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Macmillan Audio Complete Catalogue Oct 2016

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    Distributor: Raincoast Book Distribution Limited Supplies to: CA Availability: Not available (reason unspecified) On Sale Date: Aug 01, 2005 Carton Quantity: 61 $27.50 CAD
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A Book of Five Rings
The Classic Text of Principles, Craft, Skill and Samurai Strategy that Changed the American Way of Doing Business
By (author): Miyamoto Musashi Read by: Stanley Ralph Ross Translated by: Victor Harris
Miyamoto Musashi ,

Read by :

Stanley Ralph Ross ,

Translated by :

Victor Harris


Macmillan Audio



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Form detail:

CD standard audio format
CD-Audio , CD standard audio format


General Trade
Aug 01, 2005
$27.50 CAD
Out of print


5.77in x 5.24 x 0.58 in | 100 gr


Includes 2 CDs with a run time of 1 hour, 30 minutes
Macmillan Audio

This classic book of strategy is now available on cd
Miyamoto Musashi was renowned in his own time as an invincible warrior, a master artisan, an author, and philosopher. Today, his philosophy is still revered by the Japanese and used as a guide for daily decision-making—and business strategy. He wrote A Book of Five Rings not only as a thesis on doing battle, but also as a way to approach and live all aspects of life—"any situation where plans and tactics are used." WhenA Book of Five Rings first appeared on North American bookshelves in 1974, its message took the business community by storm. It provided insight into the then-emerging Japanese influence and offered a new way to think about business. It instantly became a vital tool for assured success and has remained so ever since.The principles in this work are as true today as they were over 300 years ago, and are as valid for business negotiations as for hand-to-hand combat. Based in the principles of Zen and advocating ahands-on approach to mastering the skills for winning, A Book of Five Rings is very likely the most perceptive guide to strategy ever written.

MIYAMOTO MUSASHI (1584-1645) was a renowned samurai warrior who, from age 13 to 30, fought and won over sixty duels. Between the ages of 30 and 50 he became known as a skilled craftsman and sculptor, as well as a calligrapher and a prolific painter. It was during this time that he formulated the ideas that later becameA Book of Five Rings.

“On Wall Street, when Musashi talks, people listen.” —Time

“I have some advice for American businessmen who are trying to figure out why the Japanese excel in business. Buy and study a copy of Musashi'sA Book of Five Rings.” —George Lois, chairman of the board/creative director of Lois Pitts Gershon, New York

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