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    Series: An RMB Manifesto Flood Forecast Climate Risk and Resiliency in Canada Hardcover Kerry Freek 9781771600040 $16.00 NATURE May 08, 2014
    Hydro-climatic change is no longer an abstract or theoretical concept if you have been directly affected by the increase in the duration and intensity of extreme weather. In this new RMB manifesto, two of Canada's most respected water experts explain what is happening to the hydrological cycle by way of the very personal impacts that disastrous flooding had on them, their colleagues, neighbours, friends and family. Detailing events as the rain started to fall and the water began to rise, Kerry Freek provides an extraordinary narrative of the fl... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto The Homeward Wolf Hardcover Kevin Van Tighem 9781927330838 $16.00 NATURE Sep 23, 2013
    Winner! 2014 Mountain Literature / Jon Whyte Award, Banff Mountain Book and Film Festival Wolves have become a complicated comeback story. Their tracks are once again making trails throughout western Alberta, southern British Columbia and the northwestern United States, and the lonesome howls of the legendary predator are no longer mere echoes from our frontier past: they are prophetic voices emerging from the hills of our contemporary reality. Kevin Van Tighem's first RMB Manifesto explores the history of wolf eradication in western North Amer... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto On Fracking Hardcover C. Alexia Lane 9781927330807 $16.00 NATURE Sep 23, 2013
    Around the world, a significant shift from conventional to unconventional energy extraction is occurring like never before. As traditional energy sources dwindle and the demand for fossil fuels continues to increase, civilization seems to be taking greater and greater risks in order to fuel our consumption and over-use of this planet's natural resources. Hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking", has emerged as a lightning rod of controversy as engaged citizens grow more and more concerned with the threats facing fresh water resources, local geology... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto Saving Lake Winnipeg Hardcover Robert William Sandford 9781927330869 $16.00 NATURE Sep 23, 2013
    As reported by major media from all around the world, Lake Winnipeg was recognized by the Global Nature Fund as the world's "Threatened Lake of the Year" for 2013. While dramatic flooding now regularly wreaks havoc in cities, provinces and states throughout North America, the woeful condition of Lake Winnipeg has also become a sign of a much larger climate-related problem, as the toxin produced by the bacteria that bloom within this particular lake each summer is now being detected in water bodies across Canada and at levels exceeding maximum g... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto The Earth Manifesto Saving Nature with Engaged Ecology Hardcover David Tracey 9781927330890 $16.00 NATURE Sep 23, 2013
    We live in critical times. Choices we make daily will affect the future of life itself. Years from now children will study our era on the brink and ask their elders "When the planet was burning, what did you do?" Problems as big as the world are daunting, but solutions are at hand, within each of us. The Earth Manifesto: Saving Nature with Engaged Ecology offers an approach to regain control of our environmental destiny by rediscovering our affinity for nature and then acting to preserve it. David Tracey's first RMB Manifesto is rooted in commo... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto Becoming Water Glaciers in a Warming World Hardcover Mike Demuth 9781926855721 $16.95 NATURE Oct 01, 2012
    Becoming Water takes the reader on a tour of Canada’s glaciers, describing the stories they tell and educating the reader about how glaciers came to be, how they work and what their future holds in our warming world. By visiting Canada’s high and low Arctic and the mountain West, the reader will learn how varied and complex our glaciers really are, how they are measured and how they figure into the national and global story of inevitable change. The reader will learn to think like a scientist, in particular how to look at climate-related data t... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto Digging the City An Urban Agriculture Manifesto Hardcover Rhona McAdam 9781927330210 $16.95 NATURE Oct 01, 2012
    At the last census in 2006, just over 80 percent of Canada’s population lived in urban centres. How we feed that population and protect its food sources is an enduring subject of debate in food security circles these days. As consumers and citizens, we all need to take a hard look at the deficiencies in Canada’s ability to feed the urban poor; our dependence on imported foods and centralized food processing; our detachment from our food sources; the often problematic solutions to food security devised by governments, municipalities and non-prof... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto Gift Ecology Reimagining a Sustainable World Hardcover Peter Denton 9781927330401 $16.95 NATURE Oct 01, 2012
    Global sustainability in the 21st century seems to be an elusive goal. There are too many issues, too many problems—and, increasingly, too many people—to make the major changes required in the time various experts tell us we have left before it’s too late. To create a sustainable future, we need to change the game itself. We cannot simply try to solve our problems one at a time. Instead, we need to reimagine sustainability in all its dimensions—social, cultural, environmental and economic—to create a global system that reflects how we should b... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto Little Black Lies Corporate & Political Spin in the Global War for Oil Hardcover Jeff Gailus 9781926855684 $16.95 NATURE Oct 01, 2012
    Beginning in 1967 and for just over 30 years, the oil industry toiled in the relative obscurity of Northern Alberta as machines peeled away earth and boreal forest to exhume what has now become one of humanity’s most precious and contentious resources: bitumen. As the years passed, the bitumen mines sprawled, poisonous tailings ponds spread, toxins polluted the environment, cancer reared its head downstream and the price of petroleum soared beyond all expectations. As plans continue to build the Keystone and Northern Gateway pipelines, a growi... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto The Insatiable Bark Beetle Hardcover Dr. Reese Halter 9781926855660 $16.95 NATURE Oct 15, 2011
    In our ever-warming world, trillions of indigenous bark beetles are killing billions of mature conifers throughout the forests of western North America and around the world, as they embark on their largest and most destructive feeding frenzy in modern times. In areas where cold temperatures traditionally prevented these insects from thriving, our once-healthy but now water-starved trees are becoming more and more vulnerable to the voracious appetites of these destructive pests. With aspects of both our environment and the economy at stake, Dr. ... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto The Incomparable Honeybee and the Economics of Pollination Revised & Updated Hardcover Dr. Reese Halter 9781926855646 $16.95 NATURE Oct 15, 2011
    “Nifty book on honeybees . . . helpful things you can do!” — Margaret Atwood (via Twitter) In this updated bestseller (with new science and data related to North America, the United Kingdom and Australia), Dr. Reese Halter continues with his passionate crusade to save the world’s most important group of flower-visiting animals: the honeybee. Responsible for pollinating over 110 different crop types throughout the world and accounting for a quarter-trillion dollars’ worth of commerce, the incredible efforts of the honeybees are vital to humani... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto Ethical Water Learning to Value What Matters Most Hardcover Robert William Sandford 9781926855707 $16.95 NATURE Oct 15, 2011
    Fresh water is essential to both the ever-expanding human population and the ever-threatened natural landscapes that surround us. And yet, society seems to continually ignore the need for a common-sense approach to—and appreciation of—our freshwater resources and our consumption of this remarkable, life-giving substance that now exceeds its future availability. This ground-breaking and approachable work, by two of Canada’s most authoritative experts on water issues, redefines our relationship with fresh water and outlines the steps we as a soci... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto The Beaver Manifesto Hardcover Glynnis Hood 9781926855585 $16.95 NATURE Sep 15, 2011
    Beavers are the great comeback story—a keystone species that survived ice ages, major droughts, the fur trade, urbanization and near extinction. Their ability to create and maintain aquatic habitats has endeared them to conservationists, but puts the beavers at odds with urban and industrial expansion. These conflicts reflect a dichotomy within our national identity. We place environment and our concept of wilderness as a key touchstone for promotion and celebration, while devoting significant financial and personal resources to combating “the ... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto The Grizzly Manifesto In Defence of the Great Bear Hardcover Jeff Gailus 9781897522837 $16.95 NATURE May 24, 2010
    The grizzly bear, once the archetype for all that is wild, is quickly becoming a symbol of nature’s fierce but flagging resilience in the face of human greed and ignorance—and the difficulty a wealth-addicted society has in changing its ways. North America’s grizzlies have been under siege ever since Europeans arrived. They’d survived the arrival of spear-wielding humans 13,000 years ago, outlived the short-faced bear, the dire wolf and the sabre-tooth cat—not to mention mastodons, mammoths and giant ground sloths the size of elephants—but griz... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto Denying the Source The Crisis of First Nations Water Rights Hardcover Merrell-Ann Phare 9781897522615 $16.95 NATURE Oct 06, 2009
    First Nations are facing some of the worst water crises in Canada and throughout North America. Their widespread lack of access to safe drinking water receives ongoing national media attention, and yet progress addressing the causes of the problem is painfully slow. First Nations have had little say in how their waters are, or are not, protected. They have been excluded from many important decisions, as provinces operate under the view that they own the water resources within provincial boundaries, and the federal government takes a hands-off a... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto The Weekender Effect Hyperdevelopment in Mountain Towns Hardcover Robert William Sandford 9781897522103 $16.95 NATURE Sep 09, 2008
    Praise for The Weekender Effect: What happens to paradise when you carve it up into lots and sell it? Bob Sandford writes about it with clarity and a deep love of the places he knows so well. Sandford's story of one town's mutation from a quiet mountain haven to an overcrowded, generic 'outpost of globalization' is essential reading for those who care about community and our last few glorious spaces. —Thomas Wharton, author of Icefields, Salamander and The Logogryph Equal parts manifesto, meditation, and love song to mountain communities ever... + Read More


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