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LPG Catalogue: Spring 2015

By (author): Marianne Apostolides
Marianne Apostolides


Book*hug Press



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UK Trade
Paperback , UK Trade


General Trade
Sep 02, 2014
$20.00 CAD


8in x 5.3 x 0.2 in | 214 gr

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176 pages
Book*hug Press
FICTION / Family Life / General
Because fear can transform into confidence, recklessness, the kind of power you can’t imagine until you’re inside it. And then, once you’ve felt it, you can’t feel alive when it’s gone. Sophrosyne. You understood this feeling. I know you did, though you never said it. I saw it, instead, on your face when you danced.

Sophrosyne is one of only four virtues identified by Socrates - four traits which, if lived deeply, define who we are as human beings. But sophrosyne is a concept our culture has long forgotten. ’Self-restraint,’ ’self-control,’ ’modesty,’ ’temperance’ - none of these terms expresses the essence of the word.

In this provocative new novel about desire and restraint in a digital age by acclaimed author Marianne Apostolides, 21-year-old Alex is consumed by the elusive problem of sophrosyne for reasons he cannot share with others. While Alex’s philosophy professor believes studying it will help shed light on the malaise of our era, Alex hopes it will release him from his darkly disturbing relationship with his mother. As he attempts to uncover his mother’s truth, Alex is drawn inside an amorphous, indefinable undercurrent of love and violation. Only through his lover, Meiko, does Alex open into a new understanding of sophrosyne, with all its implications.

Reminiscent of Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red, Sophrosyne asks readers to surrender themselves to the book’s logic and language. Infused with a sensuality balanced by its intellect, Sophrosyne reads like "the music’s rhythm... soft like wax and supple, warm," pulsing through your veins.

Marianne Apostolides is the author of five books and one play. She's a recent recipient of the Chalmers Arts Fellowship; her previous book, Voluptuous Pleasure: The Truth About the Writing Life, was listed among the Top 100 Books of 2012 by Toronto's Globe & Mail. Her latest novel is Sophrosyne. She lives in Toronto with her two children.

Praise for Marianne Apostolides:

Voluptuous Pleasure opens a window onto Marianne Apostolides’ house of unruly memories. These stories ‐ memory-events that unfold through unflinching honesty – reveal that truth lies in the act of telling and – yes – the haunting pleasure of sharing it.
– Smaro Kamboureli

In vivid language, Voluptuous Pleasure examines tensions between the exploration of personal memories and the construction of engaging narratives.
Quill & Quire

Apostolides is a kind of fan dancer among thematic imponderables: the realms of memory, longing, fear, loss, redemption and, of course, the two sullen enormities between which all literary tensions must eventually find both flight and denouement, injustice and survival.
The Globe & Mail

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