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    Series: Nature | History | Society Inventing Stanley Park An Environmental History Paperback Sean Kheraj 9780774824255 $29.95 HISTORY Grade (US) from 17 Aug 01, 2013
    In early December 2006, a powerful windstorm ripped through Vancouver’s Stanley Park. The storm transformed the city’s most treasured landmark into a tangle of splintered trees and shattered a decades-old vision of the park as timeless virgin wilderness. In Inventing Stanley Park, Sean Kheraj traces how the tension between popular expectations of idealized nature and the volatility of complex ecosystems helped transform the landscape of one of the world’s most famous urban parks. This beautifully illustrated book not only depicts the natur... + Read More
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    Canoe Nation Nature, Race, and the Making of a Canadian Icon Paperback Bruce Erickson 9780774822497 $32.95 HISTORY Grade (US) from 17 Jan 01, 2014
    More than an ancient means of transportation and trade, the canoe has come to be a symbol of Canada itself. In Canoe Nation, Bruce Erickson argues that the canoe’s sentimental power has come about through a set of narratives that attempt to legitimize a particular vision of Canada that overvalues the nation’s connection to nature. From Alexander Mackenzie to Grey Owl to Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the canoe authenticates Canada’s reputation as a tolerant, environmentalist nation, even when there is abundant evidence to the contrary. Ultimately, the... + Read More
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    Strong, Beautiful and Modern National Fitness in Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, 1935-1960 Paperback Charlotte Macdonald 9780774825290 $34.95 HISTORY Grade (US) from 17 Jul 01, 2013
    In the late 1930s and early 1940s, a wave of state-sponsored “national fitness” programs swept Britain and its former settler colonies. In Strong, Beautiful and Modern, Charlotte Macdonald shows how governments encouraged citizens to be healthier and more active, thereby reinforcing the cultural ties of the Empire. At a time when government concern over public health issues such as obesity are once again on the rise, Macdonald explains why the first national fitness drive ultimately failed. This book is a lively investigation into how people an... + Read More
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    Series: Law and Society “Don’t Be So Gay!” Queers, Bullying, and Making Schools Safe Paperback Donn Short 9780774823272 $32.95 EDUCATION Grade (US) from 17 Jul 01, 2013
    Recent cases of teen suicide linked with homophobic bullying have thrust the issue of school safety into the national spotlight. In “Don’t Be So Gay!” Queers, Bullying, and Making Schools Safe, Donn Short considers the effectiveness of safe-school legislation. Drawing on interviews with queer youth and their allies in the Toronto area, Short concludes that current legislation is more responsive than proactive. Moreover, cultural influences and peer pressure may be more powerful than legislation in shaping the school environment. Exploring how s... + Read More
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    Parties, Elections, and the Future of Canadian Politics Paperback Amanda Bittner 9780774824095 $34.95 POLITICAL SCIENCE Grade (US) from 17 Jul 01, 2013
    On May 2, 2011, as Canadians watched the federal election results roll in and Stephen Harper’s Conservatives achieve a majority, it appeared that we were witnessing a major shift in the political landscape. In reality, Canadian politics had been changing for quite some time. This volume provides the first account of the political upheavals of the past two decades and speculates on the future of the country’s national party system. By documenting how parties and voters responded to new challenges between 1993 and 2011, this book sheds light on o... + Read More
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    The Industrial Diet The Degradation of Food and the Struggle for Healthy Eating Paperback Anthony Winson 9780774825528 $32.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Aug 01, 2013
    The Industrial Diet chronicles the long-term transformation of food from a natural resource into an edible commodity that far too often fails to nourish us. Anthony Winson reveals how a combination of technological changes, population growth, and political and economic factors helped constitute and transform mass dietary regimes from the nineteenth century to the present day, and he offers new evidence linking broad-based dietary changes with negative health effects. With its focus on the degradation of food and the emergent struggle for health... + Read More
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    Grow Food, Cook Food, Share Food Perspectives on Eating from the Past and a Preliminary Agenda for the Future Paperback Ken Albala 9780870717185 $24.95 COOKING Oct 01, 2013
    Grow Food, Cook Food, Share Food is a practical food history lesson, an editorial about everything gone wrong with modern food, and a call to arms – of the kitchen knife variety. Historian Ken Albala relates his experiences of growing, cooking, and sharing food in ways that people did in the past, ways that we have needlessly lost. He finds lessons in surprising places, including obscure seventeenth century Italian farmer/nobles, ancient statesmen, and quirky cheesemakers from centuries ago. A rare but important variety of historical activism, ... + Read More
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    Food, Genes, and Culture Eating Right for Your Origins Paperback Gary Paul Nabhan 9781610914925 $28.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Sep 24, 2013
    Every diet seems to promise a one-size-fits-all solution to health. But they ignore the diversity of human genes and how they interact with what we eat. In Food, Genes, and Culture, renowned ethnobotanist Gary Nabhan shows why the perfect diet for one person could be disastrous for another. He traces food traditions around the world, from Bali to Mexico, uncovering the links between ancestry and individual responses to food. Readers will not only learn why diabetes is running rampant among Indigenous peoples and heart disease has risen among th... + Read More
