and our obligations to one another, throughout history and across the globe, On Time and Water is both deeply personal and globally minded: a travel story, a world history, a desperate plea to live in harmony with future generations—and is unlike anything that has yet been published on the current climate emergency.


      Andri Snær Magnason is an Icelandic writer born in Reykjavik. He is a writer of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays and documentary films. His book LoveStar won the Philip K. Dick special citation in 2014 and Le Grand prix de l’Imaginaire in France 2016, and his children’s book, The Story of the Blue Planet was the first children’s book to win the Icelandic literary award and has been published in 32 languages. The Casket of Time has received rave reviews in the New York Times and his book Dreamland: a Self Help Manual for a Frightened Nation has contributed to a new energy policy in Iceland and the vision of the Highland National Park in the Central Highlands of Iceland. Andri Snær Magnason ran for president in Iceland in 2016 and came third in the election.

      Lytton Smith is a poet, professor, and translator from the Icelandic. His most recent translations include works by Kristin Ómarsdóttir, Jón Gnarr, Ófeigur Sigurðsson, and Guðbergur Bergsson. His most recent poetry collection, The All-Purpose Magical Tent, was published by Nightboat. Having earned his MFA and PhD from Columbia University, he currently teaches at SUNY Geneseo.

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      Praise for On Time and Water

      “Magnason’s moving and heartfelt paean to glaciers turns the science of the climate crisis into a story of personal loss. He draws on the experiences of his family and relatives, as well as Iceland’s rich cultural relationship to its wild and rugged landscape, to communicate the true scale of the catastrophe that is coming and its impact on lives and societies.”The Guardian

      “Andri Snær Magnason’s perspective on his country’s environment is unique and compelling … The author tries to understand, and tries to make the reader understand, why the climate crisis is not widely perceived as a distinct, transformative event in the manner of, say, the fall of the Berlin Wall or the attacks of September 11th, 2001. The fundamental problem, as this book elucidates, is time. Climate change is a disaster in slow motion, and yet ‘slow’ is a great deal faster than many people seem able to comprehend.”—The Economist

      "Andri Snær Magnason’s On Time and Water is a wondrous, rambling book. It confronts the ecological and social challenges facing humanity and eloquently presents facts that are dire and terrifying. And yet, through persuasive narratives and insightful examples, the book is satisfying, useful, and even hopeful to a degree. I highly recommend Magnason’s On Time and Water to readers of nonfiction, especially those interested in ecology and eco-theory ... Magnason’s eloquence is exactly what is called for in this dire moment."—World Literature Today

      “A literary look at the threat of climate change in this moving account… Magnason’s empathetic rendering of changes that ‘surpass most of the language and metaphors we use to navigate our reality’ makes an impact. Climate-concerned readers will find much to consider.”—Publishers Weekly

      "Compelling ... This clarion call to action on the climate issue, coming from award-winning Icelandic poet and novelist Andri Snær Magnason, should be required reading for deniers of the greatest crisis humans have ever faced ... A memoir and polemic featuring mythological stories, Icelandic folklore, cultural histories and science-driven extrapolations which effectively combine to send a strong message about the planetary damage humans are causing."—Winnipeg Free Press

      “It is difficult to express to someone who has not read it how wonderful and how horrifying—in a nutshell, how truly vital—this book is. Magnason has created a masterpiece, staunchly scientific and highly informative, yet utterly raw in its humanity.”—Asymptote Journal

      "Drawing from Icelandic mythology, science, and his family’s history, Magnason gives the vocabulary of climate change new charge ... On Time and Water deftly weaves a tapestry with threads that, at first glance, don’t appear to fit together ... Magnason has a knack for taking the everyday and turning it into something arresting and mythical."—Grist

      “Andri Snær Magnason combines intimate history and collective mythology, personal essay and exploration of memory, geography and environment, to bring the elusive reality of climate change painfully and dangerously close to each of us.”—Paolo Giordano, author of Heaven and Earth

      “With poetry and wonder Magnason summons deep emotions about our place on our planet. I was deeply moved and inspired by his words.”—Darren Aronofsky

