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Top Grade: K-8 & High School, Fall 2016

The Griffin of Darkwood
By (author): Becky Citra
Becky Citra


Coteau Books



Product Form:


Form detail:

Paperback , Trade


Age (years) 8 - 12
Aug 15, 2016
$10.95 CAD


8.47in x 5.65 x 0.46 in | 240 gr

Page Count:

184 pages


9 - 12
Coteau Books
JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic
Will Poppy wanted to spend his time writing novels with his mother, but when she becomes ill and passes away, he finds himself moving to a run-down castle with an aunt he loathes and servants who are up to no good - with no desire to carry on writing, a curse on his new home, and a town that would rather see him move back to where he came from. Will has always been fascinated with the power of writing - he thinks there’s something almost... magical about it. So did his mother - who wrote her future bestseller with magical pencils. But when his mother suddenly passes away, Will finds himself stuck living with his awful aunt, unable to write a single word (despite the fact that two Muses - one each for him and his mother - will not leave him alone), and left with a mysterious package from the tenants now living in his old home, which includes an old picture of his grandparents and a mysterious piece of cloth with the words "The Gryphon of Darkwood" written on it.

When his aunt decides to move both of them to a small village, Will is excited for a new adventure - in a castle no less! But as if getting yelled at on the bus isn’t enough, Will discovers the morning after his arrival that "GO AWAY" has been boldly painted on the doors going into the castle. That, coupled with the fact that the servants who came with the castle mean to cause him harm, only adds to Will’s sense of dread about the whole village. That is, until he discovers the magic to be found.

What is the curse the villagers all claim has been on the castle for hundreds of years, and what does it have to do with the disappearance of a young girl forty years ago? More importantly, what’s The Gryphon of Darkwood, and what does it have to do with Will and his family?

Becky Citra is the author of twenty books for young readers. Her books frequently are selected by the Canadian Children’s Book Center for their annual "Our Choice" guide to the best books published in Canada. Many of Becky’s books have been nominated for awards. She has written two popular series - the "Ellie and Max" series which take place in Upper Canada in the 1800’s and the "Jeremy and the Enchanted Theater" time travel series. 

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