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Spring 2015 Trade Catalogue

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    Series: The C.D. Howe Series in Canadian Political History Grit The Life and Politics of Paul Martin Sr. Hardcover Greg Donaghy 9780774829113 $39.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Grade (US) from 17 May 01, 2015
    “I am not afraid to be called a politician,” declared Paul Martin Sr., defending his life’s work in politics. “Next to preaching the word of God, there is nothing nobler than to serve one’s fellow countrymen in government.” This book examines Martin’s remarkable career as a liberal reformer and cabinet minister who tackled the issues of his day with consummate political skill and gritty determination. Though some mocked his ambition and doubted his progressive politics, his resolute championing of health care and pension rights, new meanings fo... + Read More
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    Reviving Social Democracy The Near Death and Surprising Rise of the Federal NDP Paperback David Laycock 9780774828505 $32.95 POLITICAL SCIENCE Grade (US) from 17 Feb 01, 2015
    In 2011, the NDP stunned political pundits by becoming the Official Opposition in the House of Commons. After near collapse in the 1993 election, how did the NDP manage to win triple the seats of its Liberal rivals and take more than three-quarters of the ridings in Quebec? This book examines the federal NDP’s transformation from “nearly dead party” to new power player within a volatile party system. Its early chapters – on the party’s emergence in the 1960s, its presence in Quebec, and the Jack Layton factor – pave the way for insightful analy... + Read More
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    Rebel Youth 1960s Labour Unrest, Young Workers, and New Leftists in English Canada Paperback Ian Milligan 9780774826884 $32.95 HISTORY Grade (US) from 17 Jan 15, 2015
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    Series: Contemporary Chinese Studies Cultivating Connections The Making of Chinese Prairie Canada Paperback Alison R. Marshall 9780774828017 $32.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Grade (US) from 17 Jan 15, 2015
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    Food Will Win the War The Politics, Culture, and Science of Food on Canada’s Home Front Paperback Ian Mosby 9780774827621 $32.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Grade (US) from 17 Jan 31, 2015
    During the Second World War, as Canada struggled to provide its allies with food, public health officials warned that malnutrition could derail the war effort. Posters admonished Canadians to “Eat Right” because “Canada Needs You Strong” while cookbooks helped housewives become “housoldiers” through food rationing, menu substitutions, and household production. Ian Mosby explores the symbolic and material transformations that food and eating underwent as the Canadian state took unprecedented steps into the kitchens of the nation, changing the wa... + Read More
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    Series: Shared: Oral and Public History According to Baba A Collaborative Oral History of Sudbury’s Ukrainian Community Paperback Stacey Zembrzycki 9780774826969 $32.95 HISTORY Grade (US) from 17 Jan 15, 2015
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    French Canadians, Furs, and Indigenous Women in the Making of the Pacific Northwest Paperback Jean Barman 9780774828055 $39.95 HISTORY Grade (US) from 17 Feb 01, 2015
    Jean Barman rewrites the history of the Pacific Northwest from the perspective of the French Canadians involved in the fur economy, the Indigenous women whose presence in their lives encouraged them to stay, and their descendants. For half a century, French Canadians were the region’s largest group of newcomers, facilitating early overland crossings, driving the fur economy, initiating non-wholly-Indigenous agricultural settlement, and easing relations with Indigenous peoples. When the region was divided in 1846, they also ensured that the nort... + Read More
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    Series: Women and Indigenous Studies Written as I Remember It Teachings (??ms t???w) from the Life of a Sliammon Elder Paperback Elsie Paul 9780774827119 $39.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Grade (US) from 17 Feb 01, 2015
    Long before vacationers discovered BC’s Sunshine Coast, the Sliammon, a Coast Salish people, called the region home. In this remarkable book, Sliammon elder Elsie Paul collaborates with a scholar, Paige Raibmon, and her granddaughter, Harmony Johnson, to tell her life story and the history of her people, in her own words and storytelling style. Raised by her grandparents who took her on their seasonal travels, Paul spent most of her childhood learning Sliammon ways, teachings, and stories and is one of the last surviving mother-tongue speakers ... + Read More