      “Magnason is onto something in creating poetic narratives that make the geological personal in this manner: referring back to our living ancestors’ experience confronts the shifting baseline from which we experience the changing world; and it draws on our imagination in ways that statistics don’t ... On Time and Water has a lot to recommend about it ... The imaginative exploration, is in itself deeply worthwhile.”—Shiny New Books

      Praise for Andri Snaer Magnason

      “Eco-lit needs more attention, and devotees will be pleased to discover a new addition from the Icelandic author Andri Snaer Magnason, who writes with a Seussian mix of wonder, wit and gravitas. ... immensely satisfying.”—New York Times

      “The love child of Chomsky and Lewis Carroll.”—Rebecca Solnit

      “Magnason has created an intimate epic that floats effortlessly between genres as diverse as fairy tale and political commentary, science fiction and social realism. The Casket of Time spans the chasm between 'once upon a time' and 'have you heard the news today' in a way that makes his philosophical fable feel both timely and timeless.”—Bjarke Ingels

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    catalogue cover
    White Shadow Roy Jacobsen, Don Bartlett, Don Shaw
    9781771964036 Paperback FICTION / Historical Publication Date:April 06, 2021
    $22.95 CAD 5.3 x 7.6 x 0.68 in | 320 gr | 272 pages Carton Quantity:44 Canadian Rights: Y Biblioasis
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      The highly anticipated sequel to International Booker and Dublin Impac Award-shortlisted The Unseen

      No-one can be alone on an island . . . But Ingrid is alone on Barrøy, the island that bears her name, and the war of her childhood has been replaced by a new, more terrible present: the Nazi occupation of Norway. When the bodies from a bombed vessel carrying Russian prisoners of war begin to wash up on the shore, Ingrid can’t know that one will not only be alive, but could be the answer to a lifetime of loneliness—nor can she imagine what suffering she will endure in hiding her lover from the German authorities, or the journey she will face, after being wrenched from her island as consequence for protecting him, to return home. Or especially that, surrounded by the horrors of battle, among refugees fleeing famine and scorched earth, she will receive a gift, the value of which is beyond measure.

      The highly anticipated follow-up to Roy Jacobsen’s International Booker and Dublin Impac Award-shortlisted The Unseen, a New York Times New and Noteworthy book, White Shadow is a vividly observed exploration of conflict, love, and human endurance.


      Born in Oslo to a family that came from northern Norway, Roy Jacobsen has twice been nominated for the Nordic Council’s Literary Award. He is the author of more than fifteen novels and is a member of the Norwegian Academy for Language and Literature. In 2009 he was shortlisted for the Dublin Impac Award for his novel The Burnt-Out Town of Miracles. Another novel, Child Wonder, won the Norwegian Booksellers' Prize and was a Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers Selection. The Unseen, the first of a series of novels about Ingrid and her family, was a phenomenal bestseller in Norway and was shortlisted for the 2017 Man Booker International Prize and the 2018 International Dublin Literary Award, selected as a 2020 Indie Next pick in North America, and named a New York Times New and Noteworthy book. White Shadow, the second Barrøy novel, was published in North America by Biblioasis in 2021.

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      Praise for White Shadow

      "Richer, even more provocative ... The heroine of Roy Jacobsen’s White Shadow knows every inch of her home turf, a tiny island off the coast of northern Norway that her people have inhabited for generations. To get a full sense of what it’s like to subsist on Barrøy and how 35-year-old Ingrid comes to be living there alone, it helps to read The Unseen, the first volume in Jacobsen’s trilogy, which has also been translated by Don Bartlett and Don Shaw. But even without that background, the novel’s account of Ingrid’s experience of World War II is unsettlingly easy to follow."—Alida Becker, New York Times

      "White Shadow retains many of The Unseen’s pleasures, not least Jacobsen’s clean, spare prose . . . a noble tribute to the human struggle for decency."—Daniel Marc Janes, Times Literary Supplement