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    Seven Modern Plagues and How We Are Causing Them Paperback Mark Jerome Walters 9781610914659 $24.95 HEALTH & FITNESS Dec 15, 2013
    From Bird Flu to Mad Cow to West Nile Virus, dangerous emerging diseases may not be simple accidents of nature. According to veterinarian and journalist Mark Walters, humans are contributing to – if not overtly causing – some of the scariest epidemics of our time. By emitting carbon, feeding naturally herbivorous cows “recycled animal protein,” clear-cutting forests, and otherwise changing the environment, we are inviting disease. Through human stories and cutting-edge science, Walters explores the origins of our contemporary plagues – the firs... + Read More
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    Vital Face Facial Exercises and Massage for Health and Beauty Paperback Leena Kiviluoma 9781848191662 $26.95 HEALTH & FITNESS Jul 01, 2013
    This fully illustrated handbook guides you through stretching and massage techniques to relax the facial, neck, and shoulder muscles, with particular emphasis on the jaw, where tension is often held. The exercises address health issues such as teeth clenching and grinding, pain in the face, jaw, head, or neck, and can even relieve the effects of Bell's Palsy. They also achieve positive cosmetic results such as reduced facial lines and healthy glowing skin. The strengthening exercises will help to lift the facial features and prevent facial sagg... + Read More
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    Mudras of Yoga 72 Hand Gestures for Healing and Spiritual Growth Cards Cain Carroll 9781848191761 $33.95 HEALTH & FITNESS Dec 28, 2013
    This card set provides 72 of the most important hand mudras used in Indian yoga. The gestures presented support mental and spiritual development and have a range of different health benefits. Each card presents a full-colour image of the mudra with the accurate Sanskrit name, transliteration, and English translation. They also include concise information on techniques and applications as well as detailing the physical, energetic, and spiritual benefits of the mudra. The accompanying booklet contains information on the mudras and how to practice... + Read More
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    Musical Cognition A Science of Listening Paperback Henkjan Honing 9781412852920 $26.95 PSYCHOLOGY Oct 31, 2013
    Musical Cognition includes a selection of intriguing examples from recent literature exploring the role that an implicit or explicit knowledge of music plays when one listens to it. The scope of the topics discussed ranges from the ability of newborns to perceive a beat to the unexpected musical expertise of ordinary listeners. In music, our cognitive functions such as perception, memory, attention, and expectation are challenged; yet, as listeners, we often do not realize that we play an active role in reaching the awareness that makes music s... + Read More
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    The Journey of G. Mastorna The Film Fellini Didn't Make 1st edition Paperback Federico Fellini 9781782382300 $32.99 PERFORMING ARTS Aug 01, 2013
    Federico Fellini’s script for perhaps the most famous unmade film in Italian cinema, The Journey of G. Mastorna (1965/6), is published here for the first time in full English translation. It offers the reader a remarkable insight into Fellini’s creative process and his fascination with human mortality and the great mystery of death. Written in collaboration with Dino Buzzati, Brunello Rondi, and Bernardino Zapponi, the project was ultimately abandoned for a number of reasons, including Fellini’s near death, although it continued to inhabit hi... + Read More
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    Robert Davidson Abstract Impulse Paperback Barbara Brotherton 9780932216694 $45.95 ART Grade (US) from 17 Nov 01, 2013
    For over forty years Robert Davidson has absorbed the bedrock art traditions of Haida art and craft, working in the ancient forms of his grandfather, the influential Haida artist Charles Edensaw. Davidson has taken new directions within the highly disciplined structure of the old Northwest Coast models – in wood sculpture, ceremonial arts, jewelry, and prints. Less known are his recent forays into abstraction, explored in boldly minimalist easel paintings, graphic work, and sculpture. Pared to essential lines, elemental shapes, and bold ... + Read More
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    Series: Our Lives: Diary, Memoir, and Letters Series Xwelíqwiya The Life of a Stó:lo Matriarch Paperback Rena Point Bolton 9781927356562 $34.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Grade (US) from 17 Oct 01, 2013
    Xwelíqwiya is the life story of Rena Point Bolton, a Stó:lo (or, as they are now called, Xwélmexw) matriarch, artist, and craftswoman. Proceeding by way of conversational vignettes, the beginning chapters recount Point Bolton's early years on the banks of the Fraser River during the Depression. While at the time the Stó:lo, or Xwélmexw, as they call themselves today, kept secret their ways of life to avoid persecution by the Canadian government, Point Bolton’s mother and grandmother schooled her in the skills needed for living from what the lan... + Read More
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    American Indians and the American Imaginary Cultural Representation across the Centuries Paperback Pauline Turner Strong 9781612050485 $33.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Jul 01, 2013
    At a time when Indigenous peoples worldwide are asserting their rights, American Indians and the American Imaginary offers an ethnographic and historical perspective on the power of representations of Native Americans in American public culture. The book’s wide-ranging case studies move from colonial captivity narratives to modern film, from the campfire to the sports arena, from legal and scholarly texts to tribally controlled museums and cultural centers.