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    “Métis” Race, Recognition, and the Struggle for Indigenous Peoplehood Paperback Chris Andersen 9780774827225 $32.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Grade (US) from 17 Jan 15, 2015
    Ask any Canadian what “Métis” means, and they will likely say “mixed race.” Canadians consider Métis mixed in ways that other Indigenous people are not, and the census and courts have premised their recognition of Métis status on this race-based understanding. Andersen argues that Canada got it wrong. From its roots deep in the colonial past, the idea of Métis as mixed has slowly pervaded the Canadian consciousness until it settled in the realm of common sense. In the process, “Métis” has become a racial category rather than the identity of an ... + Read More
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    Ozette Excavating a Makah Whaling Village Paperback Ruth Kirk 9780295994628 $52.40 HISTORY Grade (US) from 17 Apr 01, 2015
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    Arctic Ambitions Captain Cook and the Northwest Passage Hardcover Robin Inglis 9780295993997 $54.95 HISTORY Feb 01, 2015
    Arctic Ambitions sheds new light on Cook's northern exploration. A collection of essays from an international and interdisciplinary group of experts, the book uses artifacts, charts, and records of the encounters between Indigenous peoples and explorers to tell the story of this remarkable voyage and its historical context. Finally, the book also uses Cook's voyage as a springboard to consider the promise and challenge of the "new north" today, demonstrating that it remains, as in Cook's time, a unique meeting place of powerful political, cultu... + Read More
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    For the Love of Rivers A Scientist’s Journey Paperback Kurt D. Fausch 9780870717703 $28.95 NATURE Age (years) from 0 - 99 Feb 01, 2015
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    Toms River A Story of Science and Salvation Paperback Dan Fagin 9781610915915 $23.95 SCIENCE Oct 16, 2014
    The true story of a small town ravaged by industrial pollution, Toms River won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize and has been hailed by The New York Times as “a new classic of science reporting.” Now available in paperback with a new afterword by acclaimed author Dan Fagin, the book masterfully blends hard-hitting investigative journalism, scientific discovery, and unforgettable characters. For years, large chemical companies had been using Toms River as their private dumping ground. The result was a notorious cluster of childhood cancers scientifically ... + Read More
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    Water Sheikhs and Dam Builders Stories of People and Water in the Middle East Paperback Francesca de Châtel 9781412855815 $26.95 NATURE Apr 01, 2015
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    Tactical Urbanism Short-term Action for Long-term Change Paperback Mike Lydon 9781610915267 $30.95 ARCHITECTURE Mar 31, 2015
    Short-term, community-based projects—from pop-up parks to open streets initiatives—have become a powerful and adaptable new tool of urban activists, planners, and policy-makers seeking to drive lasting improvements in their cities and beyond. These quick, often low-cost, and creative projects are the essence of the Tactical Urbanism movement. Tactical Urbanism, written by Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia, two founders of the movement, promises to be the foundational guide for urban transformation. Tactical Urbanism will inspire and empower a new g... + Read More
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    Series: State of the World State of the World 2015 Confronting Hidden Threats to Sustainability Paperback The Worldwatch Institute 9781610916103 $28.95 NATURE May 15, 2015
    In State of the World 2015, the flagship publication of The Worldwatch Institute, experts explore hidden threats to sustainability and how to address them. How will nations deal with migration as climate change refugees cross borders in order to escape flooding, drought, or other extreme weather events? What will happen to the price and availability of fossil energy, the foundation of industrial civilization, as these resources oscillate between surplus and scarcity? If perpetual economic growth on a finite planet is impossible, what are the al... + Read More
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    Peace Ecology Paperback Randall Amster 9781612052977 $24.95 POLITICAL SCIENCE Mar 01, 2015
    Peace Ecology presents a cutting-edge analysis that links the essence of peace and nonviolence with the tenets of ecology and environmentalism. Looking at issues including food justice, water sharing, climate change, and the "free economy," the book explores how people and their communities are employing ecological principles to mitigate conflict and promote peace.
