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Ampersand Kids in the Kitchen

The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids
Essential Skills and Recipes Every Young Chef Should Know
By (author): Pierre Lamielle
Pierre Lamielle





Product Form:



Age (years) 8 - 13
Sep 16, 2019
$29.99 CAD


11.15in x 9.2 x 0.87 in | 1040 gr

Page Count:

170 pages
COOKING / Cooking for Kids

What makes good food taste good? A team of tastes and flavors of course!

Fun illustrations and quirky characters bring the kitchen to life. Join Pierre Lamielle on a kitchen adventure as he introduces you to the Munchy Munchy Gang, a team of characters here to educate kids on the art of cooking and the range of flavors they'll encounter. Learn how to make over 28 different recipes, including ketchup, pancakes, and other kid favorites with simple instructions and illustrations for every step. Pierre’s characters make complex cooking theories, like balancing the five tastes, accessible to kids of all ages. The perfect manual for a budding chef!

Pierre Lamielle is a Chopped Canada winner and the author and illustrator of several cookbooks, including The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids. He loves to eat pickles with Vanessa and go on adventures with his dog, Fife.

- Canadian author
- Pierre Lamielle is the winner of Chopped Canada and has competed on Top Chef Canada
- contains 28 different recipes with easy to follow instructions and illustrations

"Lamielle presents more than two dozen recipes attuned to young palates (pancakes, homemade ketchup) and maturing ones (soy lettuce wraps, schnitzel). With the help of colorful cartoon kids and creatures, the book introduces such concepts as balancing the five tastes, and offers detailed safety advice."
- Publishers Weekly

This is great!

Pierre's exceptional culinary skills are bundled up in a book that speaks to kids with the same informative humour he uses in his cooking classes and demos. The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids engages kids in such a unique way, connecting with them through illustrated characters they get to know better on each page. The beautifully photographed recipes are irresistible to both kids and the grownups cooking with them, and will undoubtedly inspire cooking skills kids will benefit from for their entire lives. If you have kids, this is a great book to have on your shelf (or theirs)—and a fantastic gift for anyone who has little people in the kitchen.

Yes, kids, you can play with your food! The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids invites you to dive right into cooking and baking and splatter the pages with your delicious creations from this book, or you can simply read and imagine your potential. Pierre’s lively characters talk you through each recipe and entertain, and he sneaks in a little learning before you realize what’s happened. OK . . . now I’m hungry.

I love how this book simplifies the basic techniques of cooking that everyone should know—parents and children alike. Getting kids into the kitchen at a young age allows for creativity, bonding, and inclusivity of household joys.

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