      "With every sentence in his new novel, Roy Jacobsen shows how his characters carve their morality out of the dried driftwood found on the small islands of war-ravaged Norway. White Shadow is yet another masterpiece by Jacobsen, who continues in this short novel to track the vicissitudes of the life of his young heroine Ingrid Barrøy ... White Shadow is a powerful psychological novel."—World Literature Today

      "Seldom do we find a protagonist who pushes against her confinement as subtlety and deftly as Ingrid does, and who allows herself, while trapped in circumstances that are beyond her control, to be so open, inquisitive, and even loving. In White Shadow Jacobson offers a portrait of a woman who is single-minded but not rigidly so, purposeful but not devoid of feeling ... The intensity of feeling just beyond the actions described, and the effort itself of forging language to capture their evanescent reality, seems like a literary accomplishment in the family of more overtly “sophisticated” novelists like Thomas Bernhard or W. G. Sebald."—Book Post

      “An unsentimental story that combines the cosmic with bracing emotional austerity.”—Claire Allfree, Daily Mail

      "Disarmingly plainspoken narration brings into sharp relief both individuals and a world in wartime crisis."—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

      "A powerful read."—David Mills, Sunday Times

      Praise for The Unseen

      "Even by his high standards, his magnificent new novel The Unseen is Jacobsen's finest to date, as blunt as it is subtle and is easily among the best books I have ever read."—Irish Times

      "A beautifully crafted novel . . . Quite simply a brilliant piece of work . . . Rendered beautifully into English by Don Bartlett and Don Shaw, The Unseen is a towering achievement that would be a deserved Booker International winner."—New European

      "A profound interrogation of freedom and fate, as well as a fascinating portrait of a vanished time, written in prose as clear and washed clean as the world after a storm.”—The Guardian

      "The subtle translation, with its invented dialect, conveys a timeless, provincial voice . . . The Unseen is a blunt, brilliant book."—Financial Times

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    catalogue cover
    100 Miles of Baseball Fifty Games, One Summer Heidi LM Jacobs Canada, Dale Jacobs Canada
    9781771963909 Paperback SPORTS & RECREATION / Baseball Publication Date:March 16, 2021
    $24.95 CAD 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.92 in | 460 gr Carton Quantity:30 Canadian Rights: Y Biblioasis
    • Marketing Copy


      From sandlots to major league stands, two fans set out to recapture their love of the game.

      For most of their lives together Dale Jacobs and Heidi LM Jacobs couldn’t imagine a spring without baseball. Their season tickets renewal package always seemed to arrive on the bleakest day of winter, offering reassurance that sunnier times were around the corner. Baseball was woven into the fabric of their lives, connecting them not only to each other but also to their families and histories. But by 2017 it was obvious something was amiss: the allure of another Sunday watching their Detroit Tigers had devolved to obligation. Not entirely sure what they were missing, they did have an idea on where it might be found: in their own backyard. Drawing a radius of one hundred miles around their home in Windsor, Ontario, Dale and Heidi set a goal of seeing fifty games at all levels of competition over the following summer. From bleachers behind high schools, to manicured university turf, to the steep concrete stands of major league parks, 100 Miles of Baseball tells the story of how two fans rediscovered their love of the game—and with it their relationships and the region they call home.


      Dale Jacobs is the author of Graphic Encounters: Comics and the Sponsorship of Multimodal Literacy (Bloomsbury Academic, 2013). He is the editor of Sunday with the Tigers: Eleven Ways to Watch a Game (Black Moss Press, 2015) and The Myles Horton Reader (University of Tennessee Press, 2003), and co-editor (with Laura Micciche) of A Way to Move: Rhetorics of Emotion and Composition Studies (Boynton Cook/Heinemann, 2003). His academic/creative nonfiction book, The 1976 Project: On Comics and Grief, is forthcoming from Wilfred Laurier University Press. He is the editor of The Windsor Review and teaches in the English Department at the University of Windsor.