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    The Fog of Peace A Memoir of International Peacekeeping in the 21st Century Paperback Jean-Marie Guéhenno 9780815726302 $35.99 POLITICAL SCIENCE May 12, 2015
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    The Forgiveness Project Stories for a Vengeful Age Hardcover Marina Cantacuzino 9781849055666 $33.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Mar 26, 2015
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    The Kurdish Spring A New Map of the Middle East Paperback David L. Phillips 9781412856805 $26.95 POLITICAL SCIENCE Feb 28, 2015
    Kurds are the largest stateless people in the world. An estimated thirty-two million Kurds live in a “Kurdistan,” which includes parts of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran—today’s “hot spots” in the Middle East. The Kurdish Spring explores the subjugation of Kurds by Arab, Ottoman, and Persian powers for almost a century, and why Kurds are now evolving from a victimized people to a coherent political community. This work will encourage the public to look critically at the post-colonial period, recognizing the injustice and impracticality of states ... + Read More
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    Nothing Abides Perspectives on the Middle East and Islam Paperback Daniel Pipes 9781412856836 $26.95 HISTORY May 01, 2015
  • 22. catalogue cover
    The Disinherited Majority Capital Questions—Piketty and Beyond Paperback Charles Derber 9781612058320 $24.95 POLITICAL SCIENCE Feb 01, 2015
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    Circus Maximus The Economic Gamble Behind Hosting the Olympics and the World Cup Hardcover Andrew Zimbalist 9780815726517 $34.50 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Jan 14, 2015
    Athletes compete for national honor in Olympic and World Cup games. But the road to these mega events is paved by big business. We all know who the winners on the field are?but who wins off the field?The numbers are staggering: China spent $40 billion to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing and Russia spent $50 billion for the 2014 Sochi Winter Games. Brazil's total expenditures are thought to have been as much as $20 billion for the World Cup this summer and Qatar, which will be the site of the 2022 World Cup, is estimating that it wi... + Read More
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    Postmarks from a Political Traveler Paperback Phil Karber 9781612057613 $24.95 TRAVEL Apr 15, 2015
  • 25. catalogue cover
    Chasing Arizona One Man's Yearlong Obsession with the Grand Canyon State Paperback Ken Lamberton 9780816528929 $24.95 TRAVEL Feb 19, 2015
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    Stop Panic Attacks in 10 Easy Steps Using Functional Medicine to Calm Your Mind and Body with Drug-Free Techniques Paperback Sandra Scheinbaum 9781848192461 $20.95 SELF-HELP Mar 21, 2015
    This ten-step guide provides simple strategies for stopping a panic attack on the spot and overcoming them in the long-term. Sharing her personal and professional experience of panic and anxiety disorders, clinical psychologist Sandra Scheinbaum teaches you how to: trust your body’s own calming methods to control panic without the need for medication; find your abdominal breath and relaxed breathing patterns; let go of clenching and muscle tension through relaxation exercises and postural awareness; use positive mental imagery and avoid irratio... + Read More
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    Qigong Through the Seasons How to Stay Healthy All Year with Qigong, Meditation, Diet and Herbs Paperback Ronald H. Davis 9781848192386 $33.95 BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Feb 21, 2015
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    Give Food a Chance A New View on Childhood Eating Disorders Paperback Julie O'Toole 9781849057318 $33.95 PSYCHOLOGY Mar 21, 2015
    Drawing on over a decade's experience as director of The Kartini Clinic, Julie O'Toole offers a fresh perspective on childhood eating disorders and invaluable insights for parents and professionals. Describing the philosophy behind The Kartini Clinic's world-renowned treatment protocol, O'Toole presents compelling evidence that childhood eating disorders have a neurological rather than a psycho-social basis, and explains what this means for treatment. She describes what patients and families can expect from treatment, signs, and symptoms indica... + Read More
