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Hornblower Group Library Hotlist Winter 2023 (Jan-April 2023)

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Against the Seas
Saving Civilizations from Rising Waters
By (author): Mary Soderstrom
Mary Soderstrom


Dundurn Press - Toronto



Product Form:


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Paperback , Trade


General Trade
Feb 28, 2023
$26.99 CAD


9in x 6 x 1 in | 300 gr

Page Count:

296 pages


23 B&W illustrations , notes , Index , Bibliography
Dundurn Press
SCIENCE / Global Warming & Climate Change
Climate change|Conservation of the environment
  • Short Description
Against the Seas tells how we have coped with rising sea levels since the end of the Ice Age — by moving, building defences, or magic. Flood stories in different cultures show just how traumatic those experiences were. But what happened in the past may help us in the future and gives hope that we will survive.
What can we learn about coping with rising sea levels from ancient times?

The scenario we are facing is scary: within a few decades, sea levels around the world may well rise by a metre or more as glaciers and ice caps melt due to climate change. Large parts of our coastal cities will be flooded, the basic outline of our world will be changed, and torrential rains will present their own challenges. But this is not the first time that people have had to cope with threatening waters, because sea levels have been rising for thousands of years, ever since the end of the last Ice Age. Stories told by the Indigenous people of Australia and the Pacific coast of North America, and those found in the Bible and the Epic of Gilgamesh, as well as Roman and Chinese histories all bear witness to just how traumatic these experiences were. The responses to these challenges varied: people adapted by building dikes, canals, and seawalls, by resorting to prayer or magic, and, very often, by moving out of the way of the rushing waters.

Against the Seas explores these stories as well as the various measures being taken today to combat rising waters, focusing on five regions: Indonesia, which will soon move its capital to escape encroachment by the seas; Shanghai, where seawalls protect the busiest port city in the world; the Sundarbans of Bangladesh, whose mangrove forests are constantly challenged by storms and high tides; the Salish Sea, which runs from north of Vancouver to south of Seattle; and the estuary of the St. Lawrence River, where a few initiatives are giving some promising results. What happened in the past and what is being tried today may help us in the future, and, if nothing else, give us hope that we will survive.

  • Similar to Elizabeth Rush's Rising, explores stories of rising sea levels
  • Humankind has been coping with rising sea levels since end of the Ice Age, when melting glaciers drastically changed coastlines and landscapes — what can modern humans learn from our distant ancestors?
  • A hopeful climate change narrative based on research into how regions across the world are coping with rising sea levels and offering a rainbow of hope in how humans coped in ancient times
  • In particular, discusses challenges and solutions to rising seal levels in the following regions: lower St. Lawrence; Bay of Fundy; Jakarta, Indonesia; Shanghai; the Sundarbans; and the Salish Sea area
  • Author has written 18 works of both fiction and non-fiction; most recently, Concrete: From Ancient Origins to a Problematic Future (2020)

Mary Soderstrom writes fiction and non-fiction. Against the Seas: Saving Civilizations from Rising Waters is her eighteenth book and is the logical follow-up to her last, Concrete: From Ancient Origins to a Problematic Future. She has travelled widely, but her home base is Montreal.

  • Promotional tie-in to Earth Day 2023 (April 22)
  • Trade and wholesaler advertising
  • Publicity campaign to targeted media
  • Media tour: radio, podcasts, print interviews
  • Representation at international trade shows and conferences
  • Social media campaign and online advertising
  • Email campaigns to consumers, booksellers, and librarians
  • Influencer pre-pub mailing
  • Digital galley available: NetGalley, Edelweiss, Catalist
  • Author Website
  • Author Twitter: @MarySoderstrom
  • Author Instagram: @marymsoderstrom
  • Book hashtag: #AgainstTheSeas

For more information contact
Rajdeep Singh, [email protected]
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