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UBC Press Winter 2017 Trade

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White Settler Reserve
New Iceland and the Colonization of the Canadian West
By (author): Ryan Eyford
9780774831598 Paperback, Trade English Professional/Scholarly HISTORY / Canada / Post-Confederation Manitoba Mar 01, 2017
$32.95 CAD
Forthcoming 6 x 9 x 0.7 in | 400 gr 272 pages 12 b&w photos, 5 maps UBC Press

This innovative history of a reserve for Icelandic settlers connects the dots between immigration and Indigenous dispossession in western Canada.

In 1875, Icelandic immigrants established a colony on the southwest shore of Lake Winnipeg. The timing and location of New Iceland was not accidental. Across the Prairies, the Canadian government was creating land reserves for Europeans in the hope that the agricultural development of Indigenous lands would support the state’s economic and political ambitions. In this innovative history, Ryan Eyford expands our understanding of the creation of western Canada: his nuanced account traces the connections between Icelandic colonists, the Indigenous people they displaced, and other settler groups while exposing the ideas and practices integral to building a colonial society.

Ryan Eyford is an associate professor in the Department of History at the University of Winnipeg. He has published articles and chapters in Histoire sociale/Social History, the Journal of the Canadian Historical Association, Sport History Review, and the edited collection Within and Without the Nation: Canadian History as Transnational History.

Ryan Eyford has written a fine-grained and richly textured analysis of the ideas, practices, and processes behind the building of a colonial society in the Canadian Northwest. This book will become a key work in Prairie scholarship. - Shannon Stunden Bower, author of Wet Prairie: People, Land, and Water in Agricultural Manitoba

Moving beyond the familiar story of the Métis, Louis Riel, and the Red River Resistance, Ryan Eyford offers up a novel and fascinating account of Manitoba’s early history. By exploring the experiences of a well-known group of settlers – the Icelanders – he reveals a whole new side of the colonial reserve system. - Robert Wardhaugh, author of Behind the Scenes: The Life and Work of William Clifford Clark

[White Settler Reserve] highlights the early and ongoing interactions between the Icelanders and Indigenous peoples, beginning with the pre-existing land claims and including the devastating impact of smallpox, adding greater depth and context to the history of New Iceland and to the history of the settlement of the Canadian Northwest.

- Kate MacFarlane, Parks Canada, Manitoba History Journal, Issue 88

White Settler Reserve contextualizes the emigrant story, and triangulates what is sometimes simplified into a binary relationship between settlers and indigenous peoples, lands and humans. - Claire Campbell, Bucknell University, Pacific Northwest Quarterly

White Settler Reserve exposes one of those corners of Canadiana omitted from official records and federal observances of this 150th anniversary of Confederation. It is shocking and intriguing, the best kind of history.

- Holly Doan, Blacklock’s Reporter

White Settler Reserve is a sophisticated and persuasive consideration of the interplay of liberalism, colonization, and emigration, and of that “dialectic process between the centre and the periphery” (p.191) that was an integral part of the iconic story of the settlement of the Canadian West."

- Jane Errington, Histoire sociale/Social history, Volume 52, Numéro/Number 106

Western Canada’s bloc settlements are an understudied aspect of Canadian land policies in the nineteenth century, making Ryan Eyford’s study of New Iceland in Manitoba a welcome addition to the field.

- Sheila McManus, University of Lethbridge, Pacific Historical Review

A particularly powerful aspect of White Settler Reserve is the richly detailed portrait it paints of the "First New Icelanders" who formed communities in this colonization reserve. By bringing their names, experiences, and struggles to this new audience, Eyford has helped to ensure their stories will not be forgotten. - Emma Battell Lowman and Adam J. Barker, Ormsby Review, March 2017

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