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    Can I tell you about Peanut Allergy? A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals Paperback Sharon Dempsey 9781849055932 $18.95 HEALTH & FITNESS Age (years) from 7 Apr 21, 2015
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    Twenty Life-Transforming Choices Adoptees Need to Make, Second Edition Paperback Sherrie Eldridge 9781849057745 $26.95 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Apr 21, 2015
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    Series: Sexuality and Safety with Tom and Ellie What's Happening to Ellie? A Book About Puberty for Girls and Young Women with Autism and Related Conditions Hardcover Kate E. Reynolds 9781849055260 $20.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 10 - 17 Feb 21, 2015
  • 32. catalogue cover
    Sisterhood of the Spectrum An Asperger Chick's Guide to Life Paperback Jennifer Cook O'Toole 9781849057905 $26.95 PSYCHOLOGY Age (years) from 12 - 25 Apr 21, 2015
  • 33. catalogue cover
    From Here to Maternity Pregnancy and Motherhood on the Autism Spectrum Paperback Lana Grant 9781849055802 $26.95 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Apr 21, 2015
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    The Cookbook for Children with Special Needs Learning a Life Skill with Fun, Tasty, Healthy Recipes Paperback Deborah French 9781849055383 $33.95 EDUCATION Age (years) from 8 Jul 21, 2015
    Simple, step-by-step instructions accompanied by fun illustrations, guide children through three levels of cooking, starting with fundamental basics of food preparation and building up to more complex recipes. The book starts with a basic illustrated guide to where food comes from, why it is important to have a balanced diet, the different food groups, and why cooking is a great skill to master. Health and safety skills are taught as an essential part of the cooking activity and healthy eating habits are reinforced throughout.
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    Autistic Logistics A Parent's Guide to Tackling Bedtime, Toilet Training, Tantrums, Hitting, and Other Everyday Challenges Paperback Kate Wilde 9781849057790 $26.95 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Jan 21, 2015
    Have you ever wished that your child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) came with a manual? This book provides just that, offering clear, step-by-step advice, including: how to toilet train your child without pushing or pressuring; how to get your child to sleep in their own bed and through the night; what to do when your child tantrums, hits, or bites; and how to introduce new foods, without a fight. Based on decades of experience, Kate Wilde tackles these day-to-day issues and more, using tried-and-tested techniques to help you transform the... + Read More
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    Down Syndrome - Beyond the Disability Success at Home and School Paperback Patti McVay 9781849057509 $24.95 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Mar 01, 2016
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    Yoga Girls' Club Do Yoga, Make Art, Be You Paperback Tiffani Bryant 9781848192591 $26.95 HEALTH & FITNESS Age (years) from 11 - 17 Mar 21, 2015
    This interactive workbook introduces girls to yoga and meditation with forty-three illustrated, easy-to-follow yoga postures and routines, each with unique benefits for health and wellbeing. Self-reflection and creative expression are encouraged through short drawing and writing exercises and fun art activities, enabling girls to explore who they are and what they believe in a positive and affirming way. Yoga Girls’ Club will empower girls and young women aged eleven through seventeen to feel empowered to manage the changes, challenges, and soc... + Read More
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    Alex and the Scary Things A Story to Help Children Who Have Experienced Something Scary Hardcover Melissa Moses 9781849057936 $24.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 4 - 8 Feb 21, 2015
  • 39. catalogue cover
    A Sky of Diamonds A Story for Children About Loss, Grief and Hope Hardcover Camille Gibbs 9781849056229 $26.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 5 - 9 Feb 21, 2015
  • 40. catalogue cover
    Naked in the Woods My Unexpected Years in a Hippie Commune Paperback Margaret Grundstein 9780870718076 $23.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Age (years) from 0 - 99 May 01, 2015


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