      Heidi LM Jacobs’ novel Molly of the Mall: Literary Lass and Purveyor of Fine Footwear (NeWest Press, 2019) won the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour in 2020. She is a librarian at the University of Windsor and one of the researchers behind the award-winning Breaking the Colour Barrier: Wilfred "Boomer" Harding & the Chatham Coloured All-Stars project. She is currently co-writing a book about the 1934 Chatham Coloured All-Stars, the first Black team to win the Ontario Baseball Amateur Association Championship (forthcoming from Wilfred Laurier University Press). Originally from Edmonton, she now lives in Windsor, Ontario.

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    • Awards & Reviews


      Praise for 100 Miles of Baseball

      "Dale Jacobs and Heidi LM Jacobs wrote this book to renew their love of baseball, and reading it will renew yours. Together they successfully capture the ritual, romanticism, and enduring beauty of this beloved game, with a back-to-basics approach that will appeal to self-proclaimed experts and perceived outsiders alike. At its core, 100 Miles of Baseball is about endurance, nostalgia, hope, and gratitude, and is a book that handily affirms the game's very best rule--that baseball is for everyone."—Stacey May Fowles, author of Baseball Life Advice

      "In 2018, Dale Jacobs and Heidi LM Jacobs set out on the quixotic mission to take in fifty baseball games, from high school parks to the major leagues, in an effort to recapture the magic of the sport as seen live from the stands. Most of the games were played in Michigan and Southern Ontario, but this account will delight any true fan of any team, anywhere. The unexpected twists and turns of the season—like a meaty novel—can disrupt expectations and break hearts at any time. This book is timely, because it explains why the Covid-disrupted sixty-game MLB season in 2020 was so unsatisfying. In sixty games, there was simply no time or space for the joy and redemption this book captures so vividly."—Susan Jacoby, author of Why Baseball Matters

      Praise for Dale Jacobs

      "Like all the best poets, Jacobs sets the truth to music."—Judy Schultz

      "Dale Jacobs writes a poetry of the real ... His is both a lived and lived-in poetry, meditative, its gentle voice filled nevertheless with urgency, savoring each finely-imaged moment, thirsting for the new, reclaiming the past that is always slipping from view."—Stephen C. Behrendt

      Praise for Heidi LM Jacobs

      "Heidi LM Jacobs nails it. Molly of the Mall relentlessly, hilariously conveys the ennui felt by anyone who has ever read a book and then gone to the mall ... Wicked good fun."—Kit Dobson

      “I am positively besotted by Heidi LM Jacobs’ debut novel, Molly of the Mall, which I kind of suspect was written just for me."—Kerry Clare

      “Inspired … They soulfully documented a 2018 road trip to the obscurest of ‘play ball’ destinations, all within a limited radius … The married authors complement each other—he’s the play-by-play guy; she, the colour commentator.”—Globe & Mail

      "Their account is presented in each writer’s voice, alternating throughout the text, and is an effective way to describe the games and their reactions to them ... Together they present a full, absorbing account of any level of ball, making the point that the precision of the major leagues and the error-prone play in the minors all contain the same elements ... A solid win for the authors, who rediscovered a genuine joy in watching baseball wherever it is played."—Winnipeg Free Press

  • 7
    catalogue cover
    Sea Loves Me Selected Stories Mia Couto, David Brookshaw, Eric M.B. Becker
    9781771963886 Paperback FICTION / Literary Publication Date:February 23, 2021
    $24.95 CAD 5.25 x 8.25 x 1.63 in | 460 gr Carton Quantity:28 Canadian Rights: Y Biblioasis
    • Marketing Copy


      An NPR Best Book of 2021

      New and selected fiction, over half in English for the first time, from the winner of the 2014 Neustadt Prize.

      Known internationally for his novels, Neustadt Prize-winner Mia Couto first became famous for his short stories. Sea Loves Me includes sixty-four of his best, thirty-six of which appear in English for the first time. Covering the entire arc of Couto's career, this collection displays the Mozambican author's inventiveness, sensitivity, and social range with greater richness than any previous collection—from early stories that reflect the harshness of life under Portuguese colonialism; to magical tales of rural Africa; to contemporary fables of the fluidity of race and gender, environmental disaster, and the clash between the countryside and the city. The title novella, long acclaimed as one of Couto's best works but never before available in English, caps this collection with the lyrical story of a search for a lost father that leads unexpectedly to love.


