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    Food Junkies Recovery from Food Addiction 2nd edition Paperback Vera Tarman 9781459741973 $24.99 HEALTH & FITNESS Jan 05, 2019
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    Your Fittest Future Self Making Choices Today for a Happier, Healthier, Fitter Future You Paperback Kathleen Trotter 9781459741287 $19.99 HEALTH & FITNESS Jan 05, 2019
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    This Shall Be a House of Peace Paperback Phil Halton 9781459742239 $22.00 FICTION Jan 12, 2019
    After the collapse of Afghanistan’s Soviet-backed government, a mullah finds himself doing anything to protect his students. Chaos reigns in the wake of the collapse of Afghanistan's Soviet-backed government. In the rural, warlord-ruled south, a student is badly beaten at a checkpoint run by bandits. His teacher, who leads a madrassa for orphans left behind by Afghanistan’s civil war, leads his students back to the checkpoint and forces the bandits out. His actions set in motion a chain of events that will change the balance of power in his co... + Read More
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    The Greenhouse Approach Cultivating Intrapreneurship in Companies and Organizations Paperback Chitra Anand 9781459742857 $22.99 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Jan 12, 2019
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    Blamed and Broken The Mounties and the Death of Robert Dziekanski Paperback Curt Petrovich 9781459742932 $20.99 TRUE CRIME Jan 12, 2019
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    Do You Ever Cry, Dad? A Father's Guide to Surviving Family Breakup Paperback I.J. Schecter 9781459742673 $22.00 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Jan 19, 2019
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    The Wrecking Crew Operation Colossus, 10 February 1941 Paperback Colonel Bernd Horn 9781459743380 $24.99 HISTORY Jan 19, 2019
  • 8. catalogue cover
    The Guinea Pig Club Archibald McIndoe and the RAF in World War II Paperback Emily Mayhew 9781459743458 $24.99 HISTORY Jan 19, 2019
  • 9. catalogue cover
    Through, Not Around Stories of Infertility and Pregnancy Loss Paperback Allison McDonald Ace 9781459742963 $21.00 HEALTH & FITNESS Jan 26, 2019
    Everything doesn't (always) happen for a reason. Infertility and pregnancy loss can be devastating, yet both are often private sorrows for the one in six people who cope with the experience. This collection offers personal stories about what it's like to go through the emotional and physical facets of infertility, miscarriage, and pregnancy loss: the pain, sadness, and desperation, the hope, humour, and frustration. Through, Not Around offers reassurance to those in the midst of their own struggles that they are not alone and that it is possi... + Read More
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    Gridiron Underground Black American Journeys in Canadian Football Paperback James R. Wallen 9781459743212 $23.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Jan 26, 2019
    Canada couldn’t guarantee them greatness but offered the freedom and opportunity they needed to achieve it. In 1951, Bernie Custis, a standout quarterback at Syracuse, had his invitation to the national East-West All-Star game rescinded when the organizers discovered he was black. In 1978, Warren Moon — the only player to be inducted into both the Canadian and American football halls of fame — went unselected as a quarterback in the NFL draft. With the NFL insisting that a black player could not lead a team, generations of promising athletes we... + Read More
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    Series: A Dan Sharp Mystery Shadow Puppet A Dan Sharp Mystery Paperback Jeffrey Round 9781459740600 $16.99 FICTION Feb 02, 2019
  • 12. catalogue cover
    This May Hurt a Bit Reinventing Canada's Health Care System Paperback Stephen Skyvington 9781459742437 $25.00 MEDICAL Feb 02, 2019
  • 13. catalogue cover
    Soar, Adam, Soar Paperback Rick Prashaw 9781459742765 $22.00 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Feb 02, 2019
    “Coming out. Coming in. Coming home.” Adam Prashaw’s life was full of surprises from the moment he was born. Assigned female at birth, and with parents who had been expecting a boy, he spent years living as “Rebecca Danielle Adam Prashaw” before coming to terms with being a transgender man. Adam captured hearts with his humour, compassion, and intensity. After a tragic accident cut his life short, he left a legacy of changed lives and a trove of social media posts documenting his life, relationships, transition, and struggles with epilepsy, al... + Read More
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    Wasted Time Paperback Edward Hertrich 9781459743519 $22.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Feb 09, 2019
  • 15. catalogue cover
    Swimming with Horses Paperback Oakland Ross 9781459743540 $20.99 FICTION Feb 09, 2019
    An unlikely friendship between a Canadian teenager and a South African girl sparks a journey to untangle an unsolved murder. Eighteen-year-old Hilary Anson’s startling good looks and wanton ways scandalize the denizens of sleepy Kelso County, but young Sam Mitchell is instantly enthralled by his new friend. Over one sun-soaked summer, Hilary vastly improves Sam’s equestrian skills, while dropping inscrutable details about her past in apartheid-era South Africa. Mysteries mount until Hilary vanishes, leaving at least one unsolved murder in her ... + Read More
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    Series: Voyageur Classics The Deserter Paperback Douglas LePan 9781459743267 $26.99 FICTION Feb 16, 2019
  • 17. catalogue cover
    A Doctor's Quest The Struggle for Mother-and-Child Health Around the Globe 2nd edition Paperback Gretchen Roedde 9781459743328 $23.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Feb 16, 2019
  • 18. catalogue cover
    The Greatest Athlete (You've Never Heard Of) Canada's First Olympic Gold Medallist Paperback Mark Hebscher 9781459743359 $21.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Feb 16, 2019
  • 19. catalogue cover
    The Avro Arrow For the Record Paperback Palmiro Campagna 9781459743175 $29.99 TRANSPORTATION Feb 16, 2019
  • 20. catalogue cover
    Series: A Max O'Brien Mystery The Tanzania Conspiracy A Max O'Brien Mystery Paperback Mario Bolduc 9781459736092 $17.99 FICTION Oct 06, 2018
  • 21. catalogue cover
    Heavy Flow Breaking the Curse of Menstruation Paperback Amanda Laird 9781459743137 $22.99 HEALTH & FITNESS Feb 23, 2019
  • 22. catalogue cover
    Screwed How Women Are Set Up to Fail at Sex Paperback Lili Boisvert 9781459743571 $20.99 USD SOCIAL SCIENCE Feb 23, 2019
  • 23. catalogue cover
    Series: B.C. Blues Crime Series Flights and Falls Paperback R.M. Greenaway 9781459741508 $17.99 FICTION Mar 16, 2019
  • 24. catalogue cover
    Becoming a Somebody The Biography of Ignat Kaneff Electronic book text, EPUB Steven Nyczyk 9781459743809 $14.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Sep 21, 2019
  • 25. catalogue cover
    New Ways of Understanding Autism Paperback Brigitte Harrisson 9781459743601 $17.99 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Mar 16, 2019
  • 26. catalogue cover
    Day Nine A Postpartum Depression Memoir Paperback Amanda Munday 9781459744455 $18.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Mar 30, 2019
  • 27. catalogue cover
    The Stone Frigate The Royal Military College's First Female Cadet Speaks Out Paperback Kate Armstrong 9781459744059 $21.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Mar 02, 2019
  • 28. catalogue cover
    The Court of Better Fiction Three Trials, Two Executions, and Arctic Sovereignty Paperback Debra Komar 9781459744080 $21.99 TRUE CRIME Mar 16, 2019
  • 29. catalogue cover
    A Grander Vision My Life in the Labour Movement Paperback Sid Ryan 9781459744257 $24.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Apr 27, 2019
  • 30. catalogue cover
    Lies that Bind Paperback Penelope Williams 9781459745148 $19.99 FICTION Apr 20, 2019


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