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New Society Publishers Spring 2021

Growing Conifers
The Complete Illustrated Gardening and Landscaping Guide
By (author): John J. Albers Photographs by: David E Perry
John J. Albers ,

Photographs by :

David E Perry


New Society Publishers - Gabriola Island



Product Form:


Form detail:

Trade, Adhesive bound
Paperback , Trade, Adhesive bound


General Trade
May 18, 2021
Print Run: 6000
$39.99 CAD


10in x 8 x 0.6 in | 1.4 lb

Page Count:

224 pages


120 full color photographs
100% recycled content
FSC certified – mixed sources C016245
New Society Publishers
Gardening: trees and shrubs|Landscape architecture and design|Landscape architecture and design|Botany and plant sciences|Climate change|Gardening|Garden design and planning|Trees, wildflowers and plants: general interest

Evergreen your landscape with the beauty and benefits of conifers

Growing Conifers is a beautifully photographed, comprehensive gardening guide for selecting and cultivating conifers. Coverage includes:

  • Conifer taxonomy, classification, and geographic distribution
  • Selecting conifers for size, shape, color, and texture
  • Best practices for placement and planting of trees, shrubs, and groundcovers in urban and rural gardens
  • Growing needs and low-input maintenance
  • Building healthy soil, minimizing water stress, and integrated pest management
  • Benefits of conifers including habitat, water and air quality, carbon sequestration, aesthetics, and food.

Conifers are often overlooked in gardening and landscaping in favor of deciduous trees and shrubs. Yet conifers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and offer tremendous aesthetic and ecological benefits for any garden.

Growing Conifers is an essential, comprehensive resource for gardeners and landscape professionals looking to develop beautiful, sustainable landscapes.


New Society Publishers is an activist, solutions-oriented publisher focused on publishing books to build a more just and sustainable future. They pride themselves on holding the highest environmental standards of any publisher in North America. In 2002, they committed to printing all their books (including their full color books) on uncoated 100% post-consumer recycled paper, processed chlorine-free, with low-VOC vegetable-based inks. In doing so, the Growing Conifers' print run alone saved 66 fully grown trees, 5300 gallons of water, and 28,000 lbs of greenhouse gases. When you buy New Society Publishers' books, you are part of the solution!

  • John J. Albers is an educator for the Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association, an ecoPRO-certified sustainable landscape professional, and a former Washington State University/Kitsap County Master Gardener.
  • He created the 4-acre Albers Vista Gardens in Kitsap County, Washington.
  • This garden contains about 1,200 different species and cultivars, including about 500 different conifers.
  • For the past twelve years, he has given presentations and tours at his garden to garden clubs, master gardeners, nursery and landscape professionals, and the general public.
  • David E. Perry, photographer, has been photographing assignments for books, magazines, Fortune 500 corporate annual reports, and national ad campaigns for more than 35 years.
  • His work has been featured in Fine Gardening many times, including a half-dozen cover features.
  • He has contributed to Sunset magazine and has been featured in This Old House, American Rose, and Better Homes & Gardens.
  • He lectures and teaches photography workshops around the country.
  • The author and photographer worked together on John Albers previous books, Gardening for Sustainability and The Northwest Garden Manifesto.
  • This book is a comprehensive and authoritative guide for cultivation and use of conifers in urban gardens.
  • Beautifully illustrated with over 100 professional photographs and illustrations
  • Helps urban gardeners realize the ecological benefits of conifers and their contribution to sustainable landscapes
  • Contains basic information on conifers' key identifying features, taxonomy and classification, geographic distribution
  • Clear step-by-step science-based instructions on placement, planting, and care
  • Details the special characteristics trees, shrubs, and groundcovers
  • Conifers are the most common trees in Canada, encompassing approximately 80% of its environment
  • Greater Vancouver and Victoria are ideal conifer-growing environments.
  • Differs from other books on conifers:
    • it highlights conifers' ecological versatility and many key services to the urban environment, including sequestering carbon, intercepting rainfall, and removing air and water pollutants year-round, and serving as a haven for wildlife
    • Emphasizes ecological benefits and role in combating climate change.
    • Inspires readers to plant conifers and follow sustainable landscaping best practices

Audience: Novice to seasoned urban gardeners, landscape professionals, municipalities, botanical gardens, students of horticulture, climate change advocates

Academic: horticulture, programs

John J. Albers has over 30 years of experience growing and caring for conifers in a variety of garden situations. He is an educator for the Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association (WSNLA), an ecoPRO-certified sustainable landscape professional, and a former Washington State University / Kitsap County Master Gardener. He created Albers Vista Gardens, a 4-acre property containing 1,200 different species and cultivars, including 500 different conifers representing 130 different conifer species. John is author of The Northwest Garden Manifesto and a frequent presenter to garden clubs, master gardeners, members of the nursery and landscape industry, and the general public. He lives in Bremerton, Washington.

David E. Perry is a professional photographer who has photographed for books, including The Northwest Garden Manifesto, magazines, Fortune 500 corporate annual reports, and national ad campaigns for more than 35 years. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

"This is a wonderful, fantastic, encyclopedic book, worth owning for the information presented alone. Oh, but Albers writes like a poet and OMG, Perry's are not photos, but stunning photography! What an unusual and extremely winning combo."
Jeff Lowenfels, author, DIY Autoflowering Cannabis

"In a world often devoid of beauty and landscapes lacking imagination, tools to correct the drab status-quo are always enthusiastically welcome. David's photography is artistry to the point of motivation and John's prose, based on decades of experience, is much more than sufficient to guide the home gardener to success, both in terms of plant selection and plant husbandry. Growing Conifers is a welcome addition to the bookshelf of any plant enthusiast and a must-add to the arsenal of those specializing in these captivating and collectable cone-bearing plants."
David Olszyk, president, American Conifer Society

"Growing Conifers contains an unbelievable amount of information for the reader. John goes into all parts of cultivation about conifers and their use in the landscape. It is an invaluable resource for the novice while also containing a wealth of information for the expert. It cannot go into detail on any one topic, yet it provides a firm foundation for anyone wanting to explore any one aspect of the conifer world in greater depth. It should be a part of the library of anyone working with conifers."
Robert Fincham, co-founder, the American Conifer Society, author of five books on growing conifers

"Growing Conifers is a work of love for the subject matter, reflecting a lifetime of devotion and a deep appreciation for the role of evergreens in our natural world. I am tempted to say that it's all here – that you will never need another book on this subject. It answers all questions including many that the reader would not think to ask. You owe it to yourself to wade into Growing Conifers with purpose and with time on your hands. It is thorough and passionately written and gorgeously illustrated. I will read it again and again and make it a centerpiece of my modern gardening library. I will turn the pages, slowly, in search of inspiration for my own garden. Like the best cup of coffee or finest wine you have ever tasted, Growing Conifers is not to be rushed. That would be a waste of a most incredible book."
Mark Cullen, garden columnist, Toronto Star, member, Order of Canada, author, The New Canadian Garden

"Growing Conifers is a jewel of a book."
Brent Marcus, owner, Conifer Kingdom

"This might be the most practical and handy book I've ever read on gardening with conifers."
Benjamin Vogt, prairie-inspired garden design, author, A New Garden Ethic

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