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Dying for Attention
A Graphic Memoir of Nursing Home Care
By (artist): Susan MacLeod

By (artist) :

Susan MacLeod


Conundrum Press



Product Form:


Form detail:

Paperback , Trade
Oct 14, 2021
$20.00 CAD


10in x 7 x 0 in | 10 gr

Page Count:

160 pages


Conundrum Press
COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS / Nonfiction / Biography & Memoir
When Susan MacLeod accompanied her 90-year-old mother through a labyrinthine long-term care system, it was a nine-year journey navigating a government within a heart in a system without compassion.
Her family, much like the system, erected walls rather than opening arms. She found herself involuntarily placed at the pivot point between her frail, elderly mother's need for love and companionship, the system's inability to deliver, and her brother's indifference. She had also spent three years as a government spokesperson enthusiastically defending the very system she now experienced as brutally cold.
MacLeod's tone is defined by a gentle, self-effacing humour touched by exasperation for the absurdities and the newfound wisdom around expectations. Dying for Attention is the latest memoir in the graphic medicine field, shelved alongside My Begging Chart by Keiler Roberts and Tangles by Sarah Leavitt. MacLeod includes helpful tips for communicating with nursing homes, as well as background research, to provide a larger context for this under-discussed experience.

Susan MacLeod is an artist writing about the world of long-term care. Her illustrations have been published by Kaiser Permanente, Halifax Magazine, and the Globe & Mail, as well as for countless commissions. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from NSCAD University and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Non-Fiction from the University of King's College. She still misses her mother.

"Susan MacLeod takes an unflinching look at the reality of caring for an elderly parent, demonstrating in no uncertain terms what a monumental and life-changing journey this is for both parent and child. MacLeod documents the experience from all angles - dissecting the broader culture that devalues seniors and also turning her sharp gaze inward, at her family history and at herself. This is a valuable book for anyone who's supporting their parents or who is facing their own mortality - i.e. pretty much everyone. It's a handbook for tackling hard things head on, with courage, love and a strong sense of humour." - Sarah Leavitt, creator of Agnes, Murderess
"Someone has to do something about long term care before I get there! Susan is off to a great start with her honesty, humour and experience." - Robin Duke, SCTV, Women Fully Clothed
"Part memoir, part research paper, Susan MacLeod's Dying for Attention lays out hard facts about important subjects that we'd rather not talk about - difficult familial relationships, aging, death and the failing of long-term elder care systems - all with a humorous touch. MacLeod's skill as a communications director informs her intuitive art style. Packed with gags, this book is an engaging and important read, and a necessary guidebook for anyone with aging family or loved ones. You'll be laughing as your heart breaks." - Rebecca Roher, Bird in a Cage

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