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Sourcebooks Complete Catalogue Oct 2016

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Lion Taming
Working Successfully with Leaders, Bosses and Other Tough Customers
By (author): Steven Katz
9781402205903 Paperback, Trade English General Trade BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Business Communication / General Nov 01, 2005
$27.99 CAD
Active 5.5 x 8.44 x 0.8 in | 360 gr 304 pages Sourcebooks

"This original, innovative and memorable book that will give you insights on how to work with leaders and executives."—John Glenn, United States Senator and former astronaut

Do you feel that you need a whip and a chair to work effectively with your boss, client, customers, or others? You know the dangers—a growl if you throw them a compliment and a roar if you ever look for thanks!

Lions are the people in all organizations who wield power and influence. They act differently because they think differently. But that doesn't mean that they have to be difficulty to work with! Lion Taming will help you get inside their minds, so you can communicate and work more effectively together.

Based on in-depth interviews and research into real lion tamers as well as the experiences of numerous people at all levels of the workplace, Steven L Katz shows how the secrets of the center ring canlead to a great performance in the office.

Prey, the Enemy or Ignored: Lions make an instinctive calculation the minute any living thing comes into view: You are either prey, the enemy, or ignored. Lion Taming shows you how to avoid all three of these and earn a place in the pride.

The Lion's Four Senses: Every lion in the workplace views things through four senses: Dominance, Territory, Social Standing, and Survival. Understanding these senses, and how to make use of them, will give you a leg up in working with your lion.

Sticking Your Head in the Lion's Mouth: Lion Taming shows you how people stick their heads into the lion's mouth in the office, why it shouldn't be done, and how to avoid it yourself.

Lion Taming Is Really Lion Teaming!: Ultimately, the purpose of lion taming is not just to survive. Lion tamers and lions work together to achieve something that neither could achieve alone. Together, you can leap through the hoop of fire!

Lion Taming also contains more than 75 secrets of the lions tamers and numerous strategies for working with the lions in your workplace, such as:

  • Approaching the lions so the lions will approach you
  • Closing the gap between attention getting and attention using
  • Establishing trust and rapport
  • Building the Lion Team in your office!

Lion Taming is the ultimate guide to everyone's "real"job: working successfully and achieving results with leaders, bosses, and other tough customers!


  • Establish your presence, authenticity and credibility in the eyes of leaders, bosses, and other tough customers
  • Identify the lions around you, and separate the good ones from the bad ones
  • Get inside the lion's skull by learning about The Lion's Four Senses and The Lion's Instinctive Identity
  • Decode the lion's social worlds: the hierarchy and the pride
  • Avoid being the prey, enemy or ignored, and become a very influential member of the pride or organization!

Steven L. Katz has worked for more than twenty years as a right-hand executive and senior advisor to leaders and executives across the worlds of business, politics, government and non-profit organizations. From Capitol Hill and the White House to boardrooms, clients, and customers, the author has developed the art of lion taming and added it to the lexicon of leadership and the workplace. Steven L. Katz has degrees in anthropology, history, and law. He lives with his familyoutside Washington, D.C. For more information go to

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