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    Series: Emil and Kathleen Sick Book Series in Western History and Biography Encounters in Avalanche Country A History of Survival in the Mountain West, 1820-1920 Hardcover Diana L. Di Stefano 9780295993140 $34.95 HISTORY Grade (US) from 17 Sep 10, 2013
    Every winter settlers of the U.S. and Canadian Mountain West could expect to lose dozens of lives to deadly avalanches. This constant threat to trappers, miners, railway workers-and their families-forced individuals and communities to develop knowledge, share strategies, and band together as they tried to survive the extreme conditions of "avalanche country." The result of this convergence, author Diana Di Stefano argues, was a complex network of formal and informal cooperation that used disaster preparedness to engage legal action and instill ... + Read More
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    The Battle for the Fourteenth Colony America’s War of Liberation in Canada, 1774–1776 Hardcover Mark R. Anderson 9781611684971 $44.00 HISTORY Nov 01, 2013
    In this dramatic retelling of one of history’s great “what-ifs,” Mark R. Anderson examines the American colonies’ campaign to bring Quebec into the Continental confederation and free the Canadians from British “tyranny.” This significant reassessment of a little-studied campaign examines the developments on both sides of the border that rapidly proceeded from peaceful diplomatic overtures to a sizable armed intervention. The military narrative encompasses Richard Montgomery’s plodding initial operations, Canadian partisan cooperation with offic... + Read More
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    Strategic Nonviolent Power The Science of Satyagraha Paperback Mark A. Mattaini 9781927356418 $29.99 POLITICAL SCIENCE Grade (US) from 17 Oct 31, 2013
    Strategic Nonviolent Power proposes that the route to what Gandhi described as the “undreamt of and seemingly impossible discoveries” of nonviolent resistance is the application of rigorous science. Although not a simple science, Mattaini’s application of ecological science grounded in the science of behaviour brings exceptional power to the struggle for justice and liberation. At a time when civil resistance is actively reshaping global political realities, the science of nonviolent struggle deserves the attention of the scientific, activist, ... + Read More
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    Predicting the Unthinkable, Anticipating the Impossible From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to America in the New Century Paperback Georgie Anne Geyer 9781412852784 $32.95 POLITICAL SCIENCE Dec 31, 2013
    Geyer studies the history of nations and of peoples; observes human nature, particularly as influenced by religion and ideology; and is a close analyst of the acts of men and women when they perceive they have been humiliated by others or by history. She warns citizens and journalists that we must anticipate the changes in the world before they are upon us and that we must employ predictions to strengthen our nation and its principles.
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    Salmon, People, and Place A Biologist’s Search for Salmon Recovery Paperback Jim Lichatowich 9780870717246 $28.95 NATURE Oct 01, 2013
    Drawing on his forty-three-year career in the field, Jim Lichatowich describes the myths, assumptions, and beliefs underlying salmon management and recovery programs. In Salmon, People, Place, he reflects on the failure of plans based on the idea that natural salmon-sustaining ecosystems can be duplicated by hatcheries and the incorporation of salmon into the industrial food production system. Asserting the need for a new "salmon story," Lichatowich provides management agencies and individuals specific steps designed to change the way we all th... + Read More
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    Collared Politics and Personalities in Oregon's Wolf Country Paperback Aimee Lyn Eaton 9780870717062 $23.95 NATURE Oct 01, 2013
    Collared: Politics and Personalities in Oregon's Wolf Country traces the events that unfolded in Oregon as wolves from the Canadian Rocky Mountain's reintroduced population began to disperse west across state lines. From the ranching communities in Oregon's rural northeast corner to the halls of the state capitol in Salem, Collared captures the tensions and emotions that accompany one of North America's most controversial apex predators.