      Born in Beira, Mozambique, Mia Couto directed the Mozambican state news agency during the years following independence from Portugal. Since the late 1980s, he has worked as an environmental biologist and a writer. Couto is the author of more than thirty books, which have been published in thirty-five countries. He has won major literary prizes in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Portugal, Brazil., Italy and the United States, including the 2013 Camoes Prize and the 2014 Neustadt International Prize for Literature. He was a finalist for the 2015 Man Booker International Prize and the 2017 International Dublin Literary Award. Mia Couto lives with his family in Maputo, Mozambique, where he works as an environmental consultant.

      David Brookshaw’s many translations include Mia Couto’s recent novels Woman of the Ashes and The Sword and the Spear, as well as earlier Couto novels such as The Tuner of Silences, Sleepwalking Land, and Under the Frangipani. He has translated widely from the literatures of Lusophone Asia and the Azores Islands. Brookshaw is Professor Emeritus of Lusophone Studies at the University of Bristol, England.

      Eric M. B. Becker is the recipient of a PEN Heim Award, a Fulbright Fellowship and a Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. In 2019, he earned honorable mention from the Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for his translation of Mia Couto's Rain and Other Stories. He has translated works by, among others, the Brazilian writers Lygia Fagundes Telles and Fernanda Torres and the Angolan-Portuguese writer Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida. He lives in New York.

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    • Awards & Reviews


      Praise for Sea Loves Me

      “A worthy ... introduction to a unique and atmospheric African writer’s work.”—Kirkus

      “Couto employs his haunting lyricism ... to examine the burdens of race, history, and culture in the aftermath of Mozambique’s 1974 independence from Portugal ... Mia Couto’s multivalent vision also manifests in the seamless merging of author and translators, original and translated texts ... Like Mia Couto’s aesthetic effort to render whole the many facets of his contradictory identity, the translators’ linguistic dance simultaneously pays homage to his original fiction, and gives birth to its autonomous and indelible existence in English.”—Asymptote

      “The stories offer a kaleidoscopic vision of Couto’s world, deeply rooted in Mozambique but imbued with an ethereal, otherworldly quality. Often in just a few pages, Couto is able to breathe life into a variety of characters … Sea Loves Me is a thrilling addition to Couto’s extraordinary body of work, bringing together new and old stories that evoke past and present Mozambique, memories and dreamscapes, natural and spirit worlds. War, race, sky and sea, death and desire—these are just a few of the eternal elements Couto uses to mold his wise, enchanting fiction.”—World Literature Today

      “Mozambican writer Couto (Woman of the Ashes) draws on African proverbs for a captivating collection of 64 brief, aphoristic stories, set mostly in Mozambique … There are captivating stories of people at the margins … Many entries elude easy interpretation, making them all the more haunting. Each story contains enchanting insights into human nature.”—Publishers Weekly

      “Stunning … Packed with an incredible 64 stories, Sea Loves Me features 36 of Couto’s pieces translated to English for the first time ever, including the titular novella. With a voice that immediately grabs you, it's a great entry for readers new to Couto and a treat for those already acquainted with his sharp, wise, playful, and absorbing writing.”—Open Book

      "Extraordinary ... Begin anywhere, with any story, and you as reader are safe within Couto’s world. The imagination is without limit, the poetic force is exhilarating and often disturbing, while the surprise of some is breathtaking ... Couto is as much a master of the pointed anecdote as the longer tale."—Winnipeg Free Press

      "What makes his stories so special is the way in which he manages to describe even the most violent events as if they were coated in honey. There are no sharp edges in Couto’s writing, no matter how much desperation and darkness the scenario he describes contains. Everything seems taken out of a dream, and reading his books is like being constantly, softly lulled into the story ... This collection offers a perfect glimpse into Couto’s writing, and it’s a great pathway into his novels."—Book Riot

      "Covering the entire arc of Couto’s career, this collection displays the Mozambican author’s inventiveness, sensitivity, and social range with greater richness than any previous collection"—Portuguese American Journal

