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    Perfect Youth The Birth of Canadian Punk Paperback Sam Sutherland 9781770410657 $22.95 MUSIC Oct 01, 2012
    A forgotten musical and cultural history of drunks and miscreants, future country stars and political strategists Perfect Youth is the story of the birth of Canadian punk, a transformative cultural force that reared its head across the country at the end of the 1970s. Bands like D.O.A., the Subhumans, the Viletones, and Teenage Head — alongside lesser-known regional acts from all over Canada — reshaped a dull musical landscape, injecting new energy and new sounds into halls, bars, and record stores from Victoria to St. John’s. Reaching... + Read More
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    Far From Over The Music and Life of Drake, The Unofficial Story Paperback Dalton Higgins 9781770410015 $16.95 MUSIC Oct 01, 2012
    Spotlighting one of today’s most talked about and successful musicians, this unauthorized biography showcases the Grammy-winning talent of hip-hop artist Aubrey Graham, aka Drake. The account reveals the entertainer as a triple threat: a rapper, a singer, and an actor whose journey to fame has been nothing short of atypical. From his debut going double platinum and selling millions of copies in the United States alone to topping the Billboard 200 charts and spawning numerous hits, this chronicle reviews Drake’s numerous achievements, incl... + Read More
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    My First Guitar Tales of True Love and Lost Chords from 70 Legendary Musicians Paperback Julia Crowe 9781770410558 $19.95 MUSIC Sep 01, 2012
    Famous guitarists reveal the stories behind their first six-string and their lifelong passion for music Every guitarist remembers his or her first instrument, the guitar that was a gateway to a lifetime of passion and commitment. In My First Guitar, Julia Crowe presents original interviews with some of the world’s leading guitarists across a variety of genres, including Les Paul, Dick Dale, Carlos Santana, Peter Frampton, Jimmie Vaughan, Alex Lifeson, Joe Satriani, Melissa Etheridge, Paco Peña, Lee Ranaldo, George Benson, and Jimmy Page. ... + Read More
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    Too Much Trouble A Very Oral History of Danko Jones Paperback Stuart Berman 9781770411357 $24.95 MUSIC Oct 01, 2012
    Danko Jones may be a straight-forward rock band, but their story is anything but. They’re a band that has roots in many different music communities — the North American indie-rock scene, the Scandinavian garage-rock scene, the European metal scene — but belong to none of them. They’re the only band that’s toured with both Blonde Redhead and Nickelback, and they’re the only band whose biography could attract a cast of characters that includes Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, Elijah Wood, Ralph Macchio, Peaches, Dizzy Reed of Guns N’ Roses, Dami... + Read More
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    Fifty Sides of the Beach Boys The Songs that Tell Their Story Paperback Mark Dillon 9781770410718 $19.95 MUSIC Jun 01, 2012
    “A vivid account . . . Young and old fans alike will enjoy.” — Publishers Weekly This book offers a unique journey through The Beach Boys’ long, fascinating history by telling the stories behind fifty of the band’s greatest songs from the perspective of group members, collaborators, fellow musicians, and notable fans. Filled with new interviews with music legends such as Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Alan Jardine, Bruce Johnston, David Marks, Blondie Chaplin, Randy Bachman, Roger McGuinn, John Sebastian, Lyle Lovett, Alice Cooper, and Al Koo... + Read More
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    Trouble in the Camera Club A Photographic Narrative of Toronto's Punk History 1976-1980 Paperback Don Pyle 9781550229660 $29.95 USD PHOTOGRAPHY May 01, 2011
    ?Trouble in the Camera Club features over 300 photographs by Don Pyle and another 200 images of related ephemera from the earliest days of Toronto’s punk music scene, featuring early gigs by Toronto bands like The Viletones, Teenage Head, The Curse, The Diodes, and The Ugly, and visiting punks the Ramones, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, The Clash, Vibrators, The Stranglers, and other artists influential to the punk movement including Bryan Ferry, David Bowie, and Cheap Trick. Starting in 1976, at age 14, Don Pyle witnessed and photographed some of the... + Read More
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    Have Not Been the Same (rev) The CanRock Renaissance 1985-1995 2nd Edition, Revised Paperback Michael Barclay 9781550229929 $29.95 MUSIC Jun 01, 2011
    ?Published in autumn 2001, Have Not Been the Same became the first book to comprehensively document the rise of Canadian underground rock between the years 1985 and 1995. It was a tumultuous decade that saw the arrival of Blue Rodeo, The Tragically Hip, Sarah McLachlan, Sloan, Barenaked Ladies, Daniel Lanois, and many others who made an indelible mark not only on Canadian culture, but on the global stage as well. Have Not Been the Same tells all of their stories in rich detail through extensive first-person interviews, while at the same tim... + Read More
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    Treat Me Like Dirt An Oral History of Punk in Toronto and Beyond 1977-1981 Paperback Liz Worth 9781770410671 $22.95 MUSIC Oct 01, 2011
    Treat Me Like Dirt captures the personalities that drove the original Toronto punk scene. This is the first book to document the histories of the Diodes, Viletones, and Teenage Head, along with other bands (B-Girls, Curse, Demics, Dishes, Forgotten Rebels, Johnny & the G-Rays, the Mods, the Poles, Simply Saucer, the Ugly and more) and fans that brought the punk scene to life in Toronto. This book is a punk rock road map, full of chaos, betrayal, pain, disappointments, failure, success, and the pure rock ’n’ roll energy that frames this lay... + Read More
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    Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book Paperback Aye Jay 9781550228724 $9.95 HUMOR Apr 01, 2009
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    The Top 500 Heavy Metal Albums of All Time Paperback Martin Popoff 9781550226003 $24.95 MUSIC Apr 01, 2004
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    Judas Priest Heavy Metal Painkillers-An Illustrated History Paperback Martin Popoff 9781550227840 $24.95 MUSIC Dec 01, 2007
  • 12. catalogue cover
    Black Sabbath Doom Let Loose: An Illustrated History Paperback Martin Popoff 9781550227314 $24.95 MUSIC Aug 20, 2006
  • 13. catalogue cover
    The Top 500 Heavy Metal Songs of All Time Paperback Martin Popoff 9781550225303 $24.95 MUSIC Oct 01, 2002
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    Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book Paperback Aye Jay Morano 9781550227987 $11.95 MUSIC Sep 01, 2007
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    Rick Rubin In the Studio Paperback Jake Brown 9781550228755 $24.95 MUSIC Aug 01, 2009
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    Metallica: The Club Dayz, 1982-1984 Live, Raw and Without a Photo Pit! Paperback Bill Hale 9781550228762 $19.95 USD MUSIC Apr 01, 2009
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    Grunge Is Dead The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music Paperback Greg Prato 9781550228779 $26.95 MUSIC Apr 01, 2009
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    Whispering Pines The Northern Roots of American Music ... From Hank Snow to The Band Hardcover Jason Schneider 9781550228748 $28.95 MUSIC Jul 01, 2009
  • 19. catalogue cover
    Bayou Underground Tracing the mythical roots of American popular music Paperback Dave Thompson 9781550229622 $19.95 MUSIC Sep 01, 2010
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    You Can’t Always Get What You Want My Life with the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead and other wonderful Reprobates Paperback Sam Cutler 9781550229325 $19.95 MUSIC Apr 01, 2010
  • 21. catalogue cover
    Tori Amos In the Studio Paperback Jake Brown 9781550229455 $19.95 MUSIC May 01, 2011
  • 22. catalogue cover
    Céline Beyond the Image Hardcover Diane Massicotte 9781770410923 $39.95 MUSIC May 01, 2012
  • 23. catalogue cover
    Taylor Swift The Platinum Edition Paperback Liv Spencer 9781770411517 $12.95 MUSIC Jun 01, 2013

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