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DC Books 2021

Net Worth
Short Stories
By (author): Kenneth Radu


DC Books - Montreal



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Paperback , A-format


Apr 17, 2018
$21.95 CAD


8.5in x 5.5 x 0.5 in | 254 gr

Page Count:

192 pages
DC Books
FICTION / Short Stories
Short stories
A woman wins a fabulous lottery; a frustrated middle-age man waits for his wealthy father to die; an unemployed father and widower struggles to earn a living wage; an older man of means has an affair with a much younger woman; a privileged but harassed suburban woman and a homeless man meet in a subway station: each story, built upon familiar motifs, leads into the core of the characters? sense of who they are. The narrative drama arises from what they face and how they live during their present circumstances. For the readers, the stories transform the ordinary, which many have felt themselves, into a new dimension of experience.

Kenneth Radu is a seasoned, award-winning writer of novels, short stories, non-fiction, and poetry. His first novel, Distant Relations, received the Quebec Writers’ Federation Award for Best English-language Fiction. A collection of stories, A Private Performance, was also honoured with the award. A previous collection, The Cost of Living, was nominated for the Governor General’s Award. His most recent work includes two collections of stories, Sex in Russia, and Earthbound, both published by DC Books, as well as the novel Butterfly in Amber.

"Several of the stories in Net Worth are very effective. The first one in the book, ‘Lottery,’ is about a woman, Annie, who wins $42 million from Loto-Québec. But she has reservations. What would it do to her life? Is all that money worth it? Radu gets into Annie’s doubts and confusion very well, dissecting the virtues and pitfalls of sudden wealth, how it seeps into to every aspect of your life, your behaviour, your relationships. All the stories are thought-provoking and reflective, each in its own way, using money as a vehicle to explore such diverse subjects as a spouse’s early death, old age, leaving an inheritance, waiting for an inheritance, divorce, and coming early into the personal independence of adulthood. The varied meanings of having, keeping, and losing money come up frequently in each of these contexts. ....These stories are a wonderful exploration into what money does to us all." — The Ottawa Review of Books, September 2018 “As someone who has labored throughout his career at the ‘sullen art’ of writing, he knows the loneliness of the human soul and dissects this in his prose with humor, irony, and bitterness, but, above all, with warmth and compassion. He tells us that there is truly no price one can place on the soul and that our true ‘net worth’ is so much more than a bank balance. For this timely reminder, we the readers should be grateful. For any lover of good writing, Radu’s book is a must-read.” — Rampage, Montreal, December 2018 “Net Worth by Kenneth Radu is certainly one of the most unique reads I have come across in the 2018 publishing season. The language is simple yet the concepts it brings forward are thought-provoking and enlightening. In short, this book is a great piece of literature.” —Stephen Buechler,Library of Pacific Tranquillity, Fall 2018 “Like a well-honed knife, Kenneth Radu’s prose cuts through the gamut of circumstances depicted in this collection. Through his deft and brilliant use of simile and metaphor, and an appropriate sprinkling of the various vernaculars heard in the Canadian mosaic, together with his empathy for human fragilities, Kenneth Radu captures the attention of the reader as he depicts ‘ordinary people in unusual, sometimes extraordinary situations.’” —Annie Vigna,Freefall, Fall 2014 “Kenneth Radu has a unique talent for capturing critical emotive moments of his characters’ lives with subtle irony, sharply honed insight, and empathy.” —Mark McCawley, Urban Graffiti

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