      Praise for Mia Couto

      “Mia Couto’s stories of civilisation and barbarity are told through a language that is precise and profound; he weaves together the living tradition of legend, poetry and song.”—International Man Booker shortlist jury citation

      “These literary fragments are dreamy but hopeful responses to Mozambique’s violent past, magical tales that find solace in the wisdom of rivers and trees, fishermen and fortune tellers, children and blind men … Couto’s stories are rooted yet timeless, both whimsical and deeply spiritual.”Vanity Fair

      “[Couto is] a brilliant aphorist. There are countless sentences that … have the weight and wisdom of ancient proverbs.”Wall Street Journal

      “Couto’s narrative tone, at once deadpan and beguiling, and his virtuoso management of time place him alongside the best Latin American magic realists.”Times Literary Supplement

      “One of the greatest living writers in the Portuguese language … [Couto] cracks open a welcoming window onto a vast world of literary pleasures.”The Millions

  • 8
    catalogue cover
    The Music Game Stéfanie Clermont Canada, JC Sutcliffe Canada
    9781771963787 Paperback FICTION / Coming of Age Publication Date:February 08, 2022
    $22.95 CAD 5.25 x 8.25 x 0.75 in | 340 gr | 288 pages Carton Quantity:40 Canadian Rights: Y Biblioasis
    • Marketing Copy


      Not far away from here is a lake. You have to pay for access to its shores, but I know where there’s a hole in the fence. The water will be icy, but it will still be in a liquid state. That’s what I will do today. I will go through the hole in the fence and I’ll dive into the icy water. And then I’ll go home.

      Friends since grade school, Céline, Julie, and Sabrina come of age at the start of a new millennium, supporting each other and drifting apart as their lives pull them in different directions. But when their friend dies by suicide in the abandoned city lot where they once gathered, they must carry on in the world that left him behind—one they once dreamed they would change for the better. From the grind of Montreal service jobs, to isolated French Ontario countryside childhoods, to the tenuous cooperation of Bay Area punk squats, the three young women navigate everyday losses and fears against the backdrop of a tumultuous twenty-?rst century. An ode to friendship and the ties that bind us together, Stéfanie Clermont’s award-winning The Music Game confronts the violence of the modern world and pays homage to those who work in the hope and faith that it can still be made a better place.


      Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Stéfanie Clermont travelled throughout Canada and the United States, working at a wide variety of jobs, before settling in Montreal in 2012. The Music Game, her first book, won the prestigious Ringuet Prize of the Quebec Academy of Arts and Letters, the Quebec Arts Council's prize for a new work by a young artist, and the Adrienne Choquette Prize for short stories. It was a finalist for the Grand Prix du Livre de Montréal and was included in Le Combat des livres, the French-language counterpart of Canada Reads.

      JC Sutcliffe is a writer and translator. Her most recent translations include Worst Case, We Get Married by Sophie Bienvenu and Mama's Boy Behind Bars by David Goudreault. She has lived in England, France and Canada.

      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews


      Praise for The Music Game

      "Let’s hear it for an indie sleaze-era novel ... class issues, deep friendship, betrayal, a gender transition and anti-globalization protests. You know, just ~Millennial~ stuff!"NYLON

      “In her debut fiction, Montreal writer Stéfanie Clermont locates a 21st Century equivalent to the 1920s’ “lost generation” in a group of young people trying to find meaning and connection in a world of dead-end jobs, unaffordable housing, and romantic disappointments ... The Music Game inhabits a liminal space between different bodies, psyches and geographies. Its characters can display the worst hipster traits ... and genuine insights into their inner selves and the nature of the world around them. If they share undeniable commonalities with lost generations before them, they are nonetheless, in Clermont’s hands, rendered specific and unique."—Toronto Star

      "The Music Game seems to ask us to return to those vital conversations about the way we have been hurt and about wanting to make things better, even if the room to do that may feel so out of reach. It’s a book that allows us to escape our reality while also somehow facing it head on. It's a reminder of our fundamental interconnectedness, of the loss that still cuts through us every day, and, more than anything else, of the necessity of hope."—Open Book

      "A stunning, incisive immersion into a community of young radical activists finding love, experiencing violence, rejecting hegemony and struggling to survive financially in a world of dead-end jobs."—Winnipeg Free Press

      "Similar to the extremely successful Irish-millennial author Sally Rooney, [Clermont] portrays the complex feelings and emotions of her characters in simple terms, thus making them feel universal."—The Charlatan

      "[An] audacious, honest, and liberating masterpiece ... The Music Game is about relationships, yet also about all the ways we desperately try to escape reality ... anyone who’s ever experienced depression or anxiety will find healing through Stéfanie’s loyal and beautiful ways of describing the inexplicable. She allows for contradiction; depth and lightness meet in a disturbing but cathartic way."Apt613

      "The Music Game’s structure is what sets it apart. Each chapter tells a self-contained story from the point of view of someone within Sabrina’s inner circle, be it a long-lost friend or a neighbour ... Clermont’s reflection on activism is skillfully nuanced, exploring both the hopefulness and cynicism that often come with political engagement."—The McGill Tribune

      "Stéfanie Clermont confronts the futility of the pursuit of sex, rent, and art with a rare clarity. The Music Game may well show us how to absolve ourselves by sheer force of yearning alone."—Paige Cooper, Scotiabank Giller Prize-nominated author of Zolitude

      “Here is a clear, burning voice whose subject is uncertainty. Everything is precarious for young people in The Music Game: income, love, gender. This is a moving and melancholy portrait of a generation of urban people who have been promised absolutely nothing for sure.”—Russell Smith, Scotiabank Giller Prize-nominated author of Confidence

      "Stéfanie Clermont’s multi-vocal book The Music Game is a compelling debut, precise and vivid in its observations and deeply attuned to the emotional cadences of its characters. By turns, funny, tender, and harrowing, The Music Game tells a story that feels both urgent and elegiac."—Faye Guenther, author of Swimmers in Winter

      "The Music Game is a bruising, jubilant, prismatic book, inhabiting the space where short stories and the novel overlap. Clermont writes with clear-eyed insight, imbuing her characters and their knotty relationships with dazzling vitality, even as many of them question whether they can bear to stay in this world or not."—H. Felix Chau Bradley, author of Personal Attention Roleplay

      Praise for the French edition of The Music Game

      "A remarkably well constructed first book."—La Presse (Montreal)

      "The reader isn't spared the characters' suffering, and what shines is a new voice, one we're eager to hear more from."—Publishers Weekly (Quebec supplement)

      "In The Music Game the moments when everything shifts are numerous and hold readers breathless because we know that nothing can be taken for granted, that a sudden reversal in fate or the unexpected reaction of a female character can turn everything upside down at the turn of a page."—Les libraires (Montreal)

      "The voices Clermont creates make themselves heard as a rich, unusual pleasure of the sort one rarely encounters."—Revue Spirale (Montreal)

      "In spite of the lack of ambition of its rather directionless characters, Clermont’s collection proves to be a work of a breadth that is quite unusual in the Quebec literary landscape."—Revue Liberté (Montreal)

      "The Music Game has a very contemporary vibe in which the desire to live opens a makeshift path between apathy and revolt. Precision, lyricism, deep feeling: a hit for the youth of the 2010s."—Grazia (France)

  • 9
    catalogue cover
    Charity Keath Fraser Canada
    9781771963800 Paperback FICTION / Literary Publication Date:February 02, 2021
    $17.95 CAD 4.5 x 7 x 0.56 in | 120 gr | 126 pages Carton Quantity:92 Canadian Rights: Y Biblioasis
    • Marketing Copy


      Denise’s stepdaughter Greta is a med student who swims ocean marathons and runs off to Africa with a family friend four times her age—and also battles an eating disorder. When Judy, Greta’s birth mother, returns from Japan (to which she ran off herself, with a Mexican tennis pro) and tries to ingratiate herself with the husband and daughter she left, Denise must navigate their complicated relationships with each other while attempting to bring Greta’s addiction to light—and learning how to live more charitably.


      Keath Fraser won the Chapters / Books in Canada First Novel Award for his 1995 novel Popular Anatomy. His stories and novellas have been published in many anthologies in Canada and abroad. Collections of his short fiction include Taking Cover and Telling My Love Lies. The volume Foreign Affairs was short-listed for a Governor General's Award and won the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize. He is the author of As For Me and My Body, a memoir of his friend Sinclair Ross; and of The Voice Gallery, a narrative of his far-flung travels among broken voices. The royalties from his international best-selling anthologies Bad Trips and Worst Journeys: The Picador Book of Travel were given to Canada India Village Aid (CIVA), the late NGO founded by George Woodcock. A selected stories, Damages, is forthcoming from Biblioasis in May 2021. He lives in Vancouver.

      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews


      Praise for Keath Fraser

      “The sheer exuberance of language, the sureness with which Fraser captures the movements of the working mind, makes this book a joy to read.”—Ottawa Citizen

      “Fraser’s controlled and confident writing gives us a rich sense of the longing of his fully drawn characters ... a remarkable, bittersweet celebration.”—Quill & Quire (starred review)

      “The range of Fraser’s characters is astonishing…not an author who can be ignored.”—January Magazine

      “If you really want to journey into the heart of darkness, you’d be advised to travel with Vancouver writer Keath Fraser, a man of extraordinary talents.”—Bronwyn Drainie

      “Keath Fraser is one of the most intelligent writers working in Canada.”The Malahat Review

  • 10
    catalogue cover
    Villa Negativa Sharon McCartney Canada
    9781771963497 Paperback POETRY / Women Authors Publication Date:March 30, 2021
    $19.95 CAD 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.32 in | 165 gr Carton Quantity:80 Canadian Rights: Y Biblioasis
    • Marketing Copy


      With less content in my life
      I am infinitely more content

      Against the backdrop of a sibling’s death, an eating disorder, and a few very dismal dating relationships, Villa Negativa looks for laughter behind darkness: the intruder who politely removes her shoes, the fabricator whose closest relationship is with fibreglass, the anorexic who sends the Diet Coke back because it tastes too good. Meditative and mischievous, confessional and philosophical, sincere and sly by turns, Sharon McCartney’s seventh collection articulates an essential truth of self-knowledge—that “to perceive something, we have to be able / to stand away from it.”


      Villa Negativa is Sharon McCartney’s seventh volume of poetry. Her previous books include Metanoia (2016, Biblioasis), Hard Ass (2013, Palimpsest), For and Against (2010, Goose Lane Editions), The Love Song of Laura Ingalls Wilder (2007, Nightwood Editions), Karenin Sings the Blues (2003, Goose Lane Editions) and Under the Abdominal Wall (1999, Anvil Press). Sharon’s poems have been included in several editions of The Best Canadian Poetry in English. She has an MFA from the University of Iowa's Writers' Workshop and an LL.B. from the University of Victoria and currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

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    • Awards & Reviews


      Praise for Sharon McCartney

      “Part satire, part self-examination, and far more layered than it first appears. Working largely in free verse… moving between levity and sincerity in a short span… The collection is brilliant: short, sharp, and eminently readable. Although it is a quick read, it is a deeply satisfying one.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

      “So much is revealed in so few words … It’s a book that feels light, but its delivery is heavy, and worthy of contemplation … McCartney is merciless in exposing vulnerability, but also builds an intimacy integral to Metanoia‘s achievement.”—Quill & Quire (starred review)

      “McCartney has written exceedingly rhythmical poems … and this is one of the reasons she holds a place of high esteem in the Canadian poetry scene for me … There’s a ton to empathize over, rage against, or even pshaw in disdain towards, usually in the face of some sad sack male character … “Agonal and Preterminal,” the third piece, perfectly sketches a painful portrait of an era of institutionalization, medicalese and the hush of shame.”—Marrow Reviews

      “You don’t read these poems, you feel them: Hammer in the head, shod foot on the throat, stiletto in the heart. It’s those combos of wild, piercing insights (or unusual but poignant images); yep, that’s what makes it good for you–or kills you, laughing.”—George Elliott Clarke

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