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Annick Press Winter-Spring 2020

Crossing the Farak River
By (author): Michelle Aung Thin
Michelle Aung Thin


Annick Press



Product Form:


Form detail:

Paperback , Trade


Juvenile: Age (years) 11, Grade (CAN) 6, Grade (US) 6, Reading age 11
Apr 14, 2020
$12.95 CAD


8in x 5 x 0.8 in | 180 gr

Page Count:

224 pages
Annick Press
JUVENILE FICTION / People & Places / Asia
Best Books for Kids & Teens, starred selection, Canadian Children's Book Centre 2020, Joint winner Freeman Book Award 2020, Joint winner South Asia Book Award 2021, Joint winner USSBY Outstanding International Books List 2021, Joint winner

Fourteen-year-old Hasina is forced to flee everything she knows in this gripping account of the crisis in Myanmar.

For Hasina and her younger brother Araf, the constant threat of Sit Tat, the Myanmar Army, is a way of life in Rakhine province—just uttering the name is enough to send chills down their spines. As Rohingyas, they know that when they hear the wop wop wop of their helicopters there is one thing to do—run, and don’t stop. So when soldiers invade their village one night, and Hasina awakes to her aunt's fearful voice, followed by smoke, and then a scream, run is what they do.

Hasina races deep into the Rakhine forest to hide with her cousin Ghadiya and Araf. When they emerge some days later, it is to a smouldering village. Their house is standing but where is the rest of her family? With so many Rohingyas driven out, Hasina must figure out who she can trust for help and summon the courage to fight for her family amid the escalating conflict that threatens her world and her identity.

Fast-paced and accessibly written, Crossing the Farak River tackles an important topic frequently in the news but little explored in fiction. It is a poignant and thought-provoking introduction for young readers to the military crackdown and ongoing persecution of Rohingya people, from the perspective of a brave and resilient protagonist.

  • Topical: Myanmar refugee crisis often in the news but little explored in fiction
  • Myanmar connection: author Michelle Aung Lin is from Burma (Myanmar). Her family fled during the '62 coup
  • Prestigous publishing partner: Allen & Unwin publish in Australia September 2019
  • Extra features: include maps, historical timeline, and an author’s note

MICHELLE AUNG THIN was born in Burma, now Myanmar, in 1962, the year of the military coup, and left with her parents when she was an infant. She grew up in Canada, and now calls Australia home, where she teaches at RMIT University in Melbourne.

“The author, aware that ethnic and religious divisions are easily sown by the media, ignorance, and fear, packs a great deal of information into this compelling story that will educate readers on a real, ongoing situation while also building empathy.”

- Booklist, 02/15/20, Booklist, 02/15/20

“Hasina is an engaging and interesting main character . . . Hasina puts a personal face on [political situation in Myanmar], helping readers both understand and empathize with the situation. Crossing the Farak River is . . . an amazing adventure set in an interesting and foreign environment with a memorable and admirable young woman as the protagonist. Highly recommended.”

- CM Reviews, *starred review, 02/14/20

“A must-purchase for all middle grade libraries focused on building a diverse collection featuring complex world issues and #­OwnVoices authors.”

- School Library Journal, *starred review, 03/20

“An urgent, timely narrative.”

- Kirkus Reviews, 03/02/20

“Hasina is a strong, courageous character who fights for her family in this captivating account of the crisis in Myanmar.”

- OmniLibros, 03/25/20

“Every moment of hope in the narrative seems to vacillate with a moment of despair, making Crossing the Farak River an engaging page-turner that also brings much-needed context and understanding to a country that for some 50 years had been considered a pariah state under military dictatorship.”

- Quill & Quire, 06/25/20

“Hasina is a strong, courageous character who fights for her family in this captivating account of the crisis in Myanmar.”

- OmniLibros, 03/25/20

“A well written and evocative novel that will offer young readers a starting point to learning more about the Rohingya, Myanmar and how intolerance can lead to the most inhuman actions.”

- LibrisNotes, 09/12/21

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