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    The Devil’s Cormorant A Natural History Hardcover Richard J. King 9781611682250 $55.00 HISTORY Aug 01, 2013
    Behold the cormorant: silent, still, cruciform, and brooding; flashing, soaring, quick as a snake. Evolution has crafted the only creature on Earth that can migrate the length of a continent, dive and hunt deep underwater, perch comfortably on a branch or a wire, walk on land, climb up cliff-faces, feed on thousands of different species, and live beside both fresh and salt water in a vast global range of temperatures and altitudes, often in close proximity to man. Long a symbol of gluttony, greed, bad luck, and evil, the cormorant has led a tro... + Read More
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    Pests in the City Flies, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, and Rats Hardcover Dawn Day Biehler 9780295993010 $39.95 NATURE Grade (US) from 17 Oct 01, 2013
    From tenements to alleyways to latrines, twentieth-century cities created spaces where pests flourished and people struggled for healthy living conditions. Biehler argues that the ecologies that supported pests were shaped not only by the physical features of cities but also by social inequalities, housing policies, and ideas about domestic space. Community activists and social reformers strived to control pests in cities, but fell short when families and neighbourhood culture were blamed for infestations rather than racial segregation and urba... + Read More
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    How to Study Public Life Methods in Urban Design Hardcover Jan Gehl 9781610914239 $45.95 ARCHITECTURE Oct 15, 2013
    Life is unpredictable, complex, and ephemeral, so how on earth can anyone plan how life will play out in cities? Studying city life and understanding the factors that encourage or discourage use is the key to designing inviting public space. Studies can be used as input in the decision-making process, as part of overall planning, or in designing individual projects such as streets, squares, or parks. In How to Study Public Life, Jan Gehl and Birgitte Svarre draw from their combined experience of over fifty years to provide a history of public-... + Read More
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    Series: Camino del Sol Mañana Means Heaven Hardcover Tim Z. Hernandez 9780816530359 $30.95 FICTION Aug 29, 2013
    In this love story of impossible odds, award-winning writer Tim Z. Hernandez weaves a rich and visionary portrait of Bea Franco, the real woman behind famed American author Jack Kerouac’s “The Mexican Girl.” Set against an ominous backdrop of California in the 1940s, deep in the agricultural heartland of the Great Central Valley, Mañana Means Heaven reveals the desperate circumstances that lead a married woman to an illicit affair with an aspiring young writer traveling across the United States.When they meet, Franco is a migrant farmworker wit... + Read More
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    The Shadows of Owls A Novel Hardcover John Keeble 9780295993157 $43.40 FICTION Grade (US) from 17 Nov 01, 2013
    In a literary thriller about science, power, and the lives of ordinary people, John Keeble tells the story of a woman whose passion for her work puts herself and her family at serious risk.Kate DeShazer is a marine biologist whose research threatens the construction of an oil pipeline in Alaska's Chukchi Sea. A group of extremists, hired by an international petroleum conglomerate, intimidate her, steal her records, and leave her fighting for her life. Her husband Jack and son Travis are pulled into a web of international intrigue and violence a... + Read More
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    The Itsy Bitsy Spider Hardcover Rebecca Emberley 9781931807746 $12.95 USD JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 4 - 7 Jun 21, 2013
    This oft-loved nursery rhyme benefits from the collaboration between author/illustrators Rebecca Emberley and her father, Caldecott award winner Ed Emberley. The Emberleys have created 10 books together, and like their previous work, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" virtually explodes with riotus color! They chose to stay true to the original rhyme, while giving the spider their own special touch. Whether it's a child's first experience with this timeless classic, or the 100th, the Emberleys' version is sure to please.
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    The Foster Parenting Manual A Practical Guide to Creating a Loving, Safe and Stable Home Paperback John DeGarmo 9781849059565 $24.95 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Jul 01, 2013
    The Foster Parenting Manual is a comprehensive guide offering proven, friendly advice for novice and experienced parents alike. Distilling many years’ experience into one book, foster and adoptive parent John DeGarmo combines his own hard-won wisdom with that of fellow foster parents. He describe what to expect from the process, how to access help and support and how to ensure the best care for your child. The Foster Parenting Manual will offer seasoned, sympathetic advice that will be valued by foster parents and the professionals who support ... + Read More
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    Can I tell you about Adoption? A guide for friends, family and professionals Paperback Anne Braff Brodzinsky 9781849059428 $17.95 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Age (years) from 7 - 11 Sep 28, 2013
    Meet Chelsea – a young girl who is adopted. Chelsea invites readers to learn about adoption from her perspective, helping them to understand what being adopted means, what it feels like to be adopted, and the experiences and challenges that follow the adoption process. Questions faced by kids adopted transracially are also explored by two of her friends, Kira and Adilu. This accessible guide is accompanied by illustrations for young people, aged seven and upwards, as well as parents, friends, teachers, and professionals working with adopted chi... + Read More


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