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    Sasquatch and the Green Sash Hardcover Keith Henderson 9781927599402 $29.95 FICTION Nov 05, 2018
    Sasquatch and the Green Sash is at once a translation and adaptation of the medieval English poem Sir Gwain and the Green Knight, from a time when parts of English culture were closer to Old Norse roots. Novelist Henderson has chosen to Canadianize the original, setting it among the Dene of Nahanni National Park in the NWT. This new setting is darker, colder, and sub?arctic with the 'ominous green and violet and pink of Aurora Borealis," and the additional dimension of the ancint Green Man's origins as Al Khidr, vizier of Alexander the Great.
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    Net Worth Short Stories Paperback Kenneth Radu 9781927599457 $21.95 FICTION Apr 17, 2018
    A woman wins a fabulous lottery; a frustrated middle-age man waits for his wealthy father to die; an unemployed father and widower struggles to earn a living wage; an older man of means has an affair with a much younger woman; a privileged but harassed suburban woman and a homeless man meet in a subway station: each story, built upon familiar motifs, leads into the core of the characters? sense of who they are. The narrative drama arises from what they face and how they live during their present circumstances. For the readers, the stories trans... + Read More
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    Excitement Tax Paperback John Emil Vincent 9781927599440 $18.95 POETRY Nov 22, 2017
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    Where I Wanted To Be Paperback Tom Abray 9781927599204 $19.95 FICTION Apr 17, 2017
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    Acqua Sacra Paperback Keith Henderson 9781927599372 $21.95 FICTION Oct 28, 2016
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    Fairfield Paperback Robert Edison Sandiford 9781927599358 $18.95 FICTION Dec 09, 2015
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    A Hamburger in a Gallery Paperback Stuart Ross 9781927599334 $19.95 POETRY Apr 07, 2015
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    Series: Punchy Poetry Proof Paperback Larissa Andrusyshyn 9781927599303 $17.95 POETRY Nov 19, 2014
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    And Sometimes They Fly Paperback Robert Edison Sandiford 9781897190944 $19.95 FICTION Jul 12, 2013
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    Butterfly in Amber A Novel Paperback Kenneth Radu 9781927599242 $21.95 FICTION Apr 24, 2014


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