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Lahring's Dewey Diva Picks for Adults Winter/Spring 2019

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The Women's War
A Novel
By (author): Jenna Glass
9781984817204 Hardcover English General Trade FICTION / Fantasy / Epic Mar 05, 2019
$37.00 CAD
Active 6.4 x 9.7 x 1.7 in 560 pages MAP Del Rey
In a thrilling feminist fantasy epic, a revolutionary spell gives women the ability to control their own fertility—with consequences that rock their patriarchal society to its core.

When a nobleman’s first duty is to produce a male heir, women have always been treated like possessions and bargaining chips. But now, as the aftereffects of this world-altering spell ripple out, women at last have a bargaining chip of their own. Alys is the widowed mother of two teenage children, and the disinherited daughter of a king. Her existence has been carefully proscribed, but now she discovers a fierce talent not only for politics, but also for magic. Meanwhile, in a neighboring kingdom, young Ellin finds herself unexpectedly on the throne after the sudden death of everyone who stood before her in the line of succession. Conventional wisdom holds that she will marry quickly, then surrender the throne to her new husband…only Ellin has other ideas. The tensions tearing at both kingdoms become abruptly worse when a caravan of exiled women and their escort of disgraced soldiers stumble upon a new source of magic in what was once uninhabitable desert. This new and revolutionary magic—which only women can wield—threatens to tear down what is left of the patriarchy. And the men who currently hold power would do anything to destroy it.

Story Locale: Fantasy world

Series Overview: The first book in The Women’s War series, which takes a serious look at gender politics through the lens of engrossing high fantasy.

FIRST BOOK IN A NEW SERIES: This is feminist fantasy at its finest, as well as a terrific thought experiment played out large: What would happen in a patriarchal world if women could suddenly control their own reproduction? Book 2 in the series is scheduled for a Spring 2020 release, while Book 3 is scheduled for Spring 2021.

GENDER POLITICS COULD NOT BE MORE TOPICAL: In a world dominated by #metoo, generations of women should embrace the ideas at the heart of this novel—which was written as a cri de coeur in the wake of the 2016 election.

SYMPATHETIC CHARACTERS OF BOTH GENDERS ABOUND: Though gender politics form the beating heart of this novel, this is not a novel written just for women, or just about women. And the read is engrossing and immediate, with a fantastic twist ending that will have readers champing for the next book.

UNIQUE WORLDBUILDING: The magic system in this world is based on elements that themselves are gendered. And, as an added bonus, are inspired by art that the author herself has created and markets through Etsy.

Jenna Glass wrote her first book—an “autobiography”—when she was in the fifth grade. She began writing in earnest while she was in college, and she proceeded to collect a dizzying array of rejections for the first seventeen novels she completed. Nevertheless, she persisted, and her eighteenth novel became her first commercial sale. Within a few years, she became a full-time writer and has never looked back. She has published more than twenty novels under various names, but The Women’s War marks her first foray into epic fantasy.

Author Residence: Pittsboro, NC

Author Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Marketing: Pre-pub consumer outreach and review push

Online marketing outreach

Social media campaign

Targeted email marketing

Random House e-newsletters and websites

Consumer convention promotions - NYCC (New York, Oct ’18), ECCC (Seattle, March)

Publicity: National/local review and feature print attention

Online review and feature attention

Targeted blogger outreach

The Women’s War is an epic feminist fantasy for the #MeToo era…. While feminist science fiction and fantasy books have been around for decades—see Octavia Butler, Ursula K. Le Guin and Anne McCaffrey—tales that reflect recent feminist movements like #MeToo are an essential next step in an ongoing conversation. That’s what makes The Women’s War, by Jenna Glass, so noteworthy…. The Women’s War does what so many classic adult fantasy books do not: It gives us a nuanced portrayal of grown women dealing with a wretchedly unfair society. It is rare to read a fantasy novel with a middle-aged mother as a main character. And it is refreshing to see women becoming heroes in a world that wishes to keep them muzzled.”—Sabaa Tahir, The New York Times Book Review

“Gloriously paced, plotted, and constructed with such elegance that it ceases to feel like a story and begins to feel like the truth.”—Seanan McGuire

“A thrilling and heartwrenching tale that explores the issue of body autonomy, with a middle-aged mom as the heroine…I couldn’t put it down.”—Kevin Hearne

“A must-read, with gripping action, a complex plot, and engaging characters…I thoroughly loved it!”—Melissa Marr

The Women’s War is more than a story. It is a roar. And it’s magnificent! The wonderful fierceness of its women will steal your breath and your heart.”—Sarah Beth Durst

“A rich and multilayered dark fantasy filled with unforgettable characters.”—Kelley Armstrong
“A wonderful read set in a well-realized world filled with terrific characters…I cannot wait for the next book!”—Kristen Britain

“A bold, gripping story of women and power that had me cheering both for its rich, wonderful characters and its vital message.”—Callie Bates

“The interconnected story lines, excellent pacing, and heart-wrenching ending will have readers clamoring for the next book. Offer this to fans of other recent feminist speculative fiction like Naomi Alderman’s The Power, Ausma Zehanat Khan’s The Bloodprint, or Tasha Suri’s Empire of Sand.Booklist (starred review)
“Stands out as both social commentary on contemporary issues of bodily autonomy, gender, and social power and as feminist retribution fantasy, made manifest through an appealing epic fantasy setting and grounded in a carefully designed magic system…. Though female leads take center stage, Glass gives real depth to her male characters as well. Personal and political aspects of the story blend gracefully together to provide a high-energy story with sweeping forward momentum toward the next installment.”Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“I am very here for this book…the first what’s sure to be an incredible series.”SyFyWire
The Women’s War is #MeToo and #Resistance and #Prochoice through the lens of epic fantasy. Read it.”—Nicola